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"A mix that heralds a fusion of the old and new."

When first announced, the attitudes towards this game were very mixed. Some liked the idea, others didn't, and there were many fence sitters in-between. Now that this game is out, I guarantee you that it is worth whatever hype it did generate.

The story mode is actually pretty well done. I'm glad Midway decided to do a story mode at all. Fighting games are either getting poorly done story modes with text lately, or just ignoring them altogether. This one had some great moments in a decently structured plot (One of my favorites in when the DC team is talking about Dark Khan around the Joker). Even Arcade mode gives a little epilogue accompanied with a nice picture at the end. Compared to past Mortal Kombat endings, this is more than welcome.

Thank the lord that these got an update. The backgrounds are nice, the effects are great, and the characters are top notch with a few exceptions (Wonder Woman doesn't look like a classic beauty by any means). The visual bruises and cuts are much better in this game as well. And even though the violence has been toned down from past Mortal Kombat games, this is actually a blessing. No more crazy amounts of blood from a simple punch, and no more ridiculous fatalities where the loser gets decapitated from a sneeze. This lack of violence has met with mixed reviews, but honestly it is nice that these tough warriors are no longer torn limb from limb so easily.

Finally, unique voices for the characters. Not all the characters sound the same anymore, which is a plus. The funny special move screams are back for the Mortal Kombat fighters, but many of them have their classic sounds as well. Raiden's Superman move and Scorpion's Spear are among the best. And nothing will get the blood flowing in your veins more than hearing Captain Marvel scream Shazam! in his innocent yet fierce way. The music, like most Mortal Kombat games, is hit or miss, but some songs are extremely good.

Last but not least is the gameplay. This is were the team delivered. All the fighters are not only playable and fun, but they are all relatively balanced. Sure, someone who has practiced Superman may be a bit harder to beat than someone who is using Catwoman, but overall the balance is still great. The new features, such as Klose Kombat, are also nice touches that make for fun variety. Add this to the fact that many of the old and almost forgotten aspects of the game have returned, such as sweeps and the standard uppercuts, and this adds a sense of nostalgia to the game. No more easy combos in this game. You have to work to figure out your own, or tackle the insane Kombo Challenge to learn some. Although the 360 Controller isn't the best for this game, it's not bad.

Even though this game is the Mortal Kombat team's first attempt at the next-gen systems, it brings back all the good points of the older games. The characters are fresh from Mortal Kombat II's ending, which means Liu Kang is alive, Scorpion hates Sub-Zero, Jax has just got his new arms, and Shao Kahn has just been defeated. And the DC characters are just as classic and universal as anyone, not just comic fans, can remember. Add this to the new mechanics and old feeling of the fighting engine, and it makes for a fantastic game. Now, all we need is Johnny Cage, and this game will be the best Mortal Kombat ever. Well... actually it already is. I just want Johnny Cage. "YOU GOT CAGED!"

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/20/08

Game Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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