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    Achievement Guide by MajorBlackout

    Version: 1.51 | Updated: 08/08/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                       WORLD AT WAR
                                XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE
                                    By: MajorBlackout
                                 Gamertag: Maj0r_Black0ut
                              E-Mail: Hummer1114@Gmail.com
    Version 1.00 - Guide added to GameFAQs.com.
    Version 1.25 - Map Pack 2 Achievements and Shi No Numa strategy added!
    Version 1.50 - Map Pack 3 Achievements added!
    Version 1.51 - Fixed some minor errors and added Der Riese strategy!
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    This includes all of their associates. If are an associate of a website not
    listed below, I am going to have to say tough noodles on this one. I was really
    tired of having to respond to E-Mails, telling people that they can host my
    guide so I am making this Achievement Guide exclusive. If you are named above,
    don't even bother to send me a confirmation. If you are not listed above and
    are caught hosting my guide, you should know the routine.
    This Achievement Guide contains **SPOILERS!** so if you would like to use your
    own skills to earn these Achievements, do not continue under ANY circumstances.
    Also, if you could possibly get offended by my guide do not continue after this
    The following Achievement Guide is based on a Mature-rated game. It is rated
    M for Mature because of the following:
    - Blood and Gore
    - Intense Violence
    - Strong Language
    Now I will also say that in this game, you can shoot enemies and tear their
    limbs off, shoot them in the chest area and expose their ribs. For the language
    the game will say the "F" word quite a lot. If you have played Rainbow Six
    Vegas 2, the cussing does not amount to the amount in that game. And for the
    violence, you never stop shooting your gun. When you kill an enemy, they will
    scream until the moment they die.
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    	A. Contact Information
    	B. Introduction
    	C. Achievement Guide (in order of appearance)
    		1. Carlson's Raiders**************************10GS
    		2. Stormed Peleliu****************************15GS
    		3. The Last Stand*****************************20GS
    		4. Stabbed in the Heart***********************20GS
    		5. Get Your Hands Dirty***********************30GS
    		6. Saved Private Ryan*************************10GS
    		7. Bloody Peleliu*****************************30GS
    		8. Weapon of Mass Destruction*****************15GS
    		9. The Sword is Broken************************30GS
    	       10. No Safe Place******************************15GS
    	       11. Architect**********************************30GS
    	       12. The Professional***************************15GS
    	       13. Gunslinger*********************************15GS
    	       14. The Hammer Strikes*************************30GS
    	       15. Scorched Earth*****************************30GS
    	       16. Firestarter********************************15GS
    	       17. Fearless***********************************30GS
    	       18. Hell on Wheels*****************************30GS
    	       19. Iron Fist**********************************15GS
    	       20. No Return**********************************30GS
    	       21. Ruthless***********************************15GS
    	       22. When It Rains, It Pours********************30GS
    	       23. Shot in the Dark***************************10GS
    	       24. One Bad Gato*******************************30GS
    	       25. The Sum of All Zeros***********************15GS
    	       26. Lights Out!********************************10GS
    	       27. Blowtorch & Corkscrew**********************30GS
    	       28. Setting of the Sun*************************30GS
    	       29. Mortar-dom*********************************10GS
    	       30. Guardian Angel*****************************10GS
    	       31. For the Motherland*************************30GS
    	       32. Bearing the Burden*************************30GS
    	       33. Rough Economy******************************15GS
    	       34. Close Shave********************************10GS
    	       35. Snake in the Grass*************************15GS
    	       36. Grave Robber*******************************15GS
    	       37. Kamikaze***********************************15GS
    	       38. Throw a Six and a Half*********************15GS
    	       39. Purple Heart********************************5GS
    	       40. War Hero***********************************40GS
    	       41. Hardened War Hero*************************100GS
    	       42. Get Your Left Foot Wet*********************30GS
    	       43. Get Your Right Foot Wet********************30GS
    	       44. Blue Ribbon********************************25GS
    	                    Map Pack 2 Achievements
    	       45. Soul Survivor******************************50GS
    	       46. Hammer Time********************************10GS
    	       47. Weapon of Minor Destruction****************20GS
    	       48. Big Baller*********************************30GS
    	       49. Perk-a-Holic*******************************20GS
    	       50. Big Brawler********************************30GS
    	       51. It's a Trap!*******************************20GS
    	       52. Fertilizer Man*****************************30GS
    	       53. Deadhead***********************************30GS
    	   	            Map Pack 3 Achievements
                   54. 40 Knives!*********************************25GS
    	       55. Acquire Waffle Weapons!********************25GS
    	       56. Der Electrician!***************************25GS
    	       57. Evaluate your Senses!**********************25GS
    	       58. Frequent Flyer!****************************25GS
    	       59. Locksmith!*********************************25GS
    	       60. Pack Addict!*******************************25GS
    	       61. Perkaholics Anonymous!*********************25GS
    	       62. The Might of the Monkey!*******************25GS
    	       63. Wacker Packer!*****************************25GS
    			        Secret Achievements
    	       64. It's All About Prestige*********************0GS
    	       65. Go Get Some Sun*****************************0GS
    	       66. Dead Air (Map Pack 2)**********************10GS
    				    Help Topics
    	       Shi No Numa Strategy
    	       Der Riese Strategy
    	D. Conclusion
    		Credits & Comments
    .d88b                                                                888b. 8888 
    8P    .d8b.           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          8   8 8ww. 
