Review by chadandjody

"Has that Lego charm but shallow game play leaves it flat."

Jumping into Lego Batman for the Xbox 360 I had already adjusted my expectations since I had played other games in the series. As with the rest of the series it delivers in full with lots of charm. It is fun to play along as Batman, Robin, and a whole cast of other characters. This charm comes at a price however and that price is shallow game play.

The henchmen that make up most of the levels bad guys are easily dispatched. There is no challenge at all with busting them back into lego pieces. The game seems to think it can make up for the ridiculous easy bad guys buy streaming them at you in wave after wave of block carnage. After a few levels it's just an annoyance to dispatch them.

The "puzzles" in the game can be summed up as the following: punch everything in sight until you finally found the lego puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle pieces are assembled (which can take time since wave after wave of henchmen are still coming after you), you unlock a ladder, a grapple point, a change of costume, etc. After a few levels the formula becomes repetitive and unexciting.

The boss fights do bring some variety to the game as they are not just beat'em up fights. There are levers to pulled, penguin bombs to redirect, and other clever tasks. What takes away from it is the that you can not permanently die as you just pop back up with a full health bar.

Not to totally rain on Batman's parade as the graphics are quite nice. The lego characters resemblance to their comic book personalities is spot on. The environment are full of detail and items to bust up. The sound and music in the game are just average, nothing to write home about.

The game tries to skate around the shallow game play with unlockables and achievements. There are costumes, characters, vehicles, and more to unlock. Unfortunately it doesn't seem worth it to go back through the levels again and again just for a new costume or character.

Lego Batman is not a bad game it's just not a very deep game. My score and review may seem a little harsh but if this game didn't have Lego in the title I would bet most people would score it even lower. My interest in the game fizzled out long before I had even a fraction of the unlockable content Great game to rent but not worth the purchase price.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/27/08

Game Release: LEGO Batman: The Videogame (US, 09/23/08)

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