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Reviewed: 04/22/13

Clint Eastwood Meets 2027

What is a Deus Ex and what kind of Human Revolution are we talking about here? Did you ever have a job that once you clocked in and started work you realized you were way more involved than what your job title should be? Take Adam Jensen for instance. He is the hero of this game and he has quite a job from going to head of security at Sarif Industries to determining the fate of the human race. We never find out if Adam is salaried or hourly but since he is the manager of security I would assume he is salaried and therefore has to work way too much otherwise he would be banking some serious overtime with this game. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a very long game but it is really fun if you like games similar to the Metal Gear series. The concept of Human Revolution is that human augmentations to advance the abilities of the human mind and body come under conflict with those who would rather have everybody stay human and not robotic. This is like a reverse Bicentennial Man with man becoming more robot instead of robot becoming man. The game play is fun but the free roam parts are limited and there is no penalty for killing or hurting innocent people in the game. This takes away from the game as you play a guy that is supposed to be keeping humanity's best interests in mind.

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution story is rather fun to follow. It plays out through cinematics and the Clint Eastwood sounding Adam Jensen goes from security manager at a biotech firm where his lady friend Megan Reed has just made a remarkable discovery to Adam Jensen the great global detective and fully augmented robot guy that has to solve what happens when Sarif Industries is attacked and the "remarkable" research is lost to an unknown group. The story picks up as Adam seeks out the answers to what happened with the attack on his employer as well as the truth behind what is really going on. The game features four different endings which can be easily accessed by saving your game right after the final boss battle. Pretty convenient for me since I don't think I could do this game all over again.

I enjoyed the variety of weapons you could use in the game from stun guns to using lethal augmentation powers. Deus Ex is played in the first person with the ability to take cover behind boxes and and walls. A quick tap or hold of the B button and you can send any poor sap of a security guard or even unsuspecting civilian into a world of hurt. Stun guns, a tranquilizer rifle, and the PEPS gun are a few ways to knock out enemies and get awarded more experience points. Later in the game you get introduced to the Typhoon augmentation which wipes out any bad guys in your way. You can also upgrade your weapons by purchasing simple upgrades like adding a damage boost and cooling system. I didn't realize until almost the end that you have to hold the X button to initiate some of these upgrades.

It seems though that you will spend half of your time sneaking around and fighting bad guys and the other half hacking into computers and terminals. Hacking computers isn't all that fun and if you don't beat the time limit during the hacking session you have to wait for the computer to reset. It gets repetitive and when you don't pull out of a computer what you were hoping to find like the pass code to something else or something related to the mission. The game is fairly engrossing though and I did not get bored with it as you get to read all sorts of emails that may or may not be related to the game. Needless to say there is plenty of work drama to read through on the workstation emails you hack into. The boss battles start off on intimidating circumstances but then you realize these guys are actually very dumbed down and predictable which makes them easy to beat.

You gain Praxis points to add augmentation powers to Adam as the game goes along. These powers help you to do a lot of fun things in the game which makes this game more than just another shooter. You can even add a perception augmentation to influence conversations and convince people that they are wrong and you are right and therefore they should turn over valuable information before you produce a demonstration of your Typhoon ammo. The problem of the game is that it is based on morality and the choices individuals make. So when I accidentally filet a civilian in the middle of Detroit with Adam's augment blades something feels a little out of place.

The graphics are okay. You can tell this game is a PC port but it does not hinder Human Revolution as it does others. The environments are okay as you get to explore what a future Detroit and China may look like in the next decade. Apparently the news media has been taken over by Eliza Cassan so you have only one global media outlet and she only likes reporting on what is going on with the augmentation news. Air ducts are a major part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I don't know why there are air ducts all around the whole game that a grown man can crawl around in. In my life experiences I have never seen air ducts that you can crawl around in. But this is what reminded a lot of the Metal Gear games along with the alarm factors with your enemies.

The voice acting is very good in this game and the music gives you a futuristic feel as you walk around the free roam areas of China and Detroit. There are a lot of characters in this game to talk to and with these characters are a few side missions to take on prior to getting too involved with the main story. Taking on these side missions boosts your Praxis points and contributes in a small way towards the main story of the game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a long game with a good adventure to it. You can change certain parts of the story of the game by keeping some people alive and winning conversation arguments. The ultimate endings of the game are made in four decisions at the end so your progress during the rest of the game really does not add up. All of the perks of Adam's job are found by stealing credit chips and weapons or purchasing weapons on the black market. He totally does not get paid enough obviously. Replaying the whole game would be tough since you can save at the end and see all the endings. Human Revolution is still a lot of fun to play through at least once though.

Final Recommendation 7/10

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game that could have been better but it is good enough for a fun futuristic shooter/adventure game. It has its flaws and I could only stand to play this game through only once but it has a good story and fun game play. This game definitely has the same kind of concept as Metal Gear but feels much more realistic. I would say it is worth the time to play despite the flaws.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (US, 08/23/11)

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