    8b    8' .8                  A._C0NTAC7_1NF0RMAT10N                  8   8   `8 
    `Y88P `Y8P'           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          888P' Y88P
    Hey everybody! It's Hunter again! Yeah, I'm making an Achievement Guide for the
    new Call of Duty: World at War. Now I don't expect many questions concerning
    the Achievements in this game but that will have to do. Below are some ways you
    can contact me. If it is marked with a * then it is recommended.
    E-Mail: Hummer1114@Gmail.com
    *Xbox LIVE: Maj0r_Black0ut
    .d88b                                                                888b. 8888 
    8P    .d8b.           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          8   8 8ww. 
    8b    8' .8                      B._1NTR0DUCT10N                     8   8   `8 
    `Y88P `Y8P'           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          888P' Y88P
    I don't know about you but I actually liked this game. The campaign was very
    enjoyable (besides the unnecessary amount of grenades thrown and insanely
    difficult times at parts). It doesn't quite amount to Call of Duty 4 but c'mon,
    that game was MODERN WARFARE. This is World War II; almost everybody doesn't
    like WWII games. I think they did a good job designing this game though. The
    Campaign could keep you occupied for hours or days and the multiplayer about a
    year. The multiplayer is basically the same as CoD4 except different maps and
    different guns. Everything else is the exact same. All in all, this game is
    very worth the $60, unless you just HATE Call of Duty games.
    .d88b                                                                888b. 8888 
    8P    .d8b.           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          8   8 8ww. 
    8b    8' .8                    C._ACH1EV3M3NT_GU1D3                  8   8   `8 
    `Y88P `Y8P'           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          888P' Y88P
                             1. Carlson's Raiders (10 Points)
                    Complete "Semper Fi" on any difficulty. (Solo only)
    This will unlock automatically as you pass the very first mission of the game.
                              2. Stormed Peleliu (15 Points)
     Establish a beachhead on the island of Peleliu on any difficulty. (Solo only)
    This will unlock automatically as you pass the seventh mission of the game:
                              3. The Last Stand (20 Points)
    Survive the land and air conflict surrounding Okinawa on any difficulty. (Solo
    You will unlock this when you finish all the missions in Japan. The last
    mission in Japan is Breaking Point.
                           4. Stabbed in the Heart (20 Points)
      Complete all missions on the Eastern Front on any difficulty setting. (Solo
    You will unlock this when you finish all the missions in Germany. The last
    mission in Germany is Downfall. This is also the last mission in the game.
                           5. Get Your Hands Dirty (30 Points)
                Complete 'Semper Fi' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    Semper Fi is the first mission you play in Call of Duty World at War. Beat it
    on Veteran, the hardest difficulty, to unlock this Achievement.
                            6. Saved Private Ryan (10 Points)
               Save the soldier before he burns to death. (Solo or co-op)
    Close to the beginning of the Semper Fi level (the first mission in the game)
    you will come up to some docks and you will see a Japanese soldier, that is on
    fire, run up and hug Private Ryan. Shoot the Japanese soldier before he kills
    Ryan. You saved him from one painful death.
                              7. Bloody Peleliu (30 Points)
             Complete 'Little Resistance' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the second level in the game,
    Little Resistance, on the Veteran difficulty.
                        8. Weapon of Mass Destruction (15 Points)
    Radio in a naval bombardment that kills at least 4 Japanese soldiers. (Solo or
    On the level Little Resistace you will be able to call in missile barrages on
    cue. At the beginning of the mission, your objective is to call in a strike on
    the shorelines. You cannot get it here. Instead, wait to where you get to the
    point where there is a bunker and you are trying to get inside it. Call in a
    strike the second you enter that area and you should kill at least 8 soldiers.
                           9. The Sword is Broken (30 Points)
               Complete 'Hard Landing' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the third level in the game, Hard
    Landing, on the Veteran difficulty.
