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"Comics and Mortal Kombat Do not mix"

This Mortal Kombat chapter is very different from the average MK game. Any Mortal Kombat fan can clearly tell this by the way the game presents itself, and even the title of the game and cover image. This game is honestly not worth the time even playing, the controls are slow and often present themselves with Lag, the story mode is not even that creative the game itself has earned a T rating which indicates the game itself overall has less violence and gore than previous titles in this series.The game however does have a few highlights to it, the graphics for example are looking very sharp on this console. The XBOX live feature has been added to the game to enable a boat load of online play. The sound is pretty awesome as well with the background music being a smash hit to this game. I honestly would say for the most part however, any gamer could purchase an older mortal kombat game and still have a greater satisfaction from that game than this one honestly. This is just one title that, did not pan out in the end.

The sound is one of the better qualities of this game, there are not many good qualities but the sound is definitely one of them for the most part. The music has added an enrichness that simply can not be beat. From Gotham city to outworld the music in the backgrounds are just top notch. The voices that are added into story mode are great too, from the deep pitch voices to the more light hearted voices. The audio is something that, the creators of Mortal Kombat have done very well from start to finish, from the fighting of people to interactions in the level, The music is something that continues to earn a five star rating in the Mortal Kombat series and hopefully will continue to do so in the years to come.

The graphics are probably the best part of the game, there are not many highlights but the graphics are one to treasure honestly if there was something to buy the game for it would be this section. The graphics amongst both the DC characters and Mortal Kombat characters have only gotten better since the early days upon the sega genesis. Today's technology has only helped make that improvement in our lives as well. The level graphics are extremely sharp, the characters themselves look more bulkier and buff than ever before as well.The lighting and contrast the game has is really enhanced as well. The blood however, well there is not much being a T rated game which is very different from previous Mortal Kombat games but its not horrible or contains cheap graphics at all. The graphics are definitely a hit in this game.

This is the first of many strikes this game receives from myself. For the most part, the controls seem very very sluggish and contain much lagging to them. The reaction time in the game overall (no matter what mode the game intends on playing) seems very slow, the combo attacks seem like they have too much time between each hit to even be very effective and as a result of the Lag the opponent is easily able to counter the attack. The gameplay however does stay very consistent thoughout the game, obviously in the arcade mode each opponent seems a little harder than the last but that is to be expected for the most part. The controls in this game are not too good though, as even the special attacks seem like they take longer as well. the only new thing in this adventure is rage mode which makes the character invincible for a short period of time. The controls just a disapointment unfortunately in this title.

Replay Value
The replay value well...there is not much extra stuff to unlock as far as hidden content goes. The gamer may want to see the characters and the individual endings and get that achievement but for the most part, there really is not much of a replay value. The other Mortal Kombat games seem absolutely loaded with additional content and what not. There are two different story modes however so that is always a plus, and the gamer has the option of picking between a DC character and a Mortal Kombat character so there is one plus right there.unfortunately the gamer does not have a whole lot to look forward to.

This is another highlight of the game as two different universes are beginning to merge (what the heck) and the heroes from both the DC comic world and Mortal Kombat somehow must unite against a common villain. The story however seems cliche but it has a twist to it.There will always however be a common villain in any mortal kombat game, the story never really changes for the most part but through the years this adventure has a remained classic and popular not only in the US market, but in Europe as well.

I honestly (as mentioned previously in the introduction) would not recommend this game. I would purchase this title if you are a collector of Mortal Kombat however, but the average gamer is really not missing out on much at all in this game. This is one fighting game I would just recommend skipping over honestly because it really is not that great. I feel that these two separate games should be left in their separate spheres as far as gaming goes.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/28/11

Game Release: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (US, 11/16/08)

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