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Reviewed: 08/13/12

In the not so distant future...

Having never played any of the previous Deus Ex titles, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Human Revolution. I was enticed by the high reviews the game had garnered. Human Revolution is a prequel to previous titles, so I thought it would be a good way to start. After playing through the game, Deus Ex Human Revolution was a fantastic experience. The numerous options to play through the game, the powerful story, and slick game play mechanics were only some of the bright sides the game has to offer.

The setting of the story takes place in the near future, where there is constant debate over human augmentation. In this fictional future, some believe augmentation enhances the quality of life for humanity. Like any controversial issue, there are two sides to the argument. The other side believes augmented individuals have had pieces of their humanity taken away. Behind the story is Adam Jenson, the protagonist for the story. Jensen is the security arm of Sarif Industries, a large and powerful corporation that does research in the augmentation space.

The game quickly takes shape, as events transcend into an invasion into Sarif headquarters. Jenson goes head on against the intruders. Quick battles ensue and also introduce players briefly to the good shooting mechanics individuals will get accustom to throughout the game. Shortly into the game, Jenson is defeated. As a result of that defeat, Jenson becomes an augmented individual. As you begin to traverse through the game’s beautiful cities and lively setting, a strong story begins to unravel. Plot points are nicely tied together, and side missions help reinforce the beautifully crafted fictional world.

Aside from the riveting story, Deus Ex Human Revolution features fantastic game play. Players are usually presented with several ways to play, although I have found stealth tactics to be the most effective and rewarding. Don’t get me wrong however, there are times where I enjoyed some of the intense fire fights that ensued, but for the most part it wasn’t the most effective. The reason being that there are numerous scenarios, where utilizing a straight frontal attack alerts others. Jensen typically becomes overwhelm shortly after. As a result, a stealthy approach is generally more effective. With that said however, the stealth elements are fantastic. You can slowly creep up to enemies and perform an attack that takes them out. From then forward, you can hide their bodies to prevent others from detecting you.

As you traverse through the game, you can also get enhancements or augmentations to improve your capabilities. Some of those enhancements can help with your stealth tactics. This way it allows players to tailor skills towards how they want to play. For instance, players who prefer the stealthy approaches can select augmentations such as ability to take down numerous individuals in stealth attacks. Augmentations and enhancements are done though experience that is gained throughout the game. The rpg elements that are within this game helps deepen and improve the overall experience.

As briefly described in a previous section, shooting elements are solid throughout. There are instances where it didn’t feel quite as nimble. For the most part however, the shooting mechanics feel good. The shooting mechanics are also accompanied by a solid cover system that allows Jenson to move around. In addition to a stealth or frontal attack, players can also mix both around. There were instances where I would be engaged in an intense fire fight, quickly change my tactic and utilize a somewhat more stealthy approach, by using the darkness to my advantage. These numerous ways to play really make Deus Ex a joy to play.

Throughout the game’s environments, there are also numerous opportunities for Jenson to hack. Rather than some cut and dry approach, I felt the hacking elements were particularly fun. Players will be presented with opportunities to traverse through a grid before the system kicks you out. Within this mode, players will be presented with more optimal routes. For instances, some nodes are not as easy to detect if a player chooses that one. Once detected however, a timer will usually start, increasing the intensity of the player to finish his or her hack before being kicked out.

While there are many fantastic elements within Deus Ex, I felt boss fights were a bit lacking. Throughout the game, there wasn’t any particular memorable boss fight. In addition, the game’s graphical component isn’t its strongest point either. While the game certainly still looks good and runs smoothly, the character models and animation are certainly not its bright spots. Load times during the course of the game also felt like a chore. While the game isn’t the next graphical monster, the strong voice acting and solid musical soundtrack help round out the presentation portion of the game nicely.

Deus Ex Human Revolution was a fairly lengthy game and I enjoyed the fantastic journey immensely. Deus Ex had a fantastic blend of strong storytelling, with a great mixture of game play mechanics. While Deus Ex certainly wasn’t the best in any one area in the industry, the relative strength in each area provides a comprehensive and culminating experience that is rarely had in video games today. The riveting experience throughout is definitely one that needs to be enjoyed by anyone who considers him or herself a gamer. I strongly recommend this fantastic title.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (US, 08/23/11)

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