                             10. No Safe Place (15 Points)
     Burn an enemy out of a tree with the flamethrower in 'Hard Landing.' (Solo or
    You will pick up the flamethrow in the Hard Landing level. When you get it and
    find an enemy in a tree, you should know what to do.
                               11. Architect (30 Points)
                 Complete 'Vendetta' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the fourth level in the game,
    Vendetta, on the Veteran difficulty.
                           12. The Professional (15 Points)
     Shoot all of Amsel's henchmen, including their attack dog, without reloading.
                                      (Solo only)
    Copy the following link and paste it into your address bar. It should connect
    you to the very lovely video on YouTube.
                               13. Gunslinger (15 Points)
               Assassinate General Amsel with a pistol shot. (Solo only)
    Copy the following link and paste it into your address bar. It should connect
    you to another video on YouTube guiding you to this Achievement. (updated link)
                          14. The Hammer Strikes (30 Points)
        Complete 'Their Land, Their Blood' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the fifth level in the game,
    Their Land, Their Blood, on the Veteran difficulty.
                            15. Scorched Earth (30 Points)
             Complete 'Burn 'em Out' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the sixth level in the game, Burn
    'em Out, on the Veteran difficulty.
                             16. Firestarter (15 Points)
     Complete a mission using only the flamethrower. Melee, grenades & explosives
                              are OK. (Solo or co-op)
    Go for this one on Burn 'em Out on the Recruit difficulty. Use ONLY your flame-
    thrower, grenades, and your knife (melee). You can completely ignore the tree-
    top snipers if you're playing on Recruit.
                               17. Fearless (30 Points)
               Complete 'Relentless' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the seventh level in the game,
    Relentless, on the Veteran difficulty.
                             18. Hell on Wheels (30 Points)
             Complete 'Blood and Iron' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the eighth level in the game,
    Blood and Iron, on the Veteran difficulty.
                               19. Iron Fist (15 Points)
          Destroy all towers and bunkers in 'Blood and Iron'. (Solo or co-op)
    Copy the following link and paste it into your address bar and watch yet
    another YouTube video.
                               20. No Return (30 Points)
              Complete 'Ring of Steel' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the nineth level in the game, Ring
    of Steel, on the Veteran difficulty.
                                21. Ruthless (15 Points)
      Kill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in 'Ring of Steel'. (Solo or co-op)
    At some point in Ring of Steel, you will be given the objective to clear the
    area of fleeing Germans. Walk out of the destroyed wall of the building and
    look to your left. There should be some tanks. Try to get on one, which will
    put you in the turret as the gunner, and kill 15 Germans with it.
                        22. When It Rains, It Pours (30 Points)
               Complete 'Eviction' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the tenth level in the game,
    Eviction, on the Veteran difficulty.
                            23. Shot in the Dark (10 Points)
    Kill 10 enemies while the lights are out in the subway in 'Eviction'. (Solo or
    When you get into the subways in the level Eviction, you should notice that
    the lights will go out for 10 second intervals. If you don't see it, you should
    hear somebody complain something like "I can't fight in the dark!" At this
    point, try to kill as many Germans while the lights are out. The lights will
    go out an infinite amount of times as long as you stay in one place.
    You do NOT have to kill all 10 enemies in a row. That would be really hard.
                             24. One Bad Gato (30 Points)
               Complete 'Black Cats' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the eleventh level in the game,
    Black Cats, on the Veteran difficulty.
                         25. The Sum of All Zeros (15 Points)
                Down 45 Japanese Zeros in 'Black Cats'. (Solo only)
    Copy the following link and paste it into your address bar. You do not need to
    watch the video to learn how to get this Achievement but this baby is pretty
    dang hard to get so you might want to watch the video to get some pointers.
                             26. Lights Out! (10 Points)
    In 'Black Cats', blast out all of the spot lights in the Japanese cargo convoy.
                                     (Solo only)
    At the beginning of the level Black Cats, you will be prompted to put rounds
    into Japanese cargo ships or "merchant" ships. At the front and back of each
    ship is a spot light. Take out all 6 spot lights (two on each ship) to get this
                        27. Blowtorch & Corkscrew (30 Points)
         Complete 'Blowtorch & Corkscrew' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the twelfth level in the game,
    Blowtorch & Corkscrew, on the Veteran difficulty.
                         28. Setting of the Sun (30 Points)
             Complete 'Breaking Point' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the thirteenth level in the game,
    Breaking Point, on the Veteran difficulty.
