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    Gouken by zemickey

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 05/30/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Street Fighter 4 - Gouken in depth FAQ
    By Zemickey
    0x0100                          Table of content              
          - Table of content                                            0x0100
          - Version history                                             0x0200
          - About Gouken                                                0x0300
          - Unlock Gouken                                               0x0400
          - Special moves list                                          0x0500
          - In depth moves list                                         0x0600
            * GoHadouken                                                0x0601
            * Senkugoshoha                                              0x0602
            * Tatsumaki Gorasen                                         0x0603
            * Kongoshin                                                 0x0604
            * Hiyakkishu                                                0x0605
            * Amaoroshi                                                 0x0606
            * Super/Ultra                                               0x0607
            * Sakotsukudaki                                             0x0608
            * Normal moves special properties                           0x0609
          - Strings, combo, links                                       0x0700
            * Easy                                                      0x0701
            * Almost easy                                               0x0702
            * A bit difficult to pull out                               0x0703
            * Nightmarish                                               0x0704
            * Hiyakkishu/Hiyakkigojin Loop                              0x0705
            * Block strings                                             0x0706
            * Corner Combos                                             0x0707
          - What to do...                                               0x0800
          - Matchups                                                    0x0900
            * Feilong                                                   0x0901
            * Cammy                                                     0x0902
            * Akuma                                                     0x0903
            * Gouken                                                    0x0904
            * Dhalsim                                                   0x0905
            * Blanka                                                    0x0906
            * Chunli                                                    0x0907
            * Ryu                                                       0x0908
            * Honda                                                     0x0909
            * Zangief                                                   0x0910
            * Guile                                                     0x0911
            * Ken                                                       0x0912
            * Bison                                                     0x0913
            * Sagat                                                     0x0914
            * Vega                                                      0x0915
            * Balrog                                                    0x0916
            * Abel                                                      0x0917
            * C.Viper                                                   0x0918
            * Rufus                                                     0x0919
            * El fuerte                                                 0x0920
            * Sakura                                                    0x0921
            * Rose                                                      0x0922
            * Dan                                                       0x0923
            * Gen                                                       0x0924
            * Seth                                                      0x0925
          - To counter or not to counter?                               0x1000
          - Countering Ultras and Supers                                0x1100
          - Challenge mode                                              0x1200
          - Glossary                                                    0x9300
          - About the author                                            0x9400
          - Legal & Copyright                                           0x9500
          - Thanks & Credits                                            0x9600
    0x0200                          Version history              
    1.0 First version. Needs to fill sections 0x0700 to 0x1000 and 0x1200.
                       Needs also to add the 'simple' moves to section 0x0600.
                       Probably needs also grammar corrections.
    1.1 Grammar corrections. Added a few 'simple' moves to section 0x0600.
        Added Feilong, Cammy, Akuma, Gouken, Dhalsim in matchups.
        Added half of do/don't counter
    1.2 Added matchups for Blanka, Chunli, Ryu.
    1.3 Added matchups for Honda, Zangief, Guile. 
        Added section 'Normal moves special properties'.
        Added a few strings, combo, links.
    1.4 Added String, combo, links. Updated Clossary and normal moves properties.
    1.5 Added String, combo, links and rearranged these. 
        Added matchups for Vega and Sagat.
        Updated Clossary and in depth moves.
    1.6 Added String, combo, links and rearranged these. 
    1.7 Updated Matchups section. Added Siky extract of Gouken Challenges.
    1.8 Updated Matchups section: Blanka, Cammy, Balrog, Abel, Sagat.
    1.9 Updated Matchups section: Vega, C;Viper.
    2.0 Finished updating matchups section. FAQ complete. Will get updated from 
        time to time of course.
    0x0300                          About Gouken              
    ---Is Gouken cheated?---
    This question has been around for some time. Gouken is a new character of 
    Street Fighter. Because of this, people are not used to play against him, and
    may find a few of his moves awesome or cheated. The thing is, I doubt he is
    overpowered or underpowered. He has very punishable moves, and good ones, which
    means that you have to learn the dude. I think he could be used at a high 
    level, and still be competitive.
    ---General behaviour---
    I believe Gouken is a mid range character. Meaning he's not a close range type
    as Cammy landing huge amount of pokes, nor a long range such as Blanka or Sagat.
    That does not mean you won't be able to play long/close range (which you'll 
    definitely do a lot), but you'll get the most choice of moves at such a range, 
    and then the most chances to surprise your opponent.
    He's also mostly a defense character due to his counters, but you could very 
    easily (and have to) bring him close to do decent damage.
    He's not the combo character that Ken is, but he can punish small mistakes or
    rushers with a few strings.
    In general, this is not a fast character,; I mean that he cannot count on speedy
    His stamina and strengh are average, do not expect a boosted killer like Sagat,
    or a defense mountain like Zangief.
    ---Is Gouken made for me?---
    You'll have to like to play mind games with Gouken and unsettle your opponent.
    You'll have to adapt to the opponent and find your way in their gameplay. Do 
    not expect to have a ready to go list of combos that'll leave the opponent
    helpless (well there are a few, but there are best characters for this), and 
    perfects will be rare, because you'll have to sacrifice your health bar to win.
    So if you're looking for a rusher or a untouchable turtling character, Gouken
    is not what you need.
    Most of the time, fights will be interesting, but tight.
    --- What is his stamina / dizzy points? ---
    0x0400                          Unlock Gouken              
    First you have to unlock Akuma. For this beat the game with every other 
    character than Akuma, Seth and Gouken. For this I advise to have only one 
    round fights, at the easiest difficulty (beginner).
    Use the character you are best with, get to Seth, lose, and defeat him with 
    the another character.
    You'll have to view all endings, and introductions. Not completely, but they 
    have to appear in the bonuses.
    That done, using your favorite character, finish the game without using any 
    continue (still 1 round, beginner) and at the end of the Seth fight, you'll be
    challenged by Akuma. Defeat him. Get used to perfects and ultra finishes.
    Finish the game with akuma, and use him again, but this time land at least 3 
    perfects, and 3 ultra finish (meaning you have to end the round with an ultra
    move, and get the 'U' on the round mark). Once befeating Seth you'll be 
    challenged by Gouken. Defeat him. There you go!
    You may be challenge by gouken using another character than akuma, but since
    this is not the way I did, I am not sure of this.
    0x0500                        Special moves list              
    --- GoHadouken - Qcf+p ---
    Chargeable if punch maintained, makes fireballs hit twice, and thus goes 
    through other fireballs.
    LP travels straight across the screen. 
    MP travels at a 45 degree angle. 
    HP travels roughly at a 70 degree angle.
    --- Senkugoshoha - DP+p ---
    Gouken launch himself straight at a range depending on the punch pressed. Then
    when getting onto the opponent, lands his palm for great damage, sending the 
    opponent spinning away.
    --- Tatsumaki Gorasen - Qcb+k ---
    Can be done in the air
    Gouken Hurricane kick that goes upward only, except if done in mid air: goes 
    straight across the screen.
    --- Kongoshin - Reverse DP+p or k ---
    The Gouken counter.
    -> with punch : counters any non sweep hit that does not have Super Armor 
    Breaking capability.
    -> with kick : counters any sweep or low hit.
    --- Hiyakkishu - DP+K ---
    Better version of Akuma's "demon flip".
    Range depends on the kick pressed.
    Hiyakisshu Follow-ups:
    a. Hiyakkigozan (no input)- Lands and sweeps with some recovery after
    b. Hiyakkigoshu (press p)- stop the move and parries a attack in mid air
    c. Hiyakkigojin (press K)- Executes a dive kick
    d. Hiyakkigosai (lp+lk when near the head of the opponent)- Does a 2-hit grab
    --- Sakotsukudaki - F+MP ---
    Opponent has to be standing guard to block this. Breaks crouching guard.
    --- Tenmakujinkyaku - Jump forward (top of jump) Down+MK ---
    Same move as Hiyakkigojin, but a LOT worse. Never use this.
    --- Forbidden Shoryuken (super)- QCFx2 +p ---
    Lot of damage dragon punch.
    --- Shin-Shoryuken- QCFx2+ PPP ---
    Lot of damage dragon punch, that unfortunately needs a longer input than the 
    If it misses the first hit, instead of the 3 hits animation you'll get something
    close to the super with still a lot of damage.
    Kara throws with s.hk. This means you may turn a s.HK onto a throw. This will 
    add a few more range to your throw. To do so, press HK, then immediatly (or 
    almost at the same time) press lk+lp.
    --- Raikotokyaku - lp+lk ---
    Nice 2 part throw better priority than the back throw but with much less
    --- Amaoroshi - Back lp+lk ---
    Gouken's back throw.
    Gouken tosses the opponent high behind him. Does no damage, but 
    setups perfectly for combos such as ultra (!), super, Tatsumaki Gorasen, 
    Senkugoshoha. The ultra will need training to get the timing right in order to
    obtain the three hit animation (which does more damage).
    0x0600                        In depth moves list              
    --- GoHadouken - QCF+P ---                                             0x0601
    It can be Focus Attack cancelled.
    Since it is chargeable if punch is maintained, you may release the fireball 
    at your convenience. Thus if your opponent jumps, or use a invisible frames 
    move, you may wait for them to land/finish the move to release the ball.
    The fully charged fireball hits two times and goes through one hit fireballs.
    - LP fireball is pretty classic, use sparingly since it is not a fast one such 
    as Sagat's, and can be countered in many ways such as Ryu's EX fireball. Don't 
    get involved into a fireball fight: you'll loose.
    - MP travels at a 22.5 degree angle. Bread and butter against Zangief or 
    Dhalsim, it is a very useful move if the opponent is far and will catch an 
    opponent in air.
    Do not use at close range but against huge characters (Zangief, Sagat...) or 
    you will get punished by a jump over it.
    A nice combo is GoHadouken (MP) followed by Senkugoshoha (HP). It'll catch the 
    opponent in mid air, then land the palm. Moreover it covers both upper and lower
    parts of the screen. EX Senkugoshoha is even better since you may string with 
    something else.
    - HP travels roughly at a 45 degree angle. To be used at close range against 
    jumpers. Careful though, it has quite a long start time, which means you'll 
    mostly have to guess if the opponent'll jump. 
    Prefer Kongoshin to punish jumpers, except for empty jumpins for throws.
    All of these fireballs travel at the same speed. It's around the speed of a 
    shoto medium fireball. 
    Hitting a opponent with a fireball puts them in a juggle state.
    Gouken's fireballs are made for setting a mind game. Will it be low or high?
    Use against fireball-less characters.
    *EX Properties*: 
    Throws a straight fireball then a 45 degree angle fireball. 
    Chargeable: both fireball will be 2 hits.
    Use it to finish a low life opponent at long/medium range. If timed right he 
    may be able to jump between the two, but he has to be at maximum range.
    At medium range, be careful of the time it takes to release the second 
    fireball if the opponent jumps, or he'll be able to land an air kick. But 
    medium range allows to hit with both fireballs (up to 4 hits)!
    --- Senkugoshoha - DP+P ---                                             0x0602
    It can be Focus Attack cancelled.
    Gouken launch himself straight at a range depending on the punch pressed. Then
    when getting onto the opponent, lands his palm for great damage, sending the 
    opponent spinning away.
    LP: small range. Could be useful to lure opponent to poke an empty space if 
      you know they expect you to pull it out (ex: Ryu fireball, you Senkugoshoha, 
      Ryu double hard punch on your landing)
    MP : medium range. depending on the opponent distance, same as LP.
    HP : long range. Unfortunately does not cover the maximum range. The one you'll
      use most, but also the one others will be used to.
    Once Gouken has launch the move (and only then), he's in invisible frames 
    state, thus no sweep or fireball will bother you. Returns to normal as soon as 
    he gets onto the opponent. The window is small, but you may get countered 
    because of it. As well, sweeps might connect.
    Use against fireball of course! You'll hit the opponent during his fireball 
    recovery. Carefull though against Guile and Seth: their sonic boom are fast 
    and they have almost no recovery timing and may surprise you with a catch.
    Again, you are not invisible at startup. The move also has Super Armor 
    Breaking capability
    If blocked, FADC to back trow.
    In corner, FADC to Ultra.
    *EX properties*:
    It has extreme long range (maximum I think), and instead of single hit, is a 
    surprising 2 hits. The 2nd sets up for a few juggles: another Senkugoshoha or 
    a FADC to ultra! Use against fireball spammers to take away more than half 
    their life. Launch the focus when the animation of the second hit starts, dash 
    cancel the focus and immediately start your ultra move.
    This move will also punish someone awaiting your Senkugoshoha (HP) with a HP.
    After an EX Senkugoshoha, you may land an Ultra in the corner.
    --- Tatsumaki Gorasen - QCB+K ---                                       0x0603
    It can be Focus Attack cancelled.
    Hum... I thought at first this was the dragon punch of Gouken. This is totally
    a no go.
    Do not ever use this move out of a combo when you are sure it'll connect. Ok,
    maybe you wanna try it out if you are desperate pour a lot of damage on an 
    opponent attempting a jumpin throw (Zangief style), or a... low priority 
    standing hit :-/ . Because it does not even hit crouching opponents.
