Shadow eggman?

  1. Well, I'm about like half way into the game and whenever i do tournament mode (single or double mode) it pops up a some called speicial match when I`m fineshed with it. the oponent(s) for doubles are Dr. Eggman and shadow. singles: Dr. Eggman they are on hard mode help deafeating them?

    User Info: genellvra

    genellvra - 8 years ago

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  1. There's no real help to give. Try to use the same basic strategy that applies to real tennis as well as any tennis game. Run them side-to-side and try to avoid that happening to yourself.

    Use your Superstar State when the star beneath you is full with one of the trigger buttons. If they're playing in the back of their court, do a drop lob shot which is the X Button quickly followed by the A Button. Should dropped it right over the net and make them run towards it then allowing you to hit it to the back corners.

    That's all. Aside from that, it's luck.

    User Info: TheMegamanX

    TheMegamanX - 8 years ago 2 0

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