How to get the ZERO DAMAGE achievement?

  1. Any tips on getting this achievement? I could've sworn that I got every single Kamakazee before they got to my ships, but right from the cutscene at the beginning -- the animation -- one fighter can be targeted but it's impossible to get the guns pointed to it before it crashes... (right at the beginning of the mission).

    Any tips on achieving this? Been trying this one for awhile.


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    LiQuiD_PReDaToR - 8 years ago

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  1. this is how i did was extremely hard..but ignore the gekkos and zeros(duh) let your fighters mop them up..focus on the kamikaze squads(or even loners) that will come from the left and sometimes the frontish area..after you have destroyed quite a few then the Bettys(Jap bombers) show up o nthe right..for me every time they showed up the kamikazes would ONLY come from the islands! dotn know why but they come in in 1s 2s and with not a lot of itme in between so you need to keep those AA guns blastin them to bits befroe they get close...the Bettys will still bomb your ships but if theres time in between the kamikazes then focus on them a little bit(the damage slowly keeps working you dont veen need to get their full health down and theyll go down..and your fighters will help)..also you get the automatice reloader naval supply(for a short amount of time you can fire the flak AA guns nonstop..that shoudl allow you to deal with the kamikazes for a while while you come up with a strategy and keep your eyes open)..good luck and i hope this helps!

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  1. This one is a pain to do. What happens is that even if you shoot down a plane it can still crash into a ship and that negates the achievement. Mostly it seems to just be luck to get it alot of times. Try and take them out as far away as you can so that they crash into the ocean or put a few more rounds into one to see if you can get it to blow up.

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  2. Like the others said, concentrate only on the Kamikaze planes. Keep an eye on your left, since some Kamikaze planes come up from your left. You'll get the achievement at the next part, when you take control of the planes.

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  3. In the beginning just concentrate on the one closest to you and remember to ignore all non-Kamikazes (Zeroes and etc.) and the ones from the actual airport are the most dangerous especially when the fleet gets closer to it but also watch the minimap for the ones that comes out from the left occasionally and if you are already targeting a upcoming Kamikaze try to press "A" a few times to see if there is any Kamikazes that you missed coming from the sides.

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