    Well, always prefer to combo it out of back throw.
    If blocked, FADC to back trow.
    In the air however it has high priority, plus offers you the possibility to 
    fly away from embarrassing cornered situations.
    Moreover there is a way to tigerknee it. What does this mean? Well you may input
    a motion that will start the air Tatsumaki Gorasen, and make it look like a 
    ground Ryu Tatsumaki. But it'll inflict more blocked damage than Ryu's.
    To do so: up, d, db, b really fast like you'd do a SRK. If you want to move 
    backwards: up backward, d, db, b.
    *EX Properties*:
    Invincible since startup, more damage, and may cancel ultras or supers (see 
    section 0x1100).
    I had so little faith on this move, I never tried the EX version out until 
    recently. The EX version has nothing in common with the normal one! 
    It really is invicible since startup and will destroy anything!
    Will connect to any jumpins, crossups, etc...
    Air EX Tatsumaki Gorasen is controllable! You may choose to go backward, stay,
    or forward. This last option is a good runaway considering it's really fast. You
    might also bait out an ultra with it.
    Ex Tatsumaki Gorasen xill also "counter" the moves you cannot kongoshin, don't 
    forget it!
    --- Kongoshin - Reverse DP+P or P ---                                   0x0604
    The Gouken counter.
    Or, the move you have to master to be a Gouken player.
    It inflicts a lot of damage, and makes your opponent a lot less confident with
    his moves, pokes and combos he is used to pull out.
    Interestingly this is why Gouken will help you win more against skilled players
    because you know they'll always come up with something, thus you just have to 
    counter it. 
    -> with punch : counters any non sweep hits that do not have Super Armor 
    Breaking capability. This is the one you'll use 90% of the time.
    -> with kick : counters any sweep or low/mid hits. Keep this for the second hit 
    of Guile sweep, and poking jump/crouching dudes.
    Train to get out this move from a crouching stance, that'll be helpful.
    An exemple of use: Ken has been taken to the ground, he is about to stand up,
    with high probability of a SRK. Launch a Kongoshin and see his move blasts him
    out of the way.
    That said, be carefull of reversal situation, where their special might gain 
    Super Armor Breaking capability.
    The time during which it is active is *quite* long but not that long. If Cammy
    launch a spiral arraw, from afar and you launch the Kongoshin as soon as she 
    does (by guessing), you'll get back onto neutral state before she gets to you.
    Can be FADC near the corner for a juggle (HP strings or ultra) .
    And you hit anything close to the impact. That is countering a close range 
    fireball will land the impact onto the caster!
    Works fine against crossups. Since crossups mess your direction, input the 
    kongoshin move press P a bit later.
    The down side of this move is: 
    - You do get the hit that you counter. You'll recover the life lost over time 
    unless you take again damage. So you have to take a bit your time before 
    jumping again into the fight, or you'll soon find yourself in a low life 
    situation that'll make impossible the use of Kongoshin.
    - If your opponent knows Gouken, he'll attempt empty jumpin throws, luring you 
    onto Kongoshin, but in the end not taking any move out but getting closer and 
    grab. That is also why you should not be doing this move all the time, or your
    opponent will have a good time throwing you on your wakeups. Use it wisely.
    - Gets out extremely fast, but not immediatly, which is no help against perfect
    timed block strings. Still this is to be attempted, your opponent is human 
    after all.
    - Does not work against multi-hit specials (Bison's, EX fireballs, etc...) and 
    will even damage you more.
    - Does not work against Blanka bouncing ball.
    A hint on how to pull it out from a crouching position: you're pressing db; make
    a fast motion of df, db and press K or P. There you go!
    *EX Properties*:
    Less damage, but counters (almost) anything except moves that have Super 
    Armor Breaking capability. All the moves that have multiple hits (thus gaining 
    Super Armor Breaking) will now be countered!
    It goes even to countering super+ultra of dhalsim (ok you'll still lose your
    life for real not recoverable but that's cool!)
    Also it seems that the impact of the EX, has more range that normal one...
    Note : Does Kongoshin replace Focus Attack? NO! they are not the same use.
    FA allows you for deaper combos, Kongoshin is to blow your opponent away and
    reset the match to a long range fight.
    --- Hiyakkishu - DP+K ---                                              0x0605
    Well, this is your unsafe move that may land huge damage, step in close to a
    long range character, or keep you moving facing a control character (dhalsim).
    Unsafe because you'll be noticed doing it, however its angle and options makes
    it a lot more reliable.
    a. Hiyakkigozan (no input)- Useful when at very long range against fireballs. 
    Combine it with one of your fireballs, and the opponent'll have to be in 
    crouching guard to survive. Unfortunately, there is some recovery afterward.
    b. Hiyakkigoshu (P)- stop the move and parries a attack in mid air.
    Have you ever wanted to jump onto Ken/Ryu without being threatened by SRK? Here
    it is! Acts like a focus Super Armor in the air, you'll be awaiting the poor
    Ken/Ryu to land from the SRK, back throw to ultra! Works well also against 
    Blanka upward and up/down ball.
    Down side is that you have a tiny bit of recover once you touch the ground.
    c. Hiyakkigojin (K)- Executes a dive kicks with heavy stun if hits, 
    always allowing a combo after. This is your main (almost only) starter for 
    combo with Gouken.
    -> Go for a HP, Senkugoshoha for a quarter of life damage.
    -> Try a throw after it...
    -> You may string it at close range, such as jump HP, crouch HP, Hiyakkishu 
    (MK), Hiyakkigojin as soon as possible by mashing kick or Hiyakkigosai.
    d. Hiyakkigosai (lp+lk when near the head of the opponent)- Does a 2-hit grab
    That is not easy to take this out, since the range has to be correct, or you 
    will not grab the head. Still... If you whiff it, you'll land much quicker and 
    could set you up for string of back throw.
    At closeup, use (MK)Hiyakkishu to land behind your opponent.
    *EX Properties*:
    Invincible start-up, auto-tracking, maximum range, great ain't it?
    --- Amaoroshi ---                                                       0x0606
    What can I say? Land it as many times as possible? Combo the juggle state it 
    creates onto (by order of preference) ultra, super, EX Senkugoshoha, 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen, Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken, HK, HP.
    The opponent lands from a SRK, a tiger knee? Well go for it!
    But.... this is the most easily teched throw in the game.
    --- Super/Ultra ---                                                     0x0607
    Well, once you've build up these, you finally have a SRK. Keep it to scare 
    away your opponent from jumpins.
    They have impressive priority and can go through fireballs.
    The perfect moves, they are just not available at the beginning of the fight.
    Be careful though to the step forward (such as Ken's) of these SRK.
    If you want to FADC to ultra, do it like this: 
    MP+MK, d, df, f , d, df, f, PPP. Do that fast enough and the game will count 
    both forward movements as the dash cancel, then just wait like a split second 
    after doing the motion to hit PPP and launch the ultra.
    --- Sakotsukudaki ---                                                   0x0608
    Hum... Too much time to take this out. Still... Interesting move that breaks 
    a crouching turtle. Must have its use, probably in a string. I'll have to dig
    this someday.
    --- Normal moves special properties ---                                 0x0609
    s.MP : Decent poke properties.
    s.HP : Your best combo starter which also has good hitbox and priority. Trades 
           or even wins afar jumpins. Decent poke.
    c.MP : Hits low, is bufferable, and may be cancelled into anything. 
           Similarities to shotos c.MK. Good for poking.
    c.HP : This one should really have your attention: this is one of the best 
           anti-air of the game. May also cancel to GoHadouken or Hiyakkishu.
           Combo to Senkugoshoha(LP) and GoHadouken(LP). 
    j.MP : Two hit uppercut in the air. Nice use as air vs air combat, and may 
           juggle a super (but not a full ultra).
    j.HP : For jumpins.
    np.HP : Very good anti-air. Very useful against jumpers.
    s.LK - Quick kick to the shins, good poke up close.
    s.MK - Upward kick that has good anti-air from far.
    s.HK - A quick gut kick, seems to deal heavy stun and can be kara canceled to 
           a throw.
    c.LK - Similar to Shoto's c.MK, but can be linked to a c.LP.
    c.MK - Hits low and is bufferable, but has terrible frame latency, and short 
    j.MK - For crossup.
    j.HK - Slow to activate, so you have to get the timing right: You can only hit 
           with the talon, but beside this has nice priority. Do not underestimate
    0x0700                       Strings, combo, links
    If preceded by a "!", it means that it is something I am not sure of.
    If a move is inside "[]" it means it is optional.
    All strings/combo starting with a s./c. HP or [EX] Senkugoshoha can be comboed
    from a FA, dash. Remember that if you want to land some serious damage.
    * Easy *                                                                 0x0701
    - Back Throw, Tatsumaki Gorasen 
      Simple, efficient.
    - Back Throw, Senkugoshoha 
      Simple, a bit less efficient than Tatsumaki. Ex version of Senkugoshoha won't 
      fully work... Too bad...
    - Back Throw, ultra or super
      Simple, efficient, traumatic.
    - GoHadouken (MP), Senkugoshoha (HP)
      It'll catch the opponent in mid air, then land the palm. Moreover it covers 
      both upper and lower parts of the screen. Use against jumpers.
      EX Senkugoshoha is even better since you may string with something else.
    - GoHadouken (LP), Senkugoshoha (HP)  
    - GoHadouken (LP), Hiyakkigozan will often catch your opponent at full screen. 
      Carefull to the recovery though
    - Empty Jump in to kongoshin for a change.
    - At mid distance: Senkugoshoha(LP), kongoshin
    - c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP)
    - s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) (safe on block)
    - s.MK xx Senkugoshoha(LP)
    - If the opponent has moves to avoid a fireball (another Gouken, Balrog, Cammy, 
      etc..) you can lure him into it with a GoHabdouken(LP) and launch an ultra 
      at reception.
    !- On opponent's fast wakeup: (LK)Hiyakkigojin strings
    !- On opponent's fast wakeup: (LK)Hiyakkigoshu then punish.
    !- After a EX Senkugoshoha, HP/HK, you can Dash x2 then (HK)Hiyakkishu to get 
      back in close.
    * Almost easy *                                                          0x0702
    - Hiyakkigojin, HP, Senkugoshoha ( xx Super if ready)
      The super being buffered during (cancelled from) Senkugoshoha. Done correctly,
      does not even have to be done close to a wall. Ouch!
    - Generally speaking, the HP (s. or c.) is a good starter. 
    - HP, Senkugoshoha.
    - Gohadouken(LP), c.HP, Gohadouken(LP) or c.MP (at opponent wakeup)
    - EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha or dash,Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - HP, EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha or dash,Tatsumaki Gorasen. This is your 
      best combo. Prefer the HP, EX Senkugoshoha, dash, Tatsumaki Gorasen even if 
      the timing is tighter. It'll land the most damage among all your 1 ex bar 
      combos. For the timing: after the 2nd hit of the EX Senkugoshoha, just make a
      tiny little pause, then input in one go: F,F,D,DB,B,HK.
      You can link this from a Hiyakkigojin, a jumpin HP or a FA.
    - c.LK, Tatsumaki. Quite punishable, I do not advise this.
    - j.HP, s.HP, medium Tatsumaki Gorasen. Quite punishable also.
    - j.HP, c.HP, (MK)Hiyakkigojin,...
    - Pokes into .HP xx Gohadouken (LP)
    - j.HP, c.HP xx Gohadouken (LP). Nice damage combo.
    - back throw, s.HP, (MK)Hiyakkigosai.
    - very close s.HP, (MK)Hiyakkigojin, for crossups.
    - Blocked Tatsumaki Gorasen, FADC to ultra (bait, but risking the lost of ultra)
    - Blocked Gohadouken, FADC to back throw (bait). As an exemple : 
      Hiyakkigojin, s.HP xx Gohadouken(LP) {all 3 hits blocked), FADC, back throw.
    - Deep Hiyakkigojin, ultra. Only works if the Hiyakkigojin registers just before
    !- GoHadouken(LP), pause, EX Hiyakkigosai (catch even at full screen)
    * A bit difficult to pull out *                                          0x0703
    - EX Senkugoshoha, focus forward dash cancelled, ultra
      Launch the focus when the animation of the second hit starts, dash cancel the 
      focus and immediately start your ultra move. Takes away more than half the 
      life of your opponent, and connects well agains fireball spammers.
      This string may be inputed from another combo using the Senkugoshoha. But 
      be aware that, the longer the combo is, the less damage the ultra will do.
      I advise not to string it from another long ( more than 2 hits) combo.
    - How to get your Ultra from afar? Use the Ultra Block String! :
      Blocked Senkugoshoha or blocked EX Senkugoshoha, FADC,  back throw, Ultra
      Blocked Senkugoshoha or blocked EX Senkugoshoha, FA, dash, back throw, Ultra
    - c.LP x 3, (LK)Hiyakkigojin, c.LP x 3, (LK) Hiyakkigosai...
    - c.LP x 3, (LK)Hiyakkigojin, close s.MP xx, (LK)Hiyakkigojin... don't use 
      against anyone with a SRK. Good little loop for Dizzy.
