Guns and hideout for zombies?

  1. What are the best guns to purchase during zombies and where's the best place to fend them off specifically for just two people.

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    darbarbinks - 9 years ago

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  1. The Ray Gun is the only weapon after level 17.

    Everything off the walls becomes obsolete by around level 15 or so. The MG42 and the Browning MG are both decent, with the MG42 being better due to a shorter reload time. Unfortunately, all 3 of these weapons are dropped from the random chest.

    With 2 people, I'd unlock the "Help" door as soon as possible, and spam the random weapon chest until you both get a Raygun and an MG42. once you both have rayguns, remove the couch on the stairs toward the back of the house, and you can hold them off pretty well near where the grenades are on the wall. It's fairly easy to defend, with only a window and a door to block. The stairs leading to the front room might open up by itself eventually, but I'm not positive on that, someone I was playing with might have opened it without realizing they did.

    The MG42 is for when you get an instant kill powerup, mostly to conserve ammo for the raygun, since you only get 180 shots for it, and have to rely on max-ammo powerups to replenish the ammo for it.

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  1. well this is not really a question but my anwser would be "what gun are you best at?" Also a good place to stay is the bottom floor which I say is best because you could look around for any attack.

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  2. I am personally a fan of the ray gun, one shot kill all the time. you have to be lucky to get it out of the mystery box. other gun would be a light machine gun with a large clip that you empty before you switch. the spot that I have been using with only one other person along side me is first opening the hell room and then going up the stairs. from there you can just watch the one window in the main room and also the doorway that they will now funnel through. with two people we have made it to level 13 on our first try with this tactic and one ray gun between the two of us. this tactic requires a bit of luck with the weapons but if you get it then you are set. give it a try

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  3. I say best is to get the Raygun, and the trench/double shotgun, and hide up stairs near the rounded stairs. There are only two ways to you, and those weapons you have will help a lot.

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    buy carbine, stay in first room till halfway through level 4-5
    when ready to open HELL door, have the other person open the stairs in the first room too. DON'T OPEN THE STAIRS IN THE HELL ROOM

    in the hell room, there are now 4 entrances that zombies can come in.
    1 player watches/repairs the hole in the wall and the door
    2 player watches/repairs windows, helps with door
    keep spamming mystery chest till you get rayguns, and mg42/flamethrower


    remember: if at least 1 part of the entrance is covered by a piece of board/rock, you can hold rebuild in front of it, and repair it while simultaneously turning around and shooting.
    this prevents zombies entering or hurting from behind you

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  5. What I do is:

    At the beginning by the kar98k (It's cheap). Use your pistol until it is out of ammo then start using your Kar. When one person has 1,000 buy the help door and whenever you get 950 use the chest. Each person should have a (Raygun)/(MG/Flamethrower).

    Hopefully you can get ray guns before round 12 or 13. At level 12 or 13 you buy the stairs inside the help room and stay upstairs in the room next to the 1st set of stairs (The place where you buy grenades). There is only 2 ways in that room if you keep the chair on those stairs (the window and the door)

    Since they don't come threw the window much just cover the door and every now and again look at the window and cap a zombie and do a quick repair.

    (Started with 4, but he dropped at level 11).

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  6. A good general strategy is to defend the main room you start in for about 3-4 waves. Remove the couch on the stairs and go up, and switch your worst gun for the sawn off shotgun (it will save you for a couple waves, but don't hold onto it very long).

    As soon as you have 1000 points, remove the other couch on the staircase and go down into the random box room. If you have 2 people have one watch the room downstairs and the other make sure no zombies make in down the staircase. Whatever you do, DO NOT open up the door connecting the random box room and the main room! It just gives the zombies another entrance to attack and you'll probably be overwhelmed.

    Keeping buying out of the box at any chance you get so that you have a chance at obtaining an MG42, the Browning, or the Raygun. After about wave 16, surviving without the raygun with 2 people because nigh impossible. If you cannot seem to get anything good out of the box, just remember the Thompson in the back of the room or the BAR as a temporary replacement.

    I hope that his helps anybody reading this. I've made it to wave 18 with 2 people and wave 12 alone with this strategy. Good luck and have fun.

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  7. My strategy: For 2 people, each of you get 600 points and buy the M1A1 Carbine, don't bother getting the Kar98k, now this can be done in seconds if you get a head shot, after getting the M1A1 Carbine stay in the first room until each of you have around 2,000 points. Or more if you don't feel comfortable, have one of you move the debris to go upstairs, then have the other move the debris to go DOWN the OTHER stairs, once down there each of you open the mystery box one time, hopefully you'll get a good gun, if not just continue opening the mystery box until you have guns you like, my favorite combo = Deployable MG42 + Ray Gun (Of course :P ) Both of you just STAY BY THE MYSTERY BOX. The only time you should move is if the zombies are overwhelming you, like you can hardly move, then you should try to get out of there (Remember always have an escape path).

    For 3 or more people: Do the same as the strategy for 2 people, except when you all have 2,000 points or more, one of you open the door that says, "Hel..." with the unfinished "P" then someone else move the debris IN THE ROOM WITH THE MYSTERY BOX, to go upstairs, each of you get the mystery box, and someone will get to do it twice (this should be the worst player because he will need more help) now 1 of you go in the room with the stairs that have debris on it, as soon as you enter the room take a right and hide in that corner making sure to ATTEMPT to kill everything that gets through the door.
    The next player needs to be in the room with the un-moved debris and hide in the very back corner next to the sandbags/railing of the stairs, don't really know how to explain it but I think you know what I'm talking about, and the final person should be the best player, and he should just be constantly moving around the room so that the zombies won't attack the stationary players AS MUCH, he will be used as a distraction sort of and if he gets knocked down DO NOT TRY TO REVIVE HIM just wait until the next round, now if you have 4 people you can use the 4th person anyway you want him, as backup, just hiding somewhere and if you need help you can call for him, you can use him as a second distraction but do NOT leave the upstairs room with the un-moved debris or it is just more dangerous

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