Concept Art ?

  1. How does one unlock the all the concept art, like for all the various creatures and such, do you have to kill a certain amount ?

    User Info: Abbadon1979

    Abbadon1979 - 8 years ago

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  1. Storyboard arts unlock as you play through the story.
    Landmarks unlock as you find viewpoints for them (not all viewpoints unlock art).
    Characters unlock as you meet them.
    Animals unlock as you kill more of them, some people say locking onto them as you kill them helps, but I rarely use it and have most of them.
    The minions for the various armies unlock as you use them in rts/multiplayer mode, with an extra one for the stage (You have to stay on the stage for 5 minutes at one time to get that art).

    To get 100% (Metal God), you should only need to unlock all of Ironheade's concept art (besides the storyboard/landmark/characters), unless you just need a certain % of storyboard images. But I got 100% as soon as I unlocked all the Ironheade art.

    User Info: Zirby

    Zirby - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. And creatures, you need that as well, for the creatures it only counts if you kill them on foot, given that some you might be missing are the hexadon (he almost never attacks so wail away) and the gillotar (these guy will chop the crap out of you with their gillotine legs, easiest way to get them is to shock them 5 times to stun them then power attack them with your axe, rinse and repeat till dead)

    User Info: Cold_Phx

    Cold_Phx - 8 years ago 0 0

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