    You will also get this Achievement at the same time as "The Last Stand"
                            29. Mortar-dom (10 Points)
        Kill 8 Japanese with thrown mortars in 'Breaking Point'. (Solo or co-op)
    About three quarters into the Breaking Point level you will see some mortars
    that look like mini-rockets. Pick 'em up, find a target, and blow his body
    parts off! Repeat this 8 times, and take not that there are several crates with
    thrown mortars all housing an infinite supply of mortars.
                          30. Guardian Angel (10 Points)
       In the final battle for Okinawa, save Sergeant Roebuck. (Solo or co-op)
    You will come to an area where it looks like three Japanese soldiers are
    surrendering. Roebuck will go up to them, be taken by the middle one, and tried
    to be killed. Kill the two to the right and completely ignore hitting Roebuck
    with friendly fire. 
    Too bad you can't save Polonsky ;(. That idiot Kamikaze has a bomb and blows
    himself up to kill Polonsky. But you get your revenge X_X!
                        31. For the Motherland (30 Points)
           Complete 'Heart of the Reich' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the fourteenth level of the game,
    Heart of the Reich, on the Veteran difficulty.
    Your only real obstacle is the 4 flak cannons area. Check the forums or go to
    the GameSpot forums to find some answers.
                         32. Bearing the Burden (30 Points)
               Complete 'Downfall' on Veteran difficulty. (Solo only)
    You will get this Achievement after you beat the fifteenth and final level of
    the game, Downfall, on the Veteran difficulty.
    You will get this Achievement along with several others. They include:
    - War Hero
    - Hardened War Hero (if you beat the game on Veteran)
    - Stabbed in the Heart
                           33. Rough Economy (15 Points)
                 Kill 3 enemies with a single bullet. (Solo or co-op)
    Copy the following link and paste it into your address bar.
                            34. Close Shave (10 Points)
                         Survive a Banzai attack. (Solo only)
    Okay, first off this is similiar to a dog attack on Call of Duty 4 where you
    have to press RS to kill the enemy. However, in this Call of Duty game, it is
    way easier. To purposely get a Banzai attack, wait for the Japanese person to
    yell "Banzai!" then turn your back to them and they should jump on you. If you
    want to make sure not to lose the attack, tap RS.
                        35. Snake in the Grass (15 Points)
     Take out a Japanese soldier while he is lying in wait in the grass. (Solo or
    You should get this some time during the level Little Resistance. If you think
    you see a soldier lying in the grass, shoot him. 'Nough said.
                           36. Grave Robber (15 Points)
                   Collect all Death Cards in the game. (Solo only)
    Below are some links to videos on YouTube showing you where the Death Cards are
    1.  Semper Fi- Eight of Hearts- Thunder
    2.  Little Resistance- Four of Clubs- Hard Headed
    3.  Hard Landing- King of Hearts- Suicide King
    4.  Vendetta- Five of Diamonds- Cold Dead Hands
    5.  Their Land, Their Blood- Joker- Sticks & Stones
    6.  Burn 'em Out- Queen of Hearts- Vampire
    7.  Relentless- Nine of Diamonds- Flak Jacket
    8.  Ring of Steel- Jack of Spades- Body Armor
    9.  Eviction- Ace of Spades- Undead Soldier
    10. Blowtorch & Corkscrew- Ten of Clubs- Painkiller
    11. Breaking Point- Three of Diamonds- Berserker
    12. Heart of the Reich- Six of Clubs- Paintball
    13. Downfall- Two of Spades- Victory
                                 37. Kamikaze (15 Points)
        Complete any level on Regular difficulty or higher using only melee and
                                  grenades. (Solo only)
    Do this on Semper Fi as that is the shortest level (in my opinion). Play on
    the Regular difficulty and only use your knife (melee) and your grenades. When
    you get to the part where there is a tower with a search light, do NOT shoot it
    with a gun! Instead, throw a grenade up in the tower.
                         38. Throw a Six and a Half (15 Points)
    On Hardened or Veteran difficulty, complete a level without dying. (Solo only)
    Play 'Blood and Iron' on Hardened and try to kill enemies from a distance. Use
    the link to the video below for advice.
                              39. Purple Heart (5 Points)
          When staring into the face of adversity, show courage and persevere.
    UPDATED!: You can get this Achievement by dying 10 times at the same
    checkpoint. -Thanks Brian Zimliki!
                               40. War Hero (40 Points)
                    Complete the game on any difficulty. (Solo only)
    Start up CoD World at War -> Single Player -> New Game -> Play the whole entire
    Campaign. You do NOT have to beat Nazi Zombies to get this Achievement. I am
    not even sure there is an end to that game.
