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"A Great Game, That Has Its Flaws"

This game is great!

Don't let any kind of negative press dissuade you, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a wonderful game but it is not free from some basic flaws.

First off, the story is fantastic and it really helps establish you as Adam Jensen (the protagonist) and oddly enough you end up caring about him and you want to help not only Eric Sarif but also Jensen as you undergo his trials and tribulations. The story throws enough twists and turns at you to make you WANT to keep searching for your own enjoyment, not just because the game is forcing you to.

And the game is certainly a pleasure to play. The gameplay really does allow you to play how you want. While the developers might have over-hyped the "freedom" of every mission, they definitely told a semi-true story. Every mission really does have a stealth path and a combat path, but that's pretty much it. There aren't numerous divergent paths in every level. Mostly, it boils down to did you talk to the right person, OR do you want to stealth or fight your way through a mission. There isn't a distinct advantage to either path however, which does make the element of choice realistic. Both fighting and stealthing will yield the same overall rewards in terms of building your character.

The overall look of the game is fantastic, delivering a very unique view of the world which seems to be hauntingly possible at the same time. For every cyborg-armed civilian you encounter, you will also recognize something that doesn't seem that far off in our own world, which really helps make the overall setting a little more haunting.

As far as sound, the game falls a little short. The main characters are voiced extremely well, with the gruff Jensen encapsulating his role perfectly. Other characters like Sarif really shine as pure theatrical characters. However, the background dialogue is very repetitive and the sound effects feel too loud compared to the rest of the game. Seriously. Play the game a normal volume where everything sounds great and then shoot your gun. It's a bit unbalanced. Other than this minor gripe the sound overall is fairly good. The guns sound real, and when Adam takes down an enemy it feels visceral and real.

Overall, the gameplay falls a bit short of the story and graphics, and doesn't fully deliver on the lofty promises made with the game. The advertisements and the hype set this game up to be GOTY, yet sadly a few persistent errors keep it from being such.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/06/11

Game Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (US, 08/23/11)

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