    - c.LP X 3, s.LK, c.HK, GoHadouken or Hiyakkishu or Kongoshin
    - c.LP X 3, s.HK. Nice poking. The s.HK is for surprise at the end. Don't use 
      is often though...
    - c.LP X 2, s.LP, s.LK, c.MP xx GoHadouken or Hiyakkishu. c.MP does not combo, 
      but good for pressure and might catch with the GoHadouken. Omit the s.LP 
      if opponent is crouching.
    - c.LP X 2, s.LK, c.HP xx GoHadouken or Hiyakkishu. c.HP does not combo.
      Hiyakkishu is great here  because the c.HP baits well. Might be possible to 
      react with Senkugoshoha instead of Hiyakkishu if you see the c.HP is going to 
      hit (opponent starts  throwing out a poke right after the s.LK = the c.HP 
      will hit). Will cancel into Senkugoshoha and combo.
    - c.LP, s.LK, kara throw. Usefull after a few of the previous 2 strings.
    - c.LP, s.LP, s.LK, c.LK, c.HP. c.hp does not combo. Risky but may combo.
    - [j.MK,] s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha xx FADC, Ultra
    - [j.MK,] s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, Ultra (in corner)
    - [j.MK,] s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken(HP), ultra (in corner)
    - [j.MK,] s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, EX GoHadouken, [EX]Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK) or 
      ultra (in corner)
    - Kongoshin xx FADC, Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK) (in corners)
    - Kongoshin xx FADC, ultra (in corners)
    - s.MP or GoHadouken(HP), tiger kneed air Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK)
    !- j.MK, c. LP, EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha(HP)
    !- j.MP, c. LP, c.LK, Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK)
    !- Crossup j.MK, close s.HP, EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha
    !- Back throw, Walk forward, s.LP, then Crossup j.MK ...
    !- just outside the corner : Ex Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken(LP), GoHadouken(HP), 
       far s.HP, kongoshin (betting the opponent will throw out a jab), FADC, Ultra.
    - s./c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken(HP), Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK). In corners.
    * Nightmarish *                                                          0x0704
    These are high level combos that you may find on video streaming websites. Good 
    luck on these!
    The most terrific combo of Gouken? Here it is:
    - j.HP, s.HP, GoHadouken(LP), c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, c.HP xx 
      GoHadouken(LP), c.LK xx Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK). Simply kills Seth/Akuma in a 
    Or try this one:
    - j.HP, s.HP, GoHadouken(LP), c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, c.HP xx 
      GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP), c.LK xx Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK).
      Kills Seth/Akuma/Guile/Dhalsim/Vega, again in a corner. Doesn't work on Gen 
      though (too small). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quaFvlJIlXk . Start with a
      very deep jumpin.
      For better chances against most of characters, prefer starting from the s.HP 
      instead of the j.HP. It may still miss on middle/small characters.
    - s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha xx FADC, j.HK, Dash under, s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, 
      Senkugoshoha(HP) . You can substitute the second EX Senkugoshoha with just 
      a Senkugoshoha(HP). 
    - j.HP, s./c. HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, FADC, [j.MK,] Dash under, HP xx 
      EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha. Can be countered, but if they block, go for 
      a Back Throw (at dash under) to anything.
    - j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP), FADC, c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha(HP)
      for 810 guaranteed Dizzy points. Change the last Senkugoshoha for a reset.
      The GoHadouken(LP) is faster than the EX Senkugoshoha of previous combo.
      If the j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) gets blocked you can still FADC and then 
      use this: c.HP, (LK)Hiyakkigojin, close s.MK, (LK)Hiyakkishu mixups.
    - j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP), FADC, c.HP, Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK), FADC, reset 
      mixup (HP or Hiyakkishu).
    - j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, j.MK,
      Dash Under, s.HP, EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha. Only in a corner.
    - j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, s.HP(reset) xx EX Senkugoshoha, 
      GoHadouken(HP), ex GoHadouken, c.HP xx Hiyakkigosai. Only in corners for 
      1100 dizzy points. Substitute ex GoHadouken with GoHadouken(LP) if you have
      only 3 EX. 
    - Hiyakkigosai, then Crossup MK or (LK)Hiyakkigojin, s.HP xx EX Palm xx FADC, 
      j.HK, Dash under, HP xx Senkugoshoha(HP). If not guaranteed dizzy, they're not
      far off. You can set this up from a GoHadouken(LP), EX Hiyakkishu....
    - Lv2/3 Focus Attack, Dash or j.HP, s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, Dash, Tatsumaki 
      Gorasen(HK) (might not work on small characters)
    * Hiyakkishu/Hiyakkigojin Loop: *                                        0x0705
    (LK)Hiyakkigojin, close s.MP xx (LK)Hiyakkigojin... Up to you to vary the 
    (LK)Hiyakkishu into 
    - Hiyakkigoshu if they SRK
    - Hiyakkigosai
    - Hiyakkigosai whiffed, land, back throw
    - Hiyakkigosai whiffed, land, EX kongoshin
    The starter of this loop may be:
    - HP xx (LK)Hiyakkigojin
    - c.LP x 3, (LK)Hiyakkigojin
    * Block strings *                                                        0x0706
    - c.LP x3, c.MP, GoHadouken(LP), GoHadouken(HP). Opponent may jump after c.MP 
      and eat the GoHadouken(HP).
    - Blocked Senkugoshoha or blocked EX Senkugoshoha, FADC,  back throw, Ultra
    - Blocked Senkugoshoha or blocked EX Senkugoshoha, FA, dash, back throw, Ultra
    - Blocked Tatsumaki Gorasen, FADC, Back throw, Ultra
    * Corner Combos *                                                        0x0707
    - Fully Charged GoHadouken(LP), Level 2 Focus Attack 
    - (EX) GoHadouken(HP), s.HP, back throw, Ultra. 
    - jump-in HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, 
      GoHadouken(HP), EX GoHadouken, c.HP xx Hiyakkigosai : 1100 dizzy points.
    - j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FAD, c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, jump forward MK,
      Dash Under, s.HP, EX Senkugoshoha, Senkugoshoha.
    - j.HP, s.HP, GoHadouken(LP), c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, c.HP xx 
      GoHadouken(LP), c.LK xx Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK) 
    - j.HP, s.HP xx GoHadouken(LP) xx FADC, s.HP(reset) xx EX Senkugoshoha, 
      GoHadouken(HP), ex GoHadouken, c.HP xx Hiyakkigosai.
    - j.HP/Hiyakkigojin/j.HK, s.HP/c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken(HP), 
      Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK).
    - j.MK, s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, ultra
    - j.MK, s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken(HP), ultra 
    - j.MK, s.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, EX GoHadouken, [EX]Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK) or 
    - s./c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, GoHadouken(HP), Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK)
    - Kongoshin xx FADC, Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK) 
    - Kongoshin xx FADC, ultra 
    0x0800                          What to do...
    These are good exemples of what to do in different situations:
    --- Starting a round ---
    -> if he jumps : Kongoshin
    -> Senkugoshoha
    -> GoHadouken (HP)
    -> Wait and see what the other will do, always keeping a good range (my advise)
    --- Against Jumpers ---
    -> GoHadouken (MP), Senkugoshoha (HP)
    -> Kongoshin
    -> c.HP
    -> j.HP
    -> EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    --- Against Fireballs ---
    -> Senkugoshoha (close to medium/long range) or Hiyakkigozan (long/max range)
    -> Hiyakkigojin strings
    -> Hiyakkigosai
    --- For a good stance ---
    You'll probably want to have a neutral stance with gouken. Well... you should
    not! Try being versatile, jump if possible, anyway keep moving to keep a correct
    range, and lure the opponent. Ok, yeah easy to say....
    Gouken is at his best at medium range.
    --- With an ultra ready ---
    Land it after:
    -> Back Throw
    -> Tatsumaki Gorasen xx FADC
    -> EX Senkugoshoha in a corner
    -> EX Senkugoshoha xx FADC
    -> Very Deep Hiyakkigojin (meaning: hit with the kick when almost touching
    -> Wait for the opponent (except Zangief, Abel, Honda, Seth, Rose) to launch 
       his ultra, then mash yours during his freeze screen.
    ---  To get back in close to the opponent ---
    -> After a Senkugoshoha, you can Dash x2 then (HK)Hiyakkishu.
    -> GoHadouken(MP), (HK)Hiyakkishu.
    -> GoHadouken(MP), (HP)Senkugoshoha
    --- To avoid bad wakeup situations: ---
    -> Back dash has *some* invincibility for a short while
    -> EX Hiyakkigoshu (press P almost immediately)
    -> EX Hiyakkishu 
    -> Neutral Jump
    -> Wake-up EX Tatsumaki Gorasen (risky)
    -> Delayed get-up to mix things up
    -> Get ready on your back throw
    --- Against crossups ---
    -> Kongoshin.
    -> Dashes.
    -> c.LK : whiff it to avoid the crossup then back throw
    -> late c.HP : Gouken will spin around a chop them out the air
    -> s.MK : the close knee will move forward in the oppostie direction and quickly
       recover to avoid the crossup, then back throw
    -> jb.HK : really good jump back move
    -> because the crossup might messed up your controls, doing EX Hiyakkishu or 
       EX kongoshin (same input, reversed) will both take you out this situation.
    --- Against close up pressure ---
    -> c.LP x3
    -> Kongoshin
    -> EX Hiyakkishu
    -> Air Tatsumaki Gorasen (tiger kneed)
    0x0900                            Matchups
    This section is not to tell you exactly how to play Gouken in general; It is 
    about tips to exploit flaws in other characters with the abilities of Gouken.
    --- Feilong  ---                                                        0x0901
    Thankfully, he a close combat character, and you can bet on a rain of fists 
    coming in. Use the kongoshin(p) at will, except for his Rekkakyaku that has 
    Armor Breaking.
    Once you'd have counter his jabs, Shien Kyaku and Rekkaken, he'll be in bad 
    shape, hesitating.
    Bait a Shien Kyaku at wakeup, block then back throw. Kongoshin is also good 
    but against good players that have the timing for the reversal.
    Don't forget since he'll be close, to back throw him into your ultra or super.
    If he launches his ultra, wait for him to be done, and back throw, or simply 
    mash your ultra/super during his freeze screen.
    Kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work as well.
    ---  Cammy  ---                                                         0x0902
    Ha, Cammy! That cute ultra speed chick that'll usually will give you a hard 
    She is fast, fast, fast, and compared to her you'll be slow, slow, slow.
    She will build very quickly her ultra, even 2 in a round if you keep playing 
    But even being a tsunami, the kongoshin(p) will work against all her moves 
    except for Quick Spin Knuckle (which has armor break) and Hooligan (which may 
    end into a throw). However, Quick Spin Knuckle will rarely be use (usually 
    against fireball) but since it is one of her rare distance/slow moves, a good
    player won't take it out, scared to be punished hard.
    The second problem is her Hooligan (launch herself in the air in a ball shape)
    which may grab your head  when close. Simply duck, protecting from the Razor's 
    Edge and a possible catch. Then help yourself with a back throw or a kongoshin
    if you think she'll pull out the Canon Spike. Careful though the back throw 
    might be difficult to land if the opponent is skilled. 
    c.HP the hooligan to stop it.
    A safe move is LP x 3 after any of Hooligan or Spiral arrow. 
    You'll probably want to be crounch guarding against her. Especially to avoid 
    being grabbed by her hooligan.
    c.LP x 3 at the end of spiral arrow or hooligan landing. This is going to be 
    your best friend against those two moves.
    c.HP also stops the hooligan and beats her spin knuckle.
    Stay on the ground, because she knows how to control the air with her Canon 
    Spike and air catch. But in the meantime, control the air with GoHadouken (MP) 
    for Hooligan prevention, and abuse of mind games with GoHadouken (MP) and (LP),
    that'll give her a hard time coming back on you after a counter.
    A lot, Cammy players use the combo Spiral arrow->canon spike. Choose to counter
    the first, the second, or wait for her to fall from the canon spike to place a 
    back throw (you'll have to dash forward to catch up).
    That said, from time to time, the Spiral arrow or the canon spike might break 
    the kongoshin, even in non EX version. Don't know why...
    For the opening of the match you may want to kongoshin, to stop a probable 
    spiral arrow.
    EX Senkugoshoha and followups is great to punish Cammy's cannon spike.
    Focus Attacks is also great agains her. Bait Spiral Arrows and start comboing!
    Finally, be careful when her ultra is built, since it takes away almost as much
    in guard than in real. But you can counter it, or leave it be to dash forward 
    after the final canon spike to back throw her.
    You may also Kongoshin(K), and I believe Kongoshin(P) works also.
    Or even mash your ultra/super during her freeze screen!
    ---  Akuma  ---                                                         0x0903
    Akuma player are not the same from one another. Adapting your style to akuma is
    thus tricky, since you have to wait and see how your opponent plays.
    Still, remember that you have Senkugoshoha to cross his airborn or ground 
    fireballs. Careful though, good Akuma player will await you at landing. In that
    case use the Senkugoshoha(MP) at right timing, then block for a back throw or 
    kongoshin the incoming fist or double kick.