                          41. Hardened War Hero (100 Points)
         Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. (Solo or co-op)
    See #40. However, play the game on Veteran or Hardened. The WHOLE Campaign
    (discluding Nazi Zombies).
                        42. Get Your Left Foot Wet (30 Points)
      Complete a match in Campaign Co-Op mode over Xbox LIVE. (Online co-op only)
    Invite come friends to a Cooperative play campaign lobby. Go to match settings
    and make sure that competitive play is disabled. Now play whatever mission you
    desire and voila!
                       43. Get Your Right Foot Wet (30 Points)
    Complete a match in Competitive Co-Op mode over Xbox LIVE. (Online co-op only)
    Same thing as #42 except enable Competitive play.
                             44. Blue Ribbon (25 Points)
        Complete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place over Xbox LIVE.
                               (Online co-op only)
    Invite three other friends to the Cooperative campaign lobby. Turn on
    Competitive play. If your friends are good at this game, have them let you win
    the match.
                               MAP PACK 2 ACHIEVEMENTS
                            45. Soul Survivor (50 Points)
       Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived. (Map Pack 2 only)
    This can be very easy or very hard. If you play with 1-3 friends and they suck,
    it's going to be very hard to get to 15 because they won't always have your
    back. An easy way to do this is to play by yourself. And use the "Shi No Numa"
    strategy located in the "Nazi Zombies Tips" section (found below). That should
    get you to Round 15 easily. The only bad thing is, if you get downed, game
                             46. Hammer Time (10 Points)
              Repair 200 window boards in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)
    Very easy. Play by yourself or with friends and, at the end or during every
    round, repair all the windows. The best and fastest way to get this Achievement
    is to crumple a zombie at the end of each round and fix ALL windows. Then kill
    the crippled zombie, play the round, make a crippled, and so on and so forth.
    If you start doing this at Round 1 by yourself, you should get it at round
    6 or 7.
                    47. Weapon of Minor Destruction (20 Points)
               Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke. (Map Pack 2 only)
    This Achievement doesn't even need a guide. It all depends on whether or not
    a zombie drops the nuke at the beginning or near end of the round. Once you
    kill a zombie and he drops a nuke, save it (hurry! They disappear after 30
    seconds), and use it on the last zombie of the round.
                             48. Big Baller (30 Points)
           Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombie game. (Map Pack 2 only)
    If you play with 4 people and you don't get headshots, this will take until
    Round 70 to get. I recommend playing with a patient friend, and have him let
    you get all the kills (and I mean HEADSHOTS). If it's an Insta-Kill, use your
    knife! You get more points knifing enemies than getting headshots.
                            49. Perk-a-Holic (20 Points)
    Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies. (Map Pack
                                      2 only)
    All four perk machines can be found in the Storage Room, Fishing Hut, Doctor's
    Quarters, and Comm Room. Just save points and get all four. But please note
    if you're playing with friends and a zombie downs you, you lose all your
    current perks.
                             50. Big Baller (30 Points)
     Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires. (Map Pack 2
    Just like the previous Achievement. Do not expect to get this easily on rounds
    1-5. You should get this extremely easy if the first zombie of Round 6 drops
    an Insta-Kill. Just run around and knife EVERY zombie you see. Bleep Bloop!
                            51. It's a Trap! (20 Points)
      Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Map
                                      Pack 2 only)
    Easy as killing zombies with a Flogger. Haha, get it? Oh... Okay. From Round 1,
    save up enough money to get 2 good guns (Trench Gun/Wunderwaffe/MG's/Ray Gun)
    and then save up around 6000 points. At the end of a round, head to the Fishing
    Hut and stay there till the next round starts. Whe it does, turn on electric
    barrier. AS SOON AS it expires, run back to the main building and turn the
    Flogger on as you go by. Now, go to either the Storage Room, Doc's Quarters, or
    Comm Room and turn on the electric barrier on there (I recommend the Comm Room)
    and wait for a zombie to get fried. You should have killed one zombie with 
    the Fish Hut barrier, Flogger, and Comm Room barrier.
    NOTE: The electric barrier does not kill a zombie right away. If the zombie
    walks through the barrier and doesn't die right away, do NOT shoot it! Let the
    electricity slowly kill the zombie's already undead heart.
                          52. Fertilizer Man (30 Points)
                   Kill 200 zombies in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)
    I recommend playing by yourself and using my strategy listed in the "Nazi
    Zombies Tips" guide. If you play with friends they might steal your kills and
    leave you short of 200 kills.
                              53. Deadhead (30 Points)
             Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)
    Do the same thing to get the "Big Baller" Achievement. But this time, you need
    to try and make all your kills headshots. Have your friend get your back or
    tell you when a zombie is coming from behind you. 
