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"Such a disappointment..."

Mortal Kombat is one of the few franchises I follow religiously; and the only one that I follow rabidly. I was introduced to MK when I picked up Mortal Kombat 4 as a young lad. I was hooked and quickly amassed a large collection of MK games and have eagerly awaited every game since.

Except this one. I was unsure of what to make of a Mortal Kombat/DC Universe crossover. I didn't care much for Marvel vs. Capcom and I generally write off crossovers as being hokey.

I still rushed out and bought the game, regardless. After all, it was still Mortal Kombat, wasn't it? I popped it in with eager anticipation, the game loaded and...wait, is this IT?

This game utterly pales in comparison to both contemporary fighting games and previous games in the MK series.

The previous three MK games has involved fighting and weapons systems. They had a plethora of unlockables. They had minigames. They had, in so many words, replay value.

MKvDC has none of this. It has unlockable content of a whole two characters, no minigame (save for the Kombo Challenge), no different fighting styles, few characters with weapons, dull fatalities...the game is even rated "T". With the absence of much of the content of previous games, this game gives off the aura of being a rushed cash-grab; though some of the game's problems stems from using the DC license, like the "T" rating and toned down blood and gore.

The gameplay is repetitive and gets boring very quickly. Every character has a nearly identical fighting style, with only slight changes in their basic combos. It's as though this is the natural evolution that the gameplay mechanics from the original four MK games (you remember: HP, HK, LP, LK, Block) would have taken if they never brought in the different styles in MK:DA.

The Story Mode will hold your attention for a little while, the Kombo Challenge is difficult enough, and Vs. Mode is always fun, but the Arcade Mode is where the boring, tedious gameplay gets the best of this game. There just isn't enough variety in the actual fighting to warrant continued play of this game.

On the upside the character selection in this game, though somewhat limited for a 360 game, is very strong. On the MK side you get eleven of the greatest and most well-known characters from the originals, and on the DC side you get eleven of the greatest super heroes and super villains in all the comics...except for Deathstroke who I though was a strange choice.

The sound was very solid and the voice acting was about average, which is great for an MK game. The visual aspect of this game was very well done. The character models were crisp and clean with some great detail.

Although it pains me to knock on an MK game the way I just did, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is easily the worst game in the entire Mortal Kombat franchise. There is just too little variety here, too little to keep your attention for more than about a week. And compared to some previous MK games and the fact this this game was released on seventh-generation consoles and not fifth-generation ones, it's really just unacceptable.

Buy this game if you're a hardcore MK fan, but be prepared to be let down. Everyone else, if they're interested, should just rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/02/09

Game Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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