Review by wolverinefan

"Noth worth the MS Points"

I had heard nothing about Screwjumper. It just kind of showed up on the Live Arcade one day. It even has a publisher I have heard of so I know this wasn't made by a group of interns. To be honest I wish I had never touched this game.

Miners have revolted so now you must go down deep into the mines and blow them up and then get out. Well, I guess having a mediocre plot is better than none at all.

Graphically the game is alright but there is only so much you can do with a tunnel and green and red objects. It isn't ugly per-say but I wouldn't show it to a friend as proof of the 360's powers.

The music in the game has a techno rock feel. It's kind of cool, made me feel like I was in a bad Mission impossible film. Sound effects are pretty basic from a robotic voice to mild explosions.

Controls in the game are stupidly simple. Move with the left analog stick. Left trigger is a dash move and the right trigger places bombs. Doesn't take long to get use to that.

The game play itself is rather dull. I'm not sure how someone came up with this idea, actually sold it and got other people to help make it.

The goal of the game is to sky dive down a tunnel and blow up as many green marks as possible. They are platforms, tubes ect.

The catch is that there are red ones also and hitting them harms you. once you reach the bottom you're going to need to blast yourself to the top.

There really isn't anything else here. I'd say that's a shame but frankly the game has nothing to actually do.

On the other hand it offers some on-line features like co-op and leader boards but my Live expired so I'm not feeling the need to test that stuff out with this game. I also doubt anyone is even playing this game as I have yet to see a single person on my friends list playing it,

I would recommend passing on Screwjumper. There are so many better games out there on the Live Arcade and this one should just be ignored.

Story - 3/10
graphics - 7/10
Control - 9/10
Sound - 7/10
Game Play - 4/10
Replay value - 4/10

Final Score - 4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Screwjumper! (US, 11/14/07)

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