    NOTE: If you shoot a zombie's head off and it remains alive (or whatever it is)
    it doesn't count as a headshot. To get a headshot, your bullet has to kill it,
    not the headless-ness.
                               MAP PACK 3 ACHIEVEMENTS
                              54. 40 Knives! (25 Points)
                Kill 40 zombies with the bowie knife. (Map Pack 3 only)
    Do you like the bowie knife? Do you think it's worth the 3000 points to buy
    PlUS the price of opening doors to get to it? (Approximately 3800 points to
    get to it, about 6800 to actually buy it). Well, if you happen to get it by
    Round 5, you're set. It has an instant kill against BOTH dogs AND zombies so
    go crazy. Note that the instant knife kill streak ends around round 12, where
    it starts to becom as worthless as your starting knife.
    HOWEVER, if you're by yourself and you kill at least half the zombies in the
    round with your bowie knife, you should get the Achievement at Round 8 (If you
    start at Round 5).
                        55. Acquire Waffle Weapons! (25 Points)
     Obtain the Ray Gun, DG-2, and Monkey Bomb at the same time. (Map Pack 3 only)
    Two words: PURE LUCK. This Achievement can ONLY be obtained by using the box.
    Oh, and you have to be holding all three. If you get the Ray Gun in the box and
    don't take it, you don't get the Achievement. And you might have to list your-
    self under the "I didn't get the Ray Gun because I'm clearly an idiot and don't
    know about the Pack-a-Punch machine" section.
                            56. Der Electrician (25 Points)
               Link all teleport pads before round 7. (Map Pack 3 only)
    Simple. There are three pads that need to be linked to the main frame (the pad
    where you start and where the Pack-a-Punch machine is). Learning how to do this
    is very simple and you should figure it out very quick. Oh, and just for the
    record, you CAN link them on Round 7 (if you "cripple" a zombie). That's
    what I did.
                         57. Evaluate your Senses! (25 Points)
                        Activate the fly trap. (Map Pack 3 only)
    There is no way I could explain this with words. How about you watch the
    YouTube video below? That should help...
    Credit goes to Achievements4Gamers on YouTube.
                           58. Frequent Flyer! (25 Points)
                     Use the teleporter 8 times. (Map Pack 3 only)
    I'm going to do a solo strategy because with 2, 3, or 4 people it is much
    easier. The strategy was submitted by NinjaZiru but I have added some notes
    which will be indicated by exlamation points (!).
    Play in the mainframe area until you have at least 2700 points. Then go through
    the right doors and buy the Thompson. Remember to focus on headshots with your
    Thompson and fire in bursts. You're in solo, so you need every single bulet you
    can get in case you get bad guns from the box. As soon as you can, go through
    the top of the staircase, jump down, turn on the power, and camp here. Do not
    open the !door near the power switch!. Get two decent automatic guns as fast as
    possible then stop buying from the box unless absolutely necessary. Save up
    until you have 13250 points and make a crawler at the end of that round. Then
    open the !power switch door!, take the teleporter, and repeat as fast as you
    can. !Read the note below!!. You should be able to do it before the zombie
    bleeds out. This is the absolute easiest way to get this achievement if it's
    all you are concerned about.
    !Note!: After using a teleporter three times in the same round, not only do you
    get another powerup (Nuke, Insta-kill, 2x, Max Ammo, or Carpenter) you get a
    full set of dogs to battle. Using it more will gradually unleash more and more
    dogs, also making Penny (the haunting of Der Riese) yell at you. Using the
    teleporter too many times in a round could easily get you killed by the dogs
    overwelming you. 
                              59. Locksmith! (25 Points)
                     Open all doors in the map. (Map Pack 3 only)
    Not really hard, but this one probably requires the most points to do. There
    are a total of about 8 or so doors. Just find and open them and Bleep Bloop!
                             60. Pack Addict! (25 Points)
           Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack-a-Punch Machine. (Map Pack 3 only)
    Probably the one you'll have the most fun getting. I thought it was pretty
    sweet thinking of what a gun would look like when I put it in the machine.
    I would suggest playing with 4 people so you can live longer (To get this, you
    will probably need to survive to Round 20). Just upgrade both your weapons,
    get more points and two new guns, upgrade again, and then buy and upgrade
    another gun. Sound hard?
                      61. Perkaholics Anonymous! (25 Points)
         Survive until round 20 without buying a single perk. (Map Pack 3 only)
    Definitely the hardest new Achievement. You have to survive to round 20 without
    buying PERK. Here are the perks by the way: Double Tap Root Beer, Juggernog,
    Speed Cola, and Revive Soda. The Pack-a-Punch machine is NOT a perk (Thank
    God!). I would suggest playing with four people, have them get perks and to
    get your back. Oh and buying a perk, dying and respawning without perks will
    not get you the Achievement. In simple terms: If you drink the perk, you will
    get no Achievement. Period.
