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"its a gimmik but they did good (minor spoiler)"

Two worlds occupying the same space and time have similar major events happen in the same spot at the same time. Shao Kahn has been defeated and is trying to make his escape. However Raiden jolts him as he enters his portal.

Darkseid has been defeated and is making his escape into a portal, but Superman won't let him go that easy and blasts him with the heat vision.. The emense power of the two major villians being destroyed at the same spot and same time both inside dimensional rips birthed Dark Kahn.

When first I heard of MK vs DCU I thought "great they are digging up a dead horse and beating it". However watching the videos pre release I became more and more excited. The idea of playing as the Joker alone was enough to sell the game for me was worth it. Add in the fact that they brought back the classic way of fatalities (I'm looking at you Armageddon) I've fallen back in love.

Graphics 10/10

This game is very stunning. There is a high amount of detail in each character including varying damage models depending on how you get hit (bruising for punches scars for cute). I have a standard definition t.v and the game still looks stunning. Backgrounds are lush and deep, special moves look unique, and the rendered art used for the arcade endings are very deep and dark and prettyful.

Game play 8/10

The controls are solid and familiar. However sometimes strange anomalies occur in hit detection (ie I've had people roll out of the bicycle kick on the 3rd or 4th kick). Although smooth and fluid the hit detection sometimes throws you off and against Dark Kahn can mean the difference between a win and get demolished.

Controls 8/10

Making this separate from game play cause there are a few minor complaints for controls. Mainly some fatalities (which range from 3 directions and a button to 7 directions and a button). At times your controller may fight you as hard as the enemy more so if your like me and can't afford to buy a decent arcade stick.

Story 9/10

Hallajalula no more (expletive deleted) Konquest mode. There is no tedious running around with a useless character fighting hordes of enemy a,b,c and occasionally strong enemy d. The story is told through entertaining cut scenes with kombat in between. To boot I also like the fact that most Arcade endings go hand in hand with the story mode (ie. subzero being influenced by batman's take on justice)

a few questions in my head
If heroes don't kill people how do they expect us to believe that when the flash kicks 70 tons of tar out of someone in 10 seconds they'll survive?

Why do they cut away from the joker painting the ground with his opponents gray matter?

why animate 5 or 6 frames of a fight between batman and scorpion for the main menu and not take it foreward?

Does anyone really feel threatened when they fight Wonder Woman after using her?


The game is fun with the minor belly aching aside and I have really enjoyed going through this one. I can honestly say whether it is your first MK game or your 8th its worth your money even if you only rent it.

Favorite moment

The Joker turns his head to the sky and screams "KAHHHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!"

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/08

Game Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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