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"Augmented Gaming Experience"

I won't lie but when I first saw this game I was like "Damn, that game looks awesome." Even now my opinion doesn't change, it just gets better. There's something about Deus Ex: Human Revolution that draws you in. Watching the trailers, viewing the screenshots, seeing the gameplay itself puts an air of mystery around the game. Without a doubt, it is the most in-depth, most engrossing, and most intense game I've played so far.

Sound and Graphics. 9/10
To begin with, the music score of Deus Ex itself is beautiful. The music is slick and always sets the right mood for every situation (Even the opening has a wicked sound track). The voice acting is spot on as well. The character models aren't exactly the best out there but they aren't exactly the worse either- a minor issue that does not hinder the gameplay. The cut-scenes are gorgeous though, along the lines of Final Fantasy XIII but in darker, and more serious. The environments however look incredible. The textures are done nicely and the environment itself draws you in to explore more of the world. The dark yet highly advanced world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution give off the air of intrigue and mystery that leaves you wanting to know more.

Gameplay. 10/10
The most revolutionary aspect of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is here that Deus Ex defines itself from every other game while being exactly the same as every other game itself. When you first play you will notice many similarities to other titles such as Splinter Cell: Conviction, Rainbow Six Vegas, Mass Effect, Crysis 2, etc. The fact that Deus Ex: Human Revolution can seamlessly combine all the elements of these games is incredible! Most of the time you'll be exploring in First person, you can shoot if you wish but when you go into cover then it changes into a third person shooter. You then have the cover system of Rainbow Six Vegas, improved with the stealth and cover-to-cover movement system of SC: Conviction. Not to mention the upgrade and tactical options of Crysis 2. Couple all that in with an intense story and the dialogue options of Mass Effect and you have yourself a extraordinary game.Other small things implemented into the game is the hacking minigame. (Like Mass Effect 2 but much more innovative.) Where you go from path to path capturing different data nodes until you reach your target. However, if the database detects you hacking, then it's a race against against the clock. Capture your target before the computer finds out. It's a simple yet refreshing change of pace.

Story: 10/10
The bread and butter of all RPG's. The story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution does not disappoint. As you know form the back of the box and the game description that you're Adam Jensen a security chief for a major bio-technologies corporation (not to mention a B.A looking one as well). And after an accident that changes your life, you go out seeking for the truth. Sounds a bit cliche right? But that's just the tip of the iceberg. As you experience Jensen's story, you begin to see the deep philosophical meaning behind the game. An allusion to our own contemporary society. A battle between science and morals. Advancement versus ethics, and the big question itself: Should profit come before people. In the end, you must decide how this story unravels. After all the power of choice may be your deadliest weapon of them all.

In Conclusion....

The Good.
+Innovative gameplay that draws from many different genres and series
+Epic music score
+Beautiful Cut-scenes and environments
+An intense philosophical and action packed story
+Different choices allows for a very high re-playability

The Bad.
-Character models could have been done better in my opinion
-No New game+ is kind of a letdown
-Did I forget to mention boss battles?

Achievements: Amount that can be earned varies through your choices.

Final Score: 10/10
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an outstanding game that's worth owning. If your unsure then you can rent if you like, but it's kind of a waste when you'll probably be amazed and buy it afterwards! In the end, Deus Ex: Human Revolution will keep you entertained until the next wave of blockbuster new releases.(Which will probably be in November judging by the release date of this game in co-relation to most new releases).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/29/11

Game Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (US, 08/23/11)

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