    NOTE: If you don't buy a perk and you get downed then revived, you will still
    get the Achievement! If you don't buy a perk at ALL, you get the Achievement
    no matter what! (Unless you die before round 20)
                        62. The Might of the Monkey! (25 Points)
                         Use the Monkey Bomb. (Map Pack 3 only)
    The easiest new Achievement. When you get to the area with the power switch and
    the first location of the mystery box spend on the crate until you get a Monkey
    Bomb. It's a secondary grenade (like Tabun Gas, Smoke Grenades, and Flares) so
    just hold LB (Xbox360) and throw it. Simple, it is. Make funny noises, the
    monkey does.
                            63. Wacker Packer! (25 Points)
                 Upgrade any weapon in Pack-a-Punch. (Map Pack 3 only)
    I'll explain this one in steps:
    A: Get points.
    B: Link all teleport pads.
    C: Buy ANY gun (Except grenades, betties, and the bowie knife)
    D: Take it to the beginning area.
    E: Stick it in the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
    F: Say goodbye to 5000 points.
    G: Say hello to a sweet weapon and this Achievement.
    NOTE: You have to have 5000 points to upgrade your weapon in the PaP machine,
    whether you have a Wunderwaffe or Colt. 
                                 SECRET ACHIEVEMENTS
                         64. It's All About Prestige (0 Points)
                 You achieved the first level of Presige. Only 9 more to go.
    Get to level 65 and enter your first Prestige level to get this 0 point
                             65. Go Get Some Sun (0 Points)
    Achieve the highest level of Prestige. Time to go outside and find some things
                                        to do.
    Get to the highest level in the game. Congratulations! But that's not all. Now
    you need to go outside, find some friends, and move on with life!
                               66. Dead Air (10 Points)
                           Must have been a wrong number.
    Probably the easiest new Achievement so far. First get enough points to unlock
    the Comm Room, then search the inside of the Comm Room for the radio/phone.
    You know you've found it when a zombie says, through the radio/phone, "I know
    you're sleeeeppppinnngg..."
    				 HELP TOPICS
    			    Shi No Numa Strategy
    I have found this strategy to be very helpful to me when I'm playing by myself.
    In this guide I show you an in-depth way to get to Round 50 and then tell you
    what to do from then on. Using this guide, you could go from Round 15 to Round
    1 million. (But that would take years, no kidding) This strategy is intended
    for one person but can work with four, just not as good.
    NOTE: This strategy was found by o0OMorrisO0o. I do not take credit for finding
    Step 1 - On Round 1, use ONLY your knife. If you find it hard to kill a zombie
             through the window, wait for them to come foward to rip a plank off
             and then knife them. Starting on Round 2, use your pistol. Try and get
             headshots! When you run low, around 5-6 shots, buy the Arisaka. Use it
             during Round 3. On Round 4, it takes two headshots to kill a zombie so
             just get around 3500 points (or unless you possibly can hold them off)
             then open the gate (not the stairs!) and head downstairs.
    Step 2 - First thing, buy Bouncing Betties (1000 points). You should have
    	 around 1500-2000 points. Use all of them on the random box. If you do
             the box twice and you don't get an automatic gun, by the Thompson.
             Now, prepare for the dog Round. It is ALWAYS Round 5, 6, or 7. A good
             place to camp, for now, is the area where the Storage Room gate and
             Trench Gun are. Go here during every Round and lay your Betties
             where the floor has collapsed (on the ground, not above your head).
    Step 3 - During Round 8, cripple a zombie and head to the Doctor's Quarters.
             Now, only get the perk if it's Juggernog or Speed Cola. Once you get
             it, run back to the main building. If you have around 5500 points
             left, go to the Fishing Hut and try your luck for another perk. If it
             is Double Tap Root Beer you can go ahead and get it. If it's Quick
             Revive, ONLY get it if you want the "Perk-a-holic" Achievement.
    Step 4 - After heading back to your camping spot and getting to Round 10 or so,
             do the Random Box until you get a Wunderwaffe or Ray Gun. (Should only
             take about 2-3 tries if you don't get the Teddy Bear) Now is the fun
             yet long part.
    Step 5 - If you have enough points, open up the Comm Room gate. Now, you should
             see a wood path in front of you. Behind it should be some bushes. Run
             down the path and, if you do this properly, you should run in a circle
             except for when the wood path ends and there's some water. Just run
             back on the path. Anyways, run around this (Juggernog is VERY helpful)
             and let the zombies of that round pile up into a big group behind you.