    Many Akumas, however, will try the trick of airborn fireball followed by a 
    forward stepping to catch you. Senkugoshoha(HP) will surprise them!
    His red fireball is more predictable, and lives him in a longer recovery, so use
    Senkugoshoha(HP) or Hiyakkigojin (EX or not)  with strings. 
    Keep in mind that akuma has low stamina. So if you take damages, but manage a 
    few good moves he'll be lower than you in health. 
    Surprise him with different moves, or he'll be able to apply a tactic to keep 
    you at bay. Do not hesitate: you're not against Sagat!
    For exemple, you may use Hiyakkigoshu to block his SRK, and await him at 
    Also use the c.HK after his moves. He has quite a latency after many of them.
    Do not attempt a fireball fight. Simply lure him into a red fireball to place a 
    Don't forget to use MP/HP gohadouken to counter his air fireballs.
    About his ultra/super :
    - When you see the freeze screen, the easiest is to backward jump (even at 
    closeup it works!) and catch him at landing for a backthrow.
    - If you are Hiyakkishu and he launch his ultra to catch you on land, go for a 
    Hiyakkigosai and grab his head!
    - If you have an ultra/super ready, mash the input during his freeze screen, 
    and watch Gouken counter with his ultra/super!
    From ElMouchoLoco: "With Akuma's Ultra":
    - Akuma's Ultra is easy to avoid but tricky to punish, because if you jump 
    over him, or jump in place, you wont punish it... If he starts it when you are 
    on ground, or if he hits you with one lp because he was not fast enough, you 
    have to jump back, just letting him pass below you, and as soon as you land, 
    punish him.
    - If he does it as a Anti-air, or after you do a backjump, dont hit hk because 
    a lot of times that kick misses. Hit him on your way down with hp or mk, you 
    will hit him if you aim for his head (don't try to hit him low), and then 
    An air Tatsu is good to avoid being hit, and you can do it on reaction after 
    his ultra animation, but you will avoid the ultra but he will recover faster 
    than you and you will eat a combo, so... try to hit him hard on your way down.
    - From the ground... if you are far and can time your attack right, you can 
    hit him in the face even with a lp, so you can do anything to him except palm, 
    but if you mess the timing you are doomed.
    -From the ground but close range, if you are doing anything besides a lp 
    hadouken on his face, or a tatsu (will either hit him or jump over him), 
    you will be doomed. If you are doing anything when he does ultra, you are 
    **** (like with all ultras).
    -If you are standing neutral, you can do your own ultra on reaction, after his 
    animation (like nearly all ultras), but the safest is to jump back, let him 
    pass below you, and ultra him from behind.
    -I've seen a few akuma players who use Ultra on wakeup if you are close... as 
    usual, in an ultra vs ultra, the second one usually wins, so if your timing is 
    good, you can do it.
    * With Akuma's Super:
    Is faster in execution but the same applies, except if you are crouching right 
    in front of him... no way out. If you are standing or he hit's you with a lp, 
    you can still jump.
    If he have Super at full, he can do a void crossup or a void jump to you and 
    do it just when he touches ground, if you are crouching guarding and he do the 
    moves right and the lp don't came, he got you.
    ---  Gouken  ---                                                         0x0904
    Hahahaha, hahahahahaha... HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    May the most witted win! Always an intersting fight.
    Try to guess when the kongoshin is getting out and grab.
    Remember also that the Senkugoshoha is armor breaking.
    That's all folks!
    ---  Dhalsim  ---                                                        0x0905
    This low stamina dude is scary in the right hands.
    Do not expect to lay a throw on him. You'll already have a hard time catching up
    with his teleports and trick play of combine fireball/teleport/jump/long range
    The best thing to do is to not let him settle the cards with a standing 
    opponent. If you stay still, he'll be able to teleport in front of you, in 
    your back, etc...
    Use Hiyakkigojin, Hiyakkigoshu, Hiyakkigosai to catch up and land a few hits.
    Again because of his low stamina and strengh, do not be afraid of getting 
    injured. What is most important is to not let him set the pace. 
    If you corner him, start playing mind games (counter, pokes, sweep) to keep him 
    If he teleport in your back to launch a long punch, that'll reverse your guard 
    and commands. Try predict this to start the kongoshin before he changes your 
    inputs, or simply LP a few times to show him his airborn punch has low priority.
    Also Dhalsim player jump a lot. Use GoHadouken(MP) from time to time to unsettle
    He may also fireball and teleport in your back. Kongoshin the fireball, it'll 
    catch Dhalsim in you back as well!
    At the beginning of the fight, he might try a HP (low, long double fist). 
    ->Kongoshin(P) for a good start!
    Also, try to kongoshin his fireball, when he combo with another hit.
    Don't be afraid to use kongoshin, because this is not a character you'll see 
    often trying to grab you: he has too much to loose to be close to you, and his
    throw just does not hurt as much as any other character.
    One thing you should be aware of: if he has super+ultra he can combo the two, 
    if you attempta jumpin. So don't when he has them ready.
    When he launches the ultra from far, take initiative and Hiyakisshu which may be
    a good bet but if he has the super awaiting. Your second option is to use the EX
    of kongoshin and take it. That might surprise him during his teleport!
    As well if you are close, mash your ultra/super during his freeze screen. The  
    shoryouken will register and his ultra/super will fly away without touching you.
    You may as well kongoshin his ultra or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen but both will trade.
    His super however may be countered by kongoshin(P) or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen.
    --- Blanka ---                                                   0x0906
    Since I still experience a lot of trouble against that character, I'll try to 
    give you my experience, without promising a sure win.
    He is one of the few that may render useless your kongoshin. 
    If he keeps staying away, you can't counter any of his ball moves. 
    You'll then have to use your fireballs to force him into getting closer. 
    Use the Hiyakkigoshu to get in, since it'll neutralise his Vertical Roll. 
    Actually if he does his Vertical Roll against your Hiyakkigoshu, you'll be in 
    for a back throw.
    Don't use Senkugoshoha too much, it'll get eaten by Blanka's ball Attack. Better
     use the simple HP (s. or c.) at the right timing for this.
    That said, you may punish blocked blanka balls/EX blanka balls with a reversal 
    Senkugoshoha(LP) if you blocked them high.
    His back step roll, can be severly punished if blocked: dash forward, s.HP, 
    combos; or dash forward back throw. You could also dash forward and c.HK.
    If however he comes close, a strategy is to protect low and wait for the 
    opportunity to sweep after an Amazon River Run (aka slide).
    Be aware that when crouching Blanka seems a bit closer, which may mess up a 
    throw. This is just an illusion: get closer and grab!
    Beyond that Blanka is not a terror at close range. So deal carefully with it,
    kongoshin his jumpins and pokes, etc...
    In air to air, use j.HK, At close range : j.HP.
    c.HK works well against him, especially against blocked balls and slides. But 
    there are more damaging moves to pull out.
    Use GoHadouken to zone him. Just be careful when he's got Ex meter, because his 
    ex ball goes through your GoHadouken.
    Blanka is a charge character. So pay attention if he's crouching! 
    Do not attempt jumpin or Hiyakkigojin if he does. Plus if you keep pressure, 
    it's going to be a bit more difficult for him to pull out what he wants.
    If he walk forward, that means he gives up his charge, thus you can go for 
    jumpins. If he does walk, that also means he looks for an opportunity to slide.
    Against electricity:
    - Very close: kongoshin
    - Quite close: c.MP [xx Hiyakkishu mixup]
    - medium range: c.HK
    - far : jump in and input the ultra while in the air.
    On a blocked slide: 
    - c.HK 
    - c.MP xx Gohadouken(LP)
    - C.HP, EX Senkugoshoha, mixup
    Here are a few things you may try:
    - Hiyakkigojin(LP) at close distance
    - be aggressive, because they are used to zone from the other side of the screen
    At wake up, you have the possibility to use kongoshin to prevent crossups. 
    Ex Kongoshin will beat almost everything (even the ultra) except a throw.
    At wake up if you want to escape, air EX Tatsumaki Gorasen is your friend.
    FA works very well against slide and jumpins. It offers you great potential of
    damage. FA back dash cancel may bait a Blanka roll that you can punish with 
    Senkugoshoha(LP) after blocking it.
    If you have an ultra ready, you may use it on reaction to one of his (EX) ball.
    As for his ultra, you may wait for him to be done, then dash for a grab; Or 
    kongoshin! Simple Kongoshin works against the jumping part of his ultra, EX 
    kongoshin for the entire ultra.
    The only way you can use your ultra to counter his, is to be far enough from 
    him. This means after the point where he'll be landing from the electric jump.
    Then you'll have to delay your ultra (do not input it during his freeze 
    screen!) to catch him rolling on the ground.
    Blanka ultra may be kongoshin(K) on the ultra freeze, kongoshin(P) after the 
    first low hit.
    As for his super, kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work.
    --- Chunli ---                                                   0x0907
    Chunli is supposed to be an easier target. She's close quarter and will give you
    more than enough occasions to kongoshin. The only one that'll give you trouble 
    to counter is her Hazanshu, which I advise to simply block for a grab afterward.
    Still this move will come out only at a distance, so you'll have time to 
    Send a few MP/HP GoHadouken to unsettle her, and after a few counter your work 
    will become easier. Actually, GoHadouken(HP) will shut down her jumping game, 
    which is her best tool. If she is too close, neutral j.HP will finish the work.
    Her ultra, if blocked will require you to dash at its end in order to land a 
    back throw.
    Or simply mash your ultra/super during her freeze screen.
    Ex Tatsumaki Gorasen works for her ultra has a counter. Senkugoshoha(LP) is 
    supposed to work also, but only if close.
    From Siyko:
    At mid-close range (right outside your c.hp range about), FA is a great idea. 
    She can't throw out anything to just beat it without putting in significant 
    risk herself. She can jump and plan on the hp-hp, but that's a heavy commitment.
    I probably FA more against chun than any other character.
    Close range is difficult because she has lightning kicks, which are annoying 
    as all hell. Her EX spinning bird kick is impossible to deal with too.
    --- Ryu ---                                                        0x0908
    The most important thing: keep the correct distance to always be sure to land a
    Basicaly, this is going to be a fight of reaction, and it's going to be easier 
    with a rusher.
    If he fireballs -> Senkugoshoha (or Hiyakkigozan if long range ). You may also 
    use Hiyakkigojin strings as well ; 
    If he jumps -> kongoshin or Gohadouken(HP); 
    If SRK -> kongoshin or let him come down for a back throw.
    If he SRK to keep you far, Hiyakkigoshu to get in and back throw.
    If he Tatsumaki -> wait to kongoshin the following SRK, or sweep or block the 
    entire string for a grab.
    If he's about to stand up, mind game him: kongoshin to counter his incoming SRK,
    or come for a grab, or sweep him, or Gohadouken at close range, etc...
    Lure him into a Hadoken fight and turn it into a Senkugoshoha. Again do try a 
    fireball fight: you'll lose. Only surprise him once with a charged fireball.
    When he is fed up of SRK to be put down, jump in with a Hiyakkigojin string.
    If he jumps in, use c.HP.
    Make him do mistakes! Basically you have all the cards to defeat a Ken or Ryu
    player. It is up to you for the rest!
    His super/ultra? if he dare take one out, jump over it and land your ultra.
    Or simply mash your ultra/super during his freeze screen if you are close 
    Kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work for both ultra and super.
    --- Honda ---                                                       0x0909
    Be careful,Honda is powerful. A bit like Sagat of Zangief. Don't count too much
    on your life, its gonna dry fast. 
    Your main problem will be with his Headbutt. You cannot kongoshin it, there is 
    a possibility to Tatsumaki Gorasen it, but it's dangerous. Neutral jump or 
    simply c.HP it. s.LP works too.
    For the rest, you have kongoshin: Hand slaps and Sumo Smash may be countered.
    Try to lure these moves from GoHadoukens. If he jumps go for c.HP; if you see 
    him Sumo Smash, then kongoshin.
    But don't do this if he has EX meter. You might eat the EX Headbutt.
    Honda players like to jump kick and sweep, use the classic kongoshin on them.
    As usual, keep pressure with GoHadouken(MP) and Hiyakisshu. Keep him unbalanced
    with mixups, and don't be a by the book style.
    Don't let him corner you. If so, EX Hiyakisshu your way out.
    If you want to play scrub, you can GoHadouken him a lot to keep him at distance 
    where he's the weakest, and where he's gonna have to loose quite some life to 
    get close.
    If you block his *light* Sumo Smash, you may grab him out of it. Since there 
    are a few Honda that link the heavy to the light, you may take the opportunity.
    I don't think you can punish a blocked ultra/super, but be careful about the two
    times headbutt of the super.
    However you may punish is ultra/super with your ultra/super. Mash the motion 
    during Honda's freeze screen.
    --- Zangief ---                                                     0x0910
    Scary character that can turn a fight into a one way one, if he manages to get 
    close. You don't have SRK, so you'll have trouble keeping him away.
    Abuse GoHadouken(MP), since he's huge, he'll always get hit even jumping at 
    close range, or standing. Plus since it'll hit the head during a lariat.
