Review by troyherald

"Don't buy this game."

This game is absolutely no fun to play. I bought it because I am living abroad and it was one of the only Xbox On Demand games that I was permitted to download from outside the US. But when I was younger I used to love playing SSF2 Turbo so it's not like I'm not familiar with the game/series.

The control is horrible. It makes the game utterly unenjoyable. For example, if your character has a move that's like Right, Down, DownRight, Kick... You have to enter it exactly like that. If you enter Right, Down, DownRight, Right, and then press Kick a split second too late, the character doesn't do the move. This is extremely challenging when you're going stuff like two hadoken-motions in a row followed by all-3-punches. Even moves like Chun-Li's heel stomp move, you have to jump in the air and press Down. DownRight is not good enough?? This simple move took me over 15 tries to do in the training mode. What is the point of playing this game when it's so picky about the commands. I don't remember SSF2 being this exacting.

Does anyone remember the Killer Instinct series? Capcom could have taken a lesson from them. As long as your motion is close enough without any gross aberration you should be able to get the special move off. The controls here are so ridiculous it makes this game really frustrating.

I haven't even mentioned the boring, lackluster soundtrack or the exasperatingly frustrating computer AI. Even in "Easiest" mode, I haven't been able to beat the boss character in over 50 attempts. What's the point?

I bought this game because the reviews said it was so much fun and such a beautiful game. The graphics are really cool, I love the ink-spatter effect. But the graphics are really only enjoyable when you watch a computer demo since you can't control the characters at all.

Another thing, about the voices. Street Fighter's theme is "world warriors" so why not having them speak their native language in the comments they make. It's so awkward listening to Zangief speak English in a thick Russian accent, or to El Fuerte talking about eating his dinner with guacamole. It's 2010, it's not impossible to find a voice actor who speaks Chinese, Russian, Spanish, etc. and would make the game so much more enjoyable than the ridiculousness of Dhalsim screaming "YOOO-GAAAA" when he is defeated.

Another one of the worst parts of this game is the fan base. If you look in the "Answers" section of this website, instead of getting tips and advice you can get a bunch of trash talk from spammers telling you that you are the problem with this game.

So if you're a know-it-all with the ability to Charge DownLeft, then tap DownRight, DownLeft, then UpLeft+Kick without ever once accidentally moving the controller to the Down position in between those DownRights and DownLefts, you'll eat this game up.

Otherwise don't waste your time or money. $30 for a headache and a pain in the butt.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/18/10

Game Release: Street Fighter IV (US, 02/17/09)

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