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"Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe- A Decent Next Gen Fighter"

After receiving this game for Christmas, I was pretty excited. I had always been a good fan of fighting games and plus the whole setting of this game sounded like it had some promise. After playing through both storylines and breaking my couch from jumping around so much while playing, I can say that MK vs DC is a decent next gen fighter.

There are two storylines to follow, one for Mortal Kombat and one for the DC Universe. It starts out where Superman interrupts Darkseid's portal at the same time as Raiden interrupts Kahn's portal, fusing them and causing the two worlds to slowly become one. However this also induces the characters with "Combat Rage" which is a type of magical power that forces the characters to fight each other.

The story is basically just an excuse to make the characters from MK and DC fight each other because by itself, it fails to be anything surprising or interesting and the cutscenes really are just there to give your hand a break from button-mashing.

The controls in this game are relatively simple but complicated enough that it leaves room for mastering. The combos are simple and most button sequences are shared with many characters making it easy to remember and learn. Not nearly as difficult as Street Fighter but not as easy as Super Smash Bros.

Overall, the game plays very well. Its basically another fighter to add to your collection, not quite brilliant but succeeds in following the basic fighter formula while adding a couple twists. You have your basic combos and your special combos, both have their own uses depending on who your fighting. Though they took out fatalities, they did add in "Test Your Might", "Klose Kombat" and "Free Fall Kombat" sequences which aren't necessarily fun but can be taken advantage of if you take the time to understand them. I personally didn't think they added to the gameplay much, more of an annoyance. As for different types of play, there's the Story Mode, Arcade Mode, Practice Mode, and Online Matches if you want to really test your might.

Graphics and Sound:
The levels and characters are pretty good to look at. There's just enough detail and realism in the levels that it passes as a next gen game but not as good as others out there. The characters are quite varied as well. You have the DC characters who are cartoonish but then you have the MK characters who are more gritty. The sound isn't too bad but you won't necesarily remember anything. The voice acting can be great at some parts but horrible at others.

Overall, its a pretty fun game. I don't think the expectations for this game were too high and it didn't really surprise anyone. I enjoyed it as a fresh next gen fighter and its definitely worth playing whether its a rent or a buy depending on how much you play fighters. However, if you're a hardcore MK fan, don't bet your life on this game.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/05/09

Game Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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