    You'll have to learn how a Zangief plays: to land a grab, he has to be close, 
    and you not in the air. This last part is important. Keep jumping he he gets 
    close. Plus Zangief is the king of empty jumpins to SPD.
    (note: SPD = Suplex/360/Spinning Pile Driver).
    Do not get cornered. If you know you will be, fly above with a airborne 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen, and start again on the other side.
    Avoid using pokes with medium/low K/P: he'll be able to catch after one or two.
    Know also that he cannot link a throw after one of his pokes so kongoshin them.
    Do not hesitate to counter the Banishing Flat (green hand). This will send him 
    flying back away for a new round of GoHadouken(MP) (with a few charged 
    GoHadouken(LP) ).
    Moreover, many Zangief start with that Banishing Flat to get in fast, and even
    link to a throw. So do not hesitate a kongoshin as first move each round. Or 
    punish it hard with your back throw (see below).
    You may kongoshin lariat as well, but it's a bit more tricky. 
    If he stands besides you at wakeup, EX Hiyakkishu in order to avoid throws or 
    lariat. Works well also when you are cornered. You could EX Tatsumaki Gorasen if
    he jumps everywhere, or await for a poke. If however you think he'll block, then
    attempt a throw.
    GoHadouken(MP), Senkugoshoha will surprise him and show him that you have more 
    than plain GoHadouken(MP). You may also play this on reaction when 
    GoHadouken(MP) connects.
    If he is on the other side of the screen, and you manage to lure a lariat with a
    GoHadouken, use Hiyakkigozan to sweep him, then run away.
    Another good move against Zangief, is the simple c.HP. It'll catch the lariat as
    well as jumpins. It also works very well after a green hand (tha was blocked, 
    or whiffed, or that hit!). A bit more risky but with just a little more range, 
    try s.HP. Both will push away Zangief out of his SPD range and deal nice damage.
    When attempting a GoHadouken and him a lariat, wait a very short time and 
    launch a Senkugoshoha that'll catch him at the end of his lariat.
    Try to land the string Hiyakkigojin, HP, Senkugoshoha. 
    That said, if you attempt a Hiyakkigojin, you could go for his head during a 
    lariat. if it hits do the string. If blocked, get away with LPx2 then back jump,
    or neutral jump HP (risky) to punish an attempt of SPD (follow up: c.HP, 
    With all these moves you might unsettle him which will simplify your work.
    Another cheesy thing: 
    His green palm (normal and EX) is VERY punishable. All versions on block and hit
    are punishable by c.hp, and they are punishable on HIT (and a bit less on block)
    by your back throw!
    And you know what? Normal Tatsumaki Gorasen(HK) will connect to any lariat, and 
    at almost any range! This is the only time you may actualy use your Tatsumaki 
    Gorasen out of a combo!
    From Siyko:
    Zangief is pretty funny. He can MURDER you if he gets in close, but he has 
    absolutely no means to do so. At long range, use your fireballs, it's your best 
    friend. Once in midrange, for all intents and purposes he has three options:
    Lariat, green hand, and jump-in. 
    Lariat you can knock out with c.hp - just hit him in his hand. Cancel it into 
    GoHadouken if you're feeling cheeky, but it's dangerous. The nice thing about 
    just c.hp is it puts you in YOUR perfect range. This range is right OUTSIDE his 
    EX green hand range. 
    If he does jumpin, c.hp beats almost everything - it might trade. Counter is 
    nicer, because c.hp trading will put him within his EX palm range. Blocking or 
    getting hit by his EX green hand IS BAD because that puts you in HIS perfect 
    Your perfect range: You can beat out pretty much anything he does. He can still 
    play tricky to get close, but the odds are heavily in your favor in this range. 
    Don't be afraid to use FA and dash around at this range - if he is out of range 
    of lariat or EX green hand, he has no way to bust your armor and you can punish 
    absolutely anything he does. However, you need to stay mobile enough to react to
    anything he does. Use a lot of GoHadouken(MP) here as it will often hit his 
    lariat (although not reliable), and it will hit his non-ex green hands. 
    If he does a green hand and it ends up right out of your range, PUNISH HIM HARD:
    c.HP xx EX Senkugoshoha, that's the money. I've played very few zangiefs who 
    even get past this range.
    His perfect range: Right up in your grill. It's over, right? NO. You still have 
    good options here. He can SPD (nfz: Suplex/360/Spinning Pile Driver). He can 
    lariat. He can block. You can EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, that beats SPD and Lariat, 
    and loses to block. You can counter, that loses to SPD and block, and beats 
    lariat. You can EX Hiyakkishu, which gets out of the situation, but doesn't 
    guarantee you anything - the odds are in your favor generally. You can throw, 
    but if he's not in hella close range and if he does SPD, then you lose. You 
    still have a lot of options here - make sure you're aware of them, don't fall 
    into a panic state of 'OH NO HERE COMES THE SPD NIGHTMARE'.
    If you block an EX green hand, treat it exactly as the 'his perfect range' 
    options. Make sure to avoid this situation at all costs, but react to it 
    correctly. This is not a bad match, but it only takes a couple right plays on 
    his part to win.
    Non-EX greenhands have no invincibility. EX has tons of it.
    Also, I'm 95% sure that GoHadouken(MP) will only hit KKK lariat, PPP lariat will
    still allow GoHadouken(MP) to pass through.
    If you test this, make sure you're not just punishing the end of the lariat: 
    anything inside of zangief when his lariat ends will hit him. If he does PPP 
    lariat in reaction to your GoHadouken coming at him, then he will pass through 
    and charge his EX meter.
    --- Guile ---                                                    0x0911
    That's another difficult character. 
    A balance opponent will turtle just enough to get in close, and then try pokes.
    His Flash Kick is armor breaking so do not hope for kongoshin when he's charged 
    or standing up.
    You'll rarely get a chance to be in the air against him (flash kick, air grab, 
    What you have to do, is wait for opportunities. 
    Wait for a double sweep to counter the second strike. It's a difficult timing 
    and need training to get the kongoshin(K) out of a crouching position. Actually,
    it is better to Focus Attack Guile between sweeps and then follow up with dash
    instead of kongoshin(K). It'll give you more time and more damage opportunity, 
    but don't mess it the followup! A majority of Guile players rely on this double
    sweep, so you'll be able to land guarantied damage, and lower their spirits.
    Pressure him to force him onto a flash kick at stand up; block and back throw.
    If he jumps, kongoshin.
    He has almost no recovery after a sonic boom. Senkugoshoha will not bring you
    far, plus you'll have all the chances to get into the sonic boom itself. 
    However, if he sprints at you after one, he'll try a grab after you block it; 
    this will be your chance to kongoshin the sonic boom and catch him in the blast.
    You may launch into a fireball fight, which you'll win if you are careful about 
    his ex sonic booms. This will make the opponent come to you, and that is what 
    you want.
    In general, if he sonic boom, you may try the Hiyakkishu, but you risk the air 
    grab. The best is EX Hiyakkishu, since he'll not have enough time to prepare a
    jump or AA (not charged for a flash kick).
    if you corner him he'll be in his weakest condition due to his lack of runaway 
    and his only possible option is to jump towards you.
    Once you're close to Guile, use wisely your kongoshin against his pokes, then 
    reset your GoHadouken game. Make him do the work, instead or the other way 
    If he jumps, you may use c.HP instead of kongoshin if you do not want to risk 
    the empty jump -> throw.
    Remember Guile is a charge character and a lot of his punch pokes that have 
    range aren't cancelable. So after a sonic boom you may use a focus attack: 
    - if he doesn't attack, back dash.
    - if he does, let it go and combo him. 
    At wakeup, if the opponent stands over you, you'll have to guess. Sonic boom 
    may open up a path for his combo, so you'd kongoshin. If he's used to goukens
    or shotos, he'll block for a grab or flashkick, so do in consequence.
    If he ultra, Wait for the "one,two" then dash and back throw.
    Or simply mash your ultra/super during his freeze screen!
    Kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work for both ultra and super, even 
    between the two flash kicks.
    from siyko:
    Guile's only means of beating your FA or kongoshin is by EX SonicBoom, or flash
    kick. Guile will not generally do EX sonic boom in the corner, and if you block
    his flash kick you can remove half his life with an ex palm combo. Make him 
    aware of that! So the moral here is to use a lot of Focus Attacks.
    Generally guile should be keeping you at his max c.mk range, making you pay for 
    doing anything other than crouchblock. This worked fine and dandy in older SF's,
    but nowadays we have something called focus attack, and this doesn't work. Guile
    should be no problem in close range.
    --- Ken ---                                                      0x0912
    Check out Ryu matchup, it is basically the same.
    Be carefull about his shoryuken. They are not as punishable as Ryu's in the 
    right hands. Especially his short SRK. Instead of a back throw, prefer a HP and 
    follow ups.
    As for his ultra, just let it whiff, and then back throw.
    Or simply mash your ultra/super during his freeze screen.
    EX Tatsumaki Gorasen works against his ultra.
    --- Bison ---                                                    0x0913
    I don't feel like he's a tough matchup.
    If he plays keep away, use GoHadouken zoning.
    The best weapon against him is Kongoshin(P), so play patiently against him.
    You can Kongoshin almost all his moves, and that'll unsettle him.
    The easiest to Kongoshin is the head press. Then you'll have to guess if he 
    slides or double knee press you at close/mid range. The thing is that he has 
    more recover after the slide, so you may punish him hard if he takes it out too 
    often, so he'll probably get mostly the double knee press.
    He'll use crossups, so kongoshin them as well.
    The only thing you cannot kongoshin is the Psycho Crusher. But it is so 
    punishable if blocked that you'll almost never see it.
    His EX motions are a bit more difficult: EX double knee press gets armor break.
    EX head press does not but your kongoshin will whiff and he'll be able to do his
    Somersault Skull Driver and combo from it. So do not kongoshin it! You'd rather
    forward dash and punish him at landing.
    That said he'll get used to kongoshin and do empty jumpins to throw. In this 
    case you may use c.HP.
    At closeup, c.LP x3 is our friend.
    Things you may try:
    - c.LP x3, c.MP xx GoHadouken
    - c.LP x3, c.MP xx Hiyakkishu string or mixups
    - c.LP x3, c.MP xx jumpin
    Don't use Focus Attacks against him, or you'll pay.
    You'll have the advantage if you manage to keep him away. Kongoshin and EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen are great for that.
    I'd advise not to attempt to counter his ultra with your ultra/super. This is 
    possible, but you have to be exactly somewhere mid range to avoid the beginning 
    of is double knee and the land of it... Well of course, if you're out of life, 
    you'd better attempt it instead of dying of chip damages.
    Kongoshin(P) however works well against both ultra and super.
    --- Sagat ---                                                    0x0914
    High stamina, high damage character. But you can bring him to make mistakes.
    And he has long legs and arms! Ideal for your GoHadouken(MP) when he jumps. 
    Sagat does not have a lot of moves.
    Your goal: make him do a tiger knee or uppercut to grab him at the end of them.
    Then back throw and... whatever you want.
    Once close the tiger knees and uppercuts ain't far. wait for them, or kongoshin
    if he chose to jump.
    If he tiger shots, Senkugoshoha(HP). Don't do it from close/medium range or 
    you'll get hit by his extended arm. However you'll be able to Senkugoshoha(HP) 
    from an even greater range due to this!
    However his tiger shots are faster than any other, so you'll have to guess. The 
    best way is to lure him into a (false) fireball fight.
    Sagats players like to tiger uppercut when you jump over their tiger shots. So
    you may want to Hiyakkigoshu and punish him at landing.
    If you are like Godhand, you may play his fireshots to unerve him (neutral jump 
    low ones, duck high ones). It'll make them come to you.
    If you really want a fireball fight, use GoHadouken(MP) that'll meet his high 
    tiger shots and kill his tiger knee. But that'll leave you open to low tiger 
    Do not kongoshin a Sagat if he's not jumping (but if he's a small pokes 
    spammer), because the tiger knee is guard breaker.
    If he launches his ultra/super, just wait for him to land.
    About countering his ultra with yours: the correct range is at mid range 
    where he lands from his tiger knee. anywhere else you'll get owned. Basicaly his
    ultra has invincible frames at startup (better than yours) during the tiger 
    knee, and yours will get in only during the first frames as well.
    If you are not exactly in the correct range the ultras will trade.
    Kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work for both ultra and super (beware to 
    the super that starts very fast).
    --- Vega ---                                                     0x0915
    The flying machine.
    Spam GoHadouken(MP), and after getting hit quite a few times, he'll restrain 
    his air attacks and start ground attacks.
    But this character does not have great ground moves. All of them are eligible to
    Kongoshin. Especially his low roll.
    Plus they have very low priority. c.LP x 3 will land very often.
    If he's jumping to the wall, prepare your kongoshin or ultra.
    You won't be able to land a back throw if the player is good, simply because he 
    may use his backward escape.
    Jumpins are easier than with other other characters. Use this to your advantage.
    There are two ways to play him:
    - Use any mean necessary to get into his grill (Hiyakisshu, Senkugoshoha).