             When they stop appearing (You know this when they stop spawning in
             front of you) shoot them with your Wunderwaffe. It has a max kill of
             ten enemies.
    Step 6 - When the dog round comes (You should know now), run to the Trench Gun
             spot and lay Betties. Just fight it off (By the way, your two weapons
             should be the Trench Gun and Wunderwaffe).
    Step 7 - Just keep repeating the entire thing. When the dog round ends (A dog
             drops a max ammo) run back outside to the Comm Room swamp. If you are
             persistent and don't slack, you should get to high rounds. 
    Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbLo9JQl9YA
                                    Der Riese Strategy
    The following strategy should not be leaned on too much and neither should any
    strategy you use. It is a really good one but it should help you develop your
    own strategy to get to high rounds. The strategy was submitted by NinjaZiru.
    Step 1 - (Rounds 1-4): Stay in the main area. Make sure to kill with your
             knife, obviously. Go to the next step whenever you are out of ammo.
             Each player needs at least 2000 points.
    Step 2 - Open the door on the right side (not the side with the Gewehr), the
             door after it, and unlock the top of the staircase. Either buy the
             Thompson in the huge room after the door or skip directly to the
             Mystery Box. Getting the Thompson is less of a risk and more
             recommended. Turn the power on and camp here.
    Step 3 - (Rounds 5 to 8-10): Make a crawler at the end of one of these rounds
             and buy any perks you want (if you aren't going for the achievement.)
             two doors directly left of the mainframe for 750 points each.) Do not
             bother opening up the doors to the teleporters yet unless you are
             really rolling in points. Make your way through the area to in-between
             the two doors that I told you not to open. One person guards the
             window while the others take the long hallway area. It is recommended
             to stay just behind or at the first window on your left while facing
             the hallway. 
    Step 4 - After gaining enough points, go open up all the doors except the doors
             around your camping spot and link the teleporters. An upgraded ray gun
             is your weapon at this point along with an automatic. I find the MP40,
             Thompson, The Afterburner (upgraded MP40), 1001 Samurais (upgraded
             Type 100), and the Gib-o-Matic (upgraded Thompson) are your best
             secondary guns, unless you have Speed Cola. Then an MG-42 (upgraded
             preferrably) is also good. The Browning is surprisingly weak, even
             when upgraded, in my opinion. The person at the window should be
             trying to hold one zombie so that everyone else can do what they
             please with their points. You can switch out the window watch so
             he/she can also use their points. Crawlers are less effective,
             because they are somewhat hazardous and you might accidentally kill
             them or they can bleed out. 
    Step 5 - (Round 15 and on): You will want to have a few or everyone have
             bouncing betties. Place them around the window watcher. Dogs will soon
             be spawning with normal zombie rounds and he/she may be unprotected at
             times. Betties will commonly save him/her and even you. For dog rounds
             everyone huddles around in the window area near the side farthest from
             the mainframe. These rounds should not be too much of a problem if you
             have good weapons. By the time dogs are spawning in normal zombie
             rounds, you will most certainly need monkey bombs in cases of
             emergency. This is the basic strategy. Continue on like this. By round
             25, the upgraded ray gun is about the only weapon I've found that can
             really last most of the round if you are guarding the hall. Use
             a teleporter if you need a max ammo and have extra money, but just
             replace spare guns with an MP40 or Type 100 off the wall and upgrade
             them for your secondary weapon, unless you want to place your hands
             in luck. 
    .d88b                                                                888b. 8888 
    8P    .d8b.           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          8   8 8ww. 
    8b    8' .8                       D._C0NCLU5I0N                      8   8   `8 
    `Y88P `Y8P'           +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++          888P' Y88P
    Well I had a fun time getting all but the two Secret Achievements in this game,
    as I am not even caring about those. All I have to say to you hardcore gamers
    out there, if you get both Secret Achievements within a month you read this,
    get a life. Not to be mean but getting to level 10 Prestige in this game is
    not a cakewalk (if you ACTUALLY have a life). And why even try to get them?
    They are both worth 0 points!
                                  CREDITS & COMMENTS
    GamesRadar - You guys rock out loud. 'Nuff said.
    ASCIIGen.  - Thanks for the banner art. I'll be using your generator as long as
                 I made Achievement guides. Trust me.
    GameFAQs   - You guys have a rockin' community. You are awesome for that.
    Xbox360A.  - You guys have very good Achievement Guides (besides mine, of
                 course). I go to your site EVERY day.
                               Copyright Hunter Webb 2008

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