      Keep pressure on him, don't turtle. Even if it is only GoHadoukens.
    - play patiently, FA, kongoshin, dash, try to stick a combo.
    Useful tools:
    - back j.HK
    - FA
    - If a flying barcelona gets blocked, Senkugoshoha(LP) for punishment but if 
      he back dashes)
    - if he pokes c.LP x3 or c.HP.
    If he launches his ultra/super, mash your ultra during his freeze screen.
    --- Balrog ---                                                   0x0916
    Hiyakkishu is one of your best friend against him. Your second best friend is 
    block followed by c.LPx3. The third is Kongoshin.
    Do not use Senkugoshoha against him, it is useless.
    The only answer he has against Hiyakkishu is his Buffalo Head, which can be 
    severly punished if you Hiyakkigoshu then back throw. So try out the Hiyakkishu
    strings on him.
    Afraid of his specials that are armor breaking? You should not. 
    Plus this is a character of poking so help yourself on these. 
    Balrog players are relying a lot on their c.LP. Bait a few and Kongoshin!
    That said, he inflicts quite a lot of damage, so you'll need more time to 
    recover your health after a successful Kongoshin.
    Against his dash punches (non EX):
    - C.LP x 3 used after any of them, or even to interrupt them while incoming 
      (more tricky). 
    - c.HP, you'll have to have a certain distance to do it on reaction, plus 
      his dash punch (LK or LP) are a pain at medium range.
    - Block and back throw
    - EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - If blocked, s.MK [Senkugoshoha(LP)]
    If he is too much on you, escape with a Hiyakkishu (preferably EX).
    A few moves that you may use against him:
    - c.HK, works quite well against him!
    - c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP)
    - c.LP, c.LP, s.LK, c.HP xx GoHadouken(LP). Be carefull, he might know that the 
      c.HP is punishable. If he does, stop before c.HP, react and punish.
    - c.HP xx (LK)Hiyakkigojin, s.MK xx Hiyakkishu strings
    Crossups work well against him.
    If you (really) want to go all Gohadouken, here are your options/reaction on his
    If he TAPs (Turn Around Punch) or EX dash punch: EX Tatsumaki Gorasen.
    If he Headbutts : EX Hiyakkishu strings or EX Hiyakkigosai.
    He has bad wake up game. Use it to your advantage.
    After a headbutt
    When you have an ultra, try to get him full screen away. Then throw a 
    GoHadouken(LP), await for the Turn Around Punch that'll avoid the fireball and 
    land the Ultra. 
    Works as well on reaction to one of his dash punch.
    If he ultra, mash yours during his freeze screen! Or simply block then dash 
    forward after his final uppercut to back throw.
    EX Tatsumaki Gorasen works against both super and ultra.
    --- Abel ---                                                     0x0917
    Your best friend are c.HP & c.HK against him.
    Senkugoshoha and Hiyakkishu are also very useful.
    From time to time do not hesitate to use a little LPx3 to stop him from rolling/
    GoHadouken won't help here. Abel players will roll through all your GoHadouken, 
    and they rarely jump, but for crossups, so GoHadouken(MP) are pretty useless.
    Still you could GoHadouken to bait the roll and throw him.
    Beware, GoHadouken is forbidden if he has ultra!
    Watch for the roll at the start of the round into the tornado throw. 
    He has anti air moves but they are not legion (c.HP) but not excellent. Jumpins
    are thus easier than for other characters, so jumpin wisely, and with a few 
    Hiyakkigojin and Hiyakkigoshu.
    He doesn't have much of a wakeup game, so you can beat him to the throw after 
    you knock him down. Anyway, pressure him when he's knocked down. Don't Focus 
    Attack on wake up though, he'll just throw you.
    Beware of his Wheel Kick that can knock you out of the air and is armor break.
    If he on his way of doing the 3 hit combo of the Change of Direction, once you 
    blocked the first hit, you may kongoshin the second, thus you won't have to 
    deal with the incoming throw. A good Abel player will however stop the string
    when he sees that the first was blocked, and may attempt a throw that you might 
    have to tech.
    Kongoshin also any of his crossup game, which will be one of his main weapon.
    If he launches his super, mash your ultra during his freeze screen.
    But do not do so with his ultra: you'll barely trade the first hit.
    EX Tatsumaki Gorasen however works for both ultra and super. 
    Ultra may also be defeated by c.MP, combo
    --- C.Viper ---                                                  0x0918
    She is low on stamina, use mainly her all weaponry, and like to fly high out
    of danger.
    Again I do not think she is a difficult matchup, so there is not specific 
    strategy against her, but a few tips.
    First stop her high jumps with GoHadouken (MP/HP).
    Then Kongoshin what she has to offer. Use a lot of c mixups/strings.
    Pressure her, she is not a character that likes that. Crossups are also 
    efficients against her.
    Zone her at full screen, don't be afraind of the Seismic Hammer if at maximum 
    If she launches her ultra/super, mash your ultra during her freeze screen. 
    For her ultra your have to be close enough.
    EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, will work against her ultra, but you have to do this 
    after the first ground pound, and wait a few milliseconds to do it.
    Kongoshin(p) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work for the super.
    From Kwani23:
    I think the main problem with fighting viper up close is her c.mk into thunder 
    knuckles pressure. There is almost no delay after her TK which means she can 
    pressure u again with another c.mk. Gouken's c.hp shouldn't come out fast enough
    to counter this. In fact, i dun think his c.lp is fast enough. Some vipers will 
    also mix it up by throwing another TK afer the first TK in case you try to FA or
    counter. Some will do a hp TK to catch someone who try to jump. Basically a lot 
    of guess work. EX Hiyakkishu does help you escape but chances are she will will 
    TK under you so no advantage to you. Worst still, you might be back in her c.mk 
    range.Also, let's not forget tick throws which is undoubtly a pain for Gouken.
    I think the most favourable distance to start against viper is slightly over mid
    screen to full screen. 
    --- Rufus ---                                                    0x0919
    I've met very few Rufus, but they were easy targets. He has no priority, few 
    good moves, and most eligible to kongoshin (exception for the closup galactic 
    He's fat, which makes him a nice target for GoHadouken(MP).
    Kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen work against both ultra and super.
    --- El fuerte ---                                                0x0920
    I believe this is the character that is the worst matchup for Gouken.
    If he launches into his grabs, Gouken does not appear to have a direct answer 
    to this.
    Since I always got destroyed by him, here are a few hints I found on forums:
    From tonren:
    I've found that dashing back on wakeup v. Fuerte can really be a game-changer.
    If you time it right, the invincibility frames will keep you safe from his 
    slide, his belly flop AND the grab! I think that Fuerte has the upper-hand 
    because he can delay the flop & slide, but backdash on wakeup has gotten me 
    out of all three.
    From mindsight:
    On wakeup, if he is pulling his dash antics...backdash. Once you get the hang 
    of the direction, it will save you much unnecessary damage.
    If he goes to ultra and he is not in an automatic hit type scenario, jump away 
    and fierce punch immediately. Nailed that little cucaracha a number of times 
    with that.
    Bait him. If you have ultra, draw him in with his dash antics and as soon as he
    jumps let it rip. Works with super just as well.
    Don't play his guessing game. Don't mash out counters if you are not sure 
    because you will lose that way. You have to control the action. Make him guess. 
    I use mostly normals and fireballs on him and it's been working out pretty well.
    From NTNDOchamp:
    FRUSTRATING is the first word that comes to mind. Once they start running around
    the screen, things get difficult. You want to keep them from doing that, so all 
    fireballs are necessary. You have to predict based on the distance they are at, 
    but most Fuerte players go high (in my experience). Once they start going low, 
    you may start getting in trouble. His Ultra is difficult to deal with, too. 
    I've never played the same Fuerte twice, meaning everyone plays him super 
    aggressive, super conservative, or anything in between. This is what makes him 
    a good, and annoying, character. Pinning him down his difficult. Anyone who has 
    a good way of doing this, please let us know.
    From salan:
    I've been crushing the few El fuerte I've encountred recently. I start of 
    fireballin' with lp and then mp. Then I switch to attack mode. Just knocking 
    him down with a Hiyakkishu and then he's done. He doesnt have any wake up attack
    so I just Hiyakkishu and land a nice combo, and sometimes mix it up using some 
    throws to keep him guessing. Best thing is that your Hiyakkishu beats his ultra,
    if u press kick right after he has done it.
    - EX tatsu
    - Jump straight up + fp
    - Jump back + hk
    - Jump back + air hurricane
    - Dash forward
    My most effective approach towards the Chef is to deal with him in the air with 
    straight up jumps + hp, and air hurricanes. His air attacks are somewhat lagged 
    and coupled with Gouken's air hurricane priority makes it difficult for him to 
    effectively exert dominance in the air. Don't forget EX hurricane's dominance, 
    speed and ability to retreat/control.
    If you score an air hurricane, get in there with some cross-up pressure due to 
    Chef's poor wakeup game. Be mindful of his Ultra too - if you keep to the air he
    can read when you're about to land and blow you with it.
    Also - while he can run all over you, he's not particularly powerful. You may 
    feel like you're getting beaten senseless by Chef, but his attacks aren't as 
    powerful nor damaging as they sound and look. Keep a cool head when playing him.
    Its easy to get jittery due to a lot of the mix-up beating he can dish out, but 
    it does take a while for him to begin making you really feel sore.
    You on the flipside - you hurt him. When you get an opening or hit confirm by 
    cross-up, let him have it. His low stamina combined with Gouken's strength can 
    really throw the match in your favour.
    Gouken's jump forward/back fierce punch also has a huge hit box and priority. It
    is very useful in the air and I find myself using it far more than his jumping 
    HK, which also has a huge arc of attack, but somewhat less priority.
    I hope this helps. Good Chefs are few and far between, but when you encounter 
    one its a tricky match and can quickly become frustrating. When I first started 
    using Chef I found it annoying how weak he was. I think I understand why now 
    though - once you get a good handle on him he can be a problem and if he were 
    any stronger I think you'd find a lot of time remaining on match clocks.
    El fuerte ultra may be countered by a EX Tatsumaki Gorasen or in the 
    air HK/EX Tatsumaki Gorasen.
    His super may be Kongoshin(P) or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen.
    --- Sakura ---                                                   0x0921
    Check out Ryu matchup, it is basically the same.
    As for her ultra, block low then back throw; Or simply mash your ultra/super 
    during her freeze screen.
    You may only Kongoshin(K) her super only.
    --- Rose ---                                                     0x0922
    I've only met a couple of Rose. One was way too easy, the second... I just could
    not land anything.
    The second showed me that the after multiple hits of her c.LK, she was able to 
    kara throw! Beware of that.
    Almost all her special moves can't be kongoshin, so beware.
    Her ultra cannot be counter in any way. Her super may be Kongoshin(P) or EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen
    From Mindsight:
    She is faster than you but does less damage. She can be crossed up if done 
    carefully. If she reflects your fireball, immediately Hiyakkigoshu or 
    Hiyakkigosai. She has some decent combos that end with her thunder knuckle like 
    attack. Kongoshin her. DO NOT JUMP IN if she has ultra. Wait her out, 
    antagonize her, taunt, make her come to you.
    --- Dan ---                                                      0x0923
    Check out Ryu matchup, it is basically the same.
    As for his ultra, just let it whiff, and then back throw.
    Or simply mash your ultra/super during his freeze screen.
    Kongoshin(P) and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen works against his ultra/super.
    --- Gen ---                                                      0x0924
    I have rarely met Gen on my live experience. Maybe one or two. And that is a 
    From what I experienced, there is not too much difficulty in this match.
    Kongoshin (but against his hundred hands), and Gohadouken are your friends.
    Since he has bad stamina, its a bit like playing against akuma without his
    Don't attempt to counter his ultra/super with yours.
    From what I read from people that play more against him, here are the main 
    - Gohadouken (MP) to shut down his jumping gae.
    - After a few kongoshin he'll attempt hundred hand slap, then start crossups.
    - Don't attempt jumpin if he has ultra.
    - Senkugoshoha beats his Vega_like roll.
    --- Seth ---                                                     0x0925
    VERY low stamina dude, but has a bunch of good moves from all other characters.
    But he lacks a good kongoshin ;-)
    The main threat from him is his teleport in your back to SPD. For this jump 
    when you see him teleport from the ground.
    Beyond that, once you've landed one or two hits, he's down. I almost not joking
    on this.
    Keep moving to make him guess, and catch him off guard when he makes a mistake.
    It does not matter that you take in some damage (seing how weak he is), just 
    land some of yours!
    Just a thing to know: your ultra does not counter his super! Neither his ultra 
    of course.
    0x1000               To counter or not to counter?
    This part is to warn you about moves that you should not attempt to counter with
    Kongoshin, and those you have to counter ^_^.
    (K) means counter with low Kongoshin (kick version).
    --- Feilong  ---
    Do : Rekkaken, Shienkyaku
    Don't : Rekkukyaku 
    Do with EX Kongoshin : - 
    ---  Cammy  --- 
    Do : Cannon Spike, Spiral Arrow, Razor's Edge Slicer (K), Cannon Strike
    Don't : Quick Spin Knuckle
    Do with EX Kongoshin : - 
    --- Akuma ---
    Do : Gohadouken (at close range), Goshoryuken, Hyakki Gozan, Hyakki Gojim
    Don't : Shakunetsu Hadoken, Tatsumaki Zankukyaku
    Do with EX Kongoshin : Shakunetsu Hadoken, Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (?)
    --- Gouken ---
    Do : Gohadouken (at close range), Tatsumaki Gorasen(?), Hyakki Gozan(K), 
         Hyakki Gojin
    Don't : Senkugoshoha 
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Dhalsim ---
    Do : Yoga Spear, Yoga Mummu, Yoga Fire (in combo or close range)
    Don't : Yoga Flame
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Blanka ---    
    Do : Electric Thunder
    Don't : Rolling Attack, Backstep Roll, Vertical Roll
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Chunli ---    
    Do : Hyakuretsukyaku, Kikoken  (close range), 
    Don't : Hazanshu (actually you can with a (K) but the timming is hard, so 
           better not), Spinning Bird Kick, Yosokyaku
    Do with EX Kongoshin : Hazanshu (again with a hard timing)
    --- Ryu ---       
    Do : Hadoken (at close range), Shoryuken, 
    Don't : Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Honda ---     
    Do : Hundred Hand Slap, Sumo Smash
    Don't : Sumo Headbutt
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Zangief ---   
    Do : Banishing Flat, Lariat (but prefer j. HK)
    Don't : -
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Guile ---     
    Do : double sweep (K) (launch between 1st and 2nd sweep), Sonic Boom (at close 
    Don't : Flash Kick
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Ken ---       
    Do : Hadoken (at close range), Shoryuken
    Don't : Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
    Do with EX Kongoshin : - 
    --- Bison ---     
    Do : Double Knee Press, Head Press
    Don't : Psycho Crusher
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Sagat ---     
    Do : Tiger Shot (at close and middle range), Tiger Uppercut
    Don't : Tiger Knee
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- Vega ---      
    Do : Rolling Crystal Flash, Izuna Drop
    Don't : Scarlet Terror, Sky High Claw
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Balrog ---    
    Do : Dash Straight, Dash Upper, Dash Low Straight, Buffalo Head
    Don't : Dash Low Smash, Dash Swing Blow
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Abel ---      
    Do : Change of Direction and its second followup
    Don't : Wheel Kick
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- C.Viper ---   
    Do : Burning Kick, Seismic Hammer (K) if close of course.
    Don't : Thunder Knuckle
    Do with EX Kongoshin : -
    --- Rufus ---     
    Do : Messiah Kick , Snake Strike
    Don't : Galactic Tornado
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- El fuerte --- 
    Do : 
    Don't : 
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- Sakura ---    
    Do : Hadoken (at close range), Shoryuken, Sakura Otoshi
    Don't : Shunpukyaku 
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- Rose ---      
    Do : Soul Spark (at close range)
    Don't : Soul Spiral
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- Dan ---       
    Do : Gadoken (at close range), Koryuken
    Don't : Dankukyaku
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- Gen ---       
    Do : Gekiro
    Don't : Hyakurenko 
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    --- Seth ---      
    Do : Sonic Boom (at close range), Shoryuken
    Don't : Hyakuretsukyaku 
    Do with EX Kongoshin : 
    0x1100                    Countering Ultras and Supers              
    Yes, it is possible to counter Ultras and Supers. 
    Plus, don't forget that Gouken ultra has insane priority... especially against 
    other ultras. Also, in an ultra vs ultra, the second one usually wins.
    Still, check the section of matchups, for what to do against an ultra if you 
    do not intend on countering, but on punishing with an ultra or a back throw 
    linked to a Tatsumaki Gorasen.
    Thanks to Gilley and ElMouchoLoco, we have a complete list of can or can't:
    Here's the real list of supers/ultras Gouken can counter. Mash the motion when 
    you see the freeze screen.
    *Note from Zemickey: Counter high is Kongoshin with Punch, counter low is 
    Kongoshin with kick. If a Kongoshin counters a ultra or super, the EX version 
    will also work.*
    - feilong ultra -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen. You can also do this 
    inbetween the 4th-5th hit
    - feilong super -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen. You can also do this 
    inbetween the 4th-5th hit
    - cammy ultra -counter low and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen from about one jump length 
    away, if you're closer than that it will wiff and you get hit for 1 hit
    - cammy super -counter low and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen from one character width 
    away. Up close it won't work
    - Akuma ultra and ultra - That's a grab, no counter allowed. Check the matchups
    for alternative tactics
    - gouken ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - gouken super -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - dhalsim ultra -counter and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen trades
    - dhalsim super -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - blanka ultra -counter low on the ultra freeze, counter high after the first 
    low hit. EX Tatsumaki Gorasen doesn't work in either situation
    - blanka super -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - chunli ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen or you have to do the palm up close
    - chunli super -chun's super starts up so fast you can't input the counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen after the super freeze. You have to input high counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen right before the super
    - ryu ultra -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - ryu super -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - honda ultra -neither, some how EX Tatsumaki Gorasen gets beat
    - honda super -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - Zangief - Avoid at all cost with a jump. Can't be countered.
    - guile ultra -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, you can also do this 
    between the 2 Flash Kicks
    - guile super -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, you can also do this 
    between the 2 Flash Kicks
    - ken ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - ken super -ken's super starts up so fast you can't input the counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen after the super freeze. You have to input high counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen right before the super freeze. You can also block the first 
    upper, then high counter/EX Tatsumaki Gorasen the 2nd upper
    - bison ultra -high counter, amazingly EX Tatsumaki Gorasen gets beat
    - bison super -high counter and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - sagat ultra -high counter and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - sagat super -sagat's super starts up so fast you can't input the counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen after the super freeze. You have to input high counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen right before the super
    - vega ultra -neither, breaks focus and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen wiffs
    - vega super -counter high and EX Tatsumaki Gorasen if he goes for the stab
    - balrog ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, or block 4 hits then EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - balrog super -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - abel ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen or c.MP > combo
    - abel super -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - viper ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, you have to do this after the first ground 
    pound, and wait a few milliseconds to do it or it will hit you
    - viper super -counter high or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen, you can also block the 1st 
    2 hits and do this before the flame kick
    - rufus ultra -counter high or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - rufus super -counter high or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - fuerte ultra -EX Tatsumaki Gorasen or in the air HK/EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - fuerte super -counter high or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - sakura ultra -neither EX Tatsumaki Gorasen gets hit
    - sakura super -counter low, EX Tatsumaki Gorasen wiffs or gets hit
    - rose ultra -neither, you have to hold up or do the EX demon flip
    - rose super -counter high or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - dan ultra -counter high or EX Tatsumaki Gorasen
    - dan super -dan's super starts up so fast you can't input the counter/EX 
    Tatsumaki Gorasen after the super freeze. You have to input the high 
    counter/EX Tatsumaki Gorasen right before the super freeze. You can also block 
    till the last uppercut, and counter high/EX Tatsumaki Gorasen :)
    - gen ultra PPP -neither, you have to hold up or do the EX demon flip
    - gen super PPP -neither, the EX Tatsumaki Gorasen will wiff and he can hit 
    you when you land
    - gen ultra KKK -neither, it's an air grab
    - gen super KKK -neither, it's an air grab 
    0x1200                       Challenge mode              
    This is an extract from Siky's FAQ about street fighter IV challenges.
    He has kindly accepted to share his insight of Gouken challenges.
    NORMAL Level 1	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    (1) -> [  Jump  ] Heavy Kick
    	* j.HK
    (2) -> [ Crouch ] Medium Kick
    	* c.MK
    (3) -> Sakotsukudaki
    	* F + MP
    (4) -> Tenmakujinkyaku
    	* (jump-in) D + MK at the top of your jump
    NORMAL Level 2	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    (1) -> Gohadoken
    	* QCF + P
    (2) -> Senkugoshoha
    	* DF, DF + P
    (3) -> Tatsumaki Gorasen
    	* QCB + K
    (4) -> Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
    	* (jump-in) QCB + K
    (5) -> Hyakki Gosai
    	* DF, DF + K, LP + LK
    (6) -> Kongoshin
    	* DB, DB + P or K
    (7) -> Forbidden Shoryuken
    	* QCF, QCF + P
    (8) -> Shin Shoryuken
    	* QCF, QCF + PPP
    NORMAL Level 3	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    (1) -> Heavy Punch
        -> Senkugoshoha
    	* (close) F + HP x D, DF + P
    (2) -> Heavy Punch
        -> Light Gohadoken
    	* (close) s.HP x QCF + LP
    (3) -> [ Crouch ] Medium Punch
        -> Heavy Tatsumaki Gorasen
    	* c.MP x QCB + HK
    (4) -> [ Crouch ] Heavy Punch
        -> Senkugoshoha
    	* DF + HP x DF + P
    (5) -> Heavy Kick
        -> Forbidden Shoryuken
    	* (close) s.HK (1 hit) x QCF, QCF + P
    	This is difficult if you try to do it like how it seems like the game
    	wants you to do it, but there's a shortcut to doing this a lot easier.
    	Try doing the combo like this:
    	** QCF + HK x QCF + P
    	If you do this right, you should be able to do the combo quite easily.
    NORMAL Level 4	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    (1) -> [  Jump  ] Medium Kick
        -> Heavy Punch
        -> Light Gohadoken
    	* (jump-in) j.MK > s.HP x QCF + LP
    (2) -> [  Jump  ] Heavy Kick
        -> Heavy Punch
        -> EX Senkugoshoha
        -> Heavy Senkugoshoha
    	* (jump-in) j.HK > F + HP x D, DF + PP > DF, DF + HP
    	I found that doing the original F, D, DF motion instead of the DF, DF
    	shortcut for the first Senkugoshoha to be easier because of the s.HP
    	that precedes it. The HP Senkugoshoha afterwards should be done as soon
    	as Dan starts falling down, because that's when Gouken recovers.
    	I would really suggest for you to try this combo outside of the corner
    	because the timing is different and sometimes your second Senkugoshoha
    	will go under Dan which means your combo won't count.
    (3) -> Focus Attack
        -> Heavy Punch
        -> Senkugoshoha
        -> Forbidden Shoryuken
    	* MP + MK (level 3) > (dash forward) F + HP x D, DF + P > QCF, QCF + P
    	This combo can be a little tricky if you're not quick enough. You're
    	supposed to put in QCF, QCF + P after doing the motion for
    	Senkugoshoha, but you have to hit P for the Super right when the
    	Senkugoshoha hits.
    (4) -> Tenmakujinkyaku
        -> [ Crouch ] Medium Punch
        -> Heavy Tatsumaki Gorasen
    	* (jump-in) D + MK at the top of your jump > c.MP x QCB + HK
    	This can be a little difficult, you want the dive kick to hit Dan in
    	the leg and not the chest or the c.MP won't hit. To get the right
    	distance for this combo, you have to start by standing next to Dan and
    	then dash back three times before you start this combo.
    (5) -> Hyakki Gojin
        -> Heavy Punch
        -> Senkugoshoha
    	* DF, DF + K, K > F + HP x D, DF + P
    	Not that difficult, just tap the K after Gouken jump flips forward when
    	you're close to Dan's head. If you do it late the rest of the combo
    	should be easy.
    NORMAL Level 5	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    (1) -> Medium Punch
        -> [ Crouch ] Light Punch
    	* (close) s.MP > c.LP
    	Use the health bar trick if this link gives you trouble.
    (2) -> Medium Punch
        -> [ Crouch ] Medium Kick
    	* (close) s.MP > c.MK
    	Use the health bar trick if this link gives you trouble.
    HARD Level 1	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
        -> Amaoroshi
        -> Shin Shoryuken
    	* B + LP + LK > QCF, QCF + PPP
    	This is a fun little combo that is also pretty useful in a real match.
    	Basically it's Gouken's back throw where he tosses Dan over his head
    	and behind him. If you just do the Ultra as soon as you can it'll just
    	be like Gouken's Super is hitting. If you wait a little bit before
    	doing the Ultra, you can hit Dan with the whole thing. Not really
    	important for the combo, but good to just know.
    HARD Level 2	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
        -> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
        -> Heavy Punch
        -> EX Senkugoshoha
        -> EX Focus Cancel
        -> Shin Shoryuken
    	* (jump-in) j.HP > F + HP x D, DF + PP (2 hits) x FADC (dash forward)
    	> QCF, QCF + PPP
    	Not all that difficult, just remember to wait for the second hit of the
    	EX Senkugoshoha to go off before trying to FADC or the combo won't
    	work. Also don't rush the FADC on the second hit because you actually
    	have to be a little later than it seems or you can screw up the timing
    	and you'll get a Focus Attack instead even though you put in the
    	command to dash, only the Focus Attack will come out. It's strange, but
    	it's good to remember that so you can slow down. I would recommend
    	doing this combo outside of the corner just because it's actually
    	easier to get the Shin Shoryuken to hit outside of the corner without
    	worrying about going past Dan when he gets knocked into the air from
    	your EX Senkugoshoha.
    HARD Level 3	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
        -> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
        -> [ Crouch ] Heavy Punch
        -> EX Senkugoshoha
        -> EX Gohadoken
        -> Shin Shoryuken
    	* (corner) (jump-in) j.HP > DF + HP x DF + PP > QCF + PP
    	> QCF, QCF + PPP
    	The end part of this combo can be tricky. You have to pay attention to
    	Dan when he gets knocked up into the air from the EX Senkugoshoha. When
    	he starts falling you have to get the EX Gohadoken out as soon as he
    	falls onto his name under his health bar. This will allow both hits of
    	the Gohadoken to hit and if you immediately get the Ultra out, it
    	should hit. Remember though, it doesn't matter if both of the fireballs
    	hit, you can still miss the Ultra so make sure you're throwing it out
    	at the specified time I outlined.
    HARD Level 4	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
        -> [  Jump  ] Heavy Punch
        -> Medium Punch
        -> [ Crouch ] Light Punch
        -> Tatsumaki Gorasen
        -> EX Focus Cancel
        -> Shin Shoryuken
    	* (corner) (jump-in) j.HP > s.MP > c.LP x QCB + HK
    	x FADC (dash forward) > QCF, QCF + PPP
    	This combo is quite a bit tricky only because you have to link into
    	Gouken's vertical hurricane kick and then you have to FADC forward,
    	immediately followed with your Ultra. It's really just speed and
    	execution which makes this hard since there aren't really any tricks.
    	Also make sure to use the HK version for the Tatsumaki Gorasen as it's
    	the easiest one to do this combo with.
    HARD Level 5	 	```````````````````````````````````````````````````````
        -> Gohadoken
        -> EX Focus Attack
        -> [ Crouch ] Heavy Punch
        -> EX Senkugoshoha
        -> EX Gohadoken
        -> Shin Shoryuken
    	* (corner) QCF + LP (2 hits) x MP + MK (level 2)
    	> (dash forward) DF + HP x DF + PP > QCF + PP > QCF, QCF + PPP
    	This combo must be done in the corner for everything to combo properly.
    	This isn't really a difficult combo compared to the last one, but it is
    	pretty fun in my honest opinion. You start by charging up the LP
    	Gohadoken so that it does two hits instead of one. For this you have to
    	memorize how long it takes for you to get a fully charged Gohadoken so
    	that you can cancel the moment you shoot the fireball out with a Focus
    	Attack charged up to level 2. Once that is done the rest of the combo
    	should be pretty easy as it's pretty much the ending of Gouken's Hard
    	Level 3 challenge.
    0x9300                         Glossary              
    General Terminology FAQ - from RavenZero
    s. - Standing
    c. - Crouching
    j. - Jumping
    DF/DB - Down forward, Down Back. Hold the joystick in the corner, between 
            these two directions.
    F/B - Forward, Backward.
    SK/LK - Short kick or light kick. This is the weakest kick in the game.
    FK/MK - Forward kick or medium kick. This is the medium strength kick in the 
    RK/HK - Roundhouse kick or hard kick. This is the strongest kick in the game.
    JP/LP - Jab punch or light punch. This is the weakest punch in the game.
    SP/MP - Strong punch or medium punch. This is the medium strength punch in the
    FP/HP - Fierce punch or heavy punch. The strongest punch in the game.
    QCF - Quarter circle forward. The standard fireball motion. 
          Down, Down Forward, Forward.
    QCB - Quarter circle back. A reverse fireball motion.
          Down, Down Backward, Backward.
    HCF/HCB - Half circle forward/half circle back.
    DP - Dragon punch motion : Forward, Down, Down Forward (,Forward).
    FB - Fireball
    SRK - Shoryuken; idem Dragon Punch.
    360 - A full circle with the joystick. Can be accomplished by only turn 270 
          degrees on the joystick.
    720 - Two full circles with the joystick. 
    PPP/3P - Three punch buttons at the same time.
    KKK/3K - Three kick buttons at the same time.
    Charge – This means to charge in a direction, either down or back, for a short
              period of time.
    AA - Anti-air.
    Juggle - Any hit that occurs against an opponent in the middle of a Reel in 
        the air.
    Block damage - Also known as chip damage, this is the act of reducing your 
        opponent's health bar by forcing them to block your specials/supers/ultras.
        Any of these 3 will cause some damage even while it is blocked.
    Block Strings/combo - Basically, block strings are simple BnB combos 
        that are safe if blocked. It lets you put pressure on your opponent with 
        out leaving yourself open for a counter attack.
    Bread and Butter (BnB) - A Highly effective, easy to accomplish combo for a 
        character. For instance, a BnB for Ryu would be: j.RK, c.FK xx QCF+P.
    Buffering - to cancel a normal to a special/super. See XX.
       Note regarding buffering: The first move is required to CONNECT (block or 
       not) for the attack to be buffered. Whiffed attacks cannot be buffered.
    Command Grab - Special attack moves that act as a throw move (disregards 
       block), this includes Akuma's Demon Super/Ultra.
    Counter Hit - An attack intercepting an opponent's attack, typically inflicting
       increased damage, additional dizzy points, and/or extended hit stun.
    Crossup/xup - This means to attack your opponent while jumping over them, your
       attack hitting them on the back side, instead of the front.
    Deep hit - A jumping hit that hits the opponent close enough to the ground 
       ("deep" in the opponent's body) so that your character lands immediatly after
       and can follow up with another move before the opponent recovers from 
    Footsies - Subset of zoning focusing primarily on close range normals, where 
       the most common goals are to knock the opponent down and set up crossup 
    Hit Box - The screen area occupied by the active portion of an attack.
    Hit confirm - Basically it means to confirm your previous hit damaged the 
       opponent before doing your super, i.e. confirm your c.FK hit before doing 
       Ryu's super. The best way to do this is to buffer your moves. Do the motions
       with the stick while during the FK animation, and once you confirm it hit, 
       press the punch buttons. Takes ALOT of practice, and paying close attention
       to the game.
    Invincible frame - Some character's special moves/supers have frames in which 
       they are not effected by attacks, practically rendering them invincible 
       during that time. A good example are the Ryu's hurricane kick, which are 
       sometimes used to go through projectiles. Balrog's roll back and punch move
       (don't know the name) is another example. As well as Gouken's Senkugoshoha.
    Cancel/Kara Cancel - To interrupt the startup of one action with another action;
       typically performed with the intent of transferring properties of a normal 
       move, such as invincibility or sudden forward movement, onto a special or 
       super move.
    Links - Linking a normal attack into another normal attack and registers as a 
      combo. Spamming Jabs and Shorts yes fine, but such an example is (again) 
      Ryu's C.MP, C.MK. Link from the very last frame of the MP, hit MK and it 
      connects. Timing is required.
    Meaty - Causing an attack to hit midway into its attack duration in order to 
      decrease the period of time between impact and the natural end of the attack,
      giving the opponent less time to recover before following up with another 
      attack; most commonly performed after a knockdown.
    Negative Edge - another form of buffering but holding the normal attack button,
      do special motion and release button (EG Ryu crouch MP, hold MP, QFF, 
      Release MP). Again see XX.
    Neutral State - Inactive standing or crouching animation, indicating complete 
      freedom to perform any action immediately; defined as any condition that must
      be avoided in order for a sequence of actions to be considered continuous and
      unbroken by the game engine.
    Overhead - An attack that hits a crouching opponent regardless of a crouching 
      Block. Must Be Blocked Standing up. EG: Gouken's F+MP.
    Piano - To press and release several buttons in quick succession while 
      attempting single-button special or super moves; especially useful for 
      boosting the likelihood of success in reversal situations.
    Poke - specialised attacks, be normal/special but usually normal, to be used at
      optimum range to harass opponent.
    Recovery - The time spent your by your character recovering after an attack, in
      which they can't do anything. Often people stage counter attacks when their 
      opponent is in recovery. A popular example is the Dragon Punch - on the way 
      down the Shoto is extremely vulnerable if the opponent dodged or blocked the 
    Reversal - An attack initiated immediately after getting knocked down. 
      Reversals have counter hit properties (so they do more damage) and will also 
      break any super armor (like focus attacks), regardless of the move used to do
      the reversal.
    Shoto - Character sharing several striking similarities in design and play 
      style with Ryu, the main character of the Street Fighter series; versatile 
      fighter with a fireball and a high priority uppercut special move; stemming 
      from Shotokan Karate, the official basis for the fighting styles of Capcom's
      Ryu and Ken.
    Super Cancelling - cancelling a special attack into a super. As with normals, 
      not all specials are super cancellable.
    Tech Throws - an escape from a normal throw. Bonus is granted, however Command 
      Grabs cannot be teched. Press lk+lp to tech a throw.
    Tiger Knee - Joystick motion resembling Sagat's original Tiger Knee command 
      (D, DF, F, UF) Used for Cammy's Hooligan Combination or any air QCF attacks 
      giving the illusion that the move was inputted immediately after the 
      character jumps.
    Trip Guard - most people won't notice this but it's the ability to block low 
      attacks after landing from a jump.
    Whiff - Doing a move, weather it be a special or normal move, that misses your 
      opponent on purpose. Used to move you close to your opponent safely/quickly.
    xx - Means to cancel i.e. Ryu: c.FK xx Hadouken. This basically means to start 
      the motion for the Hadouken before the FK completes. It cancels the final 
      frames of the FK, allowing these two moves to combo.
    Stun - after a move that connects, the opponent has some recoil momemtum before 
      he can do another move, This is called Stun.
    Dizzy - Not to be confused with Stun (even if many times stun is used for dizzy
      points), dizzy points are a bit like a health bar which when depleted, leads 
      your character to be... dizzy!
    Reset - Every time you combo, the damage/dizzy scaling will decrease every 
      subsequent hit damage/dizzy after the first attack via percentage. So 
      unfortunately big flashy combos aren't that great as a result of this 
      damage/dizzy scaling. However if you stick in a move that will not combo, but
      can lead to a possible if not guaranteed followup hit, it will not be a part
      of the combo thus reseting the damage/dizzy scaling. So, it will do a lot of 
      damage/dizzy like an initial hit.
      Moreover, a reset usualy leads to mixups, which means that your opponents 
      will have to guess your next action.
    Mixup - Variety of options offered after a move, which your opponent will have 
      to guess.
    Zone - Means to make a character stay away with special moves such as fireballs,
      Blanka's ball, etc...
    Street Fighter 4 Specific Terminology FAQ - from RavenZero
    Dash - Dashing is accomplished in SF4 by pressing twice, in quick succession, 
      either forward or backwards on the joystick. Dashing can be used to cancel 
      out of a focus attack.
    EX Focus Attack - Cancelling a Special Move into a Focus Attack. Uses Meter 
      and used primarily with FADC for combos.
    Ex Moves - Ex moves are similar to normal special moves. They are a more 
      damaging and require you to press two (or more) attack buttons after 
      completing the motion for your characters special, i.e. QCF+PP to do Ryu’s 
      EX Haduken. EX moves consumes one stock of your super meter.
    Focus Attack - This is a new move to the SF series. To accomplish a Focus 
      Attack, you must hit (or hold) the SP and FK buttons. This basically negates 
      your opponents attack, letting you counter attack. There are three levels 
      to a focus attack, depending on how long you hold the buttons down.
      It will not counter attack against throws or a move that has armor breaking 
      properties. Also, if the opponents attack will hit you more than one time, 
      the focus attack will not work. It also build revenge meter.
    FADC - Focus Attack Dash Cancel. Cancelling a Focus attack into a Dash forward 
      or backward. Hold MP+MK, Dash in direction, Release. See Focus Attack and 
    Focus Attack cancelled - A move that can be Focus Attack cancelled may be 
      stopped and turned into a Focus Attack by simply pressing MP+MK in the middle 
      of your move, which in turn may be Dash cancelled, then string/combo into 
      something else. For exemple : EX Senkugoshoha, FADC, ultra.
    Personal Action - Personal Actions are basically taunts. Unlike SF3, these 
      taunts add nothing other than a little personality to your character.
    Jumpin Throw - A jump that will not lead to a mid air hit, simply lands close
      to the opponent for a throw.
    Super Armor (armour): - A state in which your character will not be affected 
      by hit stun if struck. The most common example for this is focus attacks, 
      which 'eats' an attack during its charge up.
    Throws - Throws in SF4 are accomplished by pressing JP+SK. Pressing forward 
      or backwards while pressing the buttons has your character do a different 
      throw. You can also break throws by pressing the same buttons as your 
      opponent attempts to throw you.
    Ultra Move - Ultra moves are more powerful versions of your character’s 
      super move. They are accomplished by pressing all three attack buttons after 
      doing the motion with the joystick, i.e. QCFx2+PPP does Ryu’s Metsu Haduken.
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    My XBox live Gamer tag is "Ze Mickey". Feel free to challenge me for training 
    or to teach me stuff!
    I ain't nowhere close to a great player, (Battle points at 2000 at the time of
    writing this faq), making a lot of mistakes, mainly because I've never been
    a SF player before SF4.
    I am French and English speaking.
    You may also use my email (see below) to contact me.
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