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"A hit and miss title"

With the success of Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare, Many of us were skeptical as to whether or not Call Of Duty: World At War would live up to the expectations and hype of its predecessor, In some ways it has and in some ways it hasn't.

Any WWII buff is going to appreciate the campaign, with great openings to each mission, and the intriguing way it sucks you into the story, you really do sometimes feel at war. Some of the characters are reminiscent of COD4 characters, SGT.Reznov being one of them, for me he reminded me a lot of Cpt. MacMillian. Never really once did the campaign get boring or lose any finesse, for me this is the best campaign I've played in a very long time as far as FPS go.

Pretty much the same layout as COD4, if you played that game then the controls for this game are going to be cake. The only difference about this game is that players will notice that the aim assist isn't as helpful as it was in COD4 and you need to rely much more on your own reflexes and steady hand to aim rather then the game aiming for you. All in all the controls are pretty flawless.

Single Player:9/10
Like I mentioned earlier the campaign was amazing, it was much darker this time around, better story, extremely fun missions, and now body parts blow off...I mean honestly that right there is fun to witness over and over again. And not only that, After you beat the game there is an unlock able mode which allows you to fight waves and wave of Nazi Zombies, It was kind of like the idea in COD4 with the Mile High Club an extra mission for completing the game, only this time this mode turns COD:WaW into a first person survival horror and it actually worked out pretty well, its extremely fun to do alone, but even more fun to play with 3 other people. For me the campaign and single player was almost flawless, despite a few little hic-ups during playing, such as getting stuck on nothing which probably happened 2-3 times while going through campaign, and the AI for the enemies is just insane sometimes, When you play on Veteran they are just headshot kings, and not only that the spammed grenades is just obnoxious, they just fall out of the sky. But that's kind of the point of veteran, to withstand the toughest of ordeals.

Multi Player:5/10
Here's where the game took a dive for me, being one who played the beta, treyarch had A LOT of work to do before the game was released. And some of it was fixed while other problems still exist. A few prime examples would be hit detection although better then it was in the beta, I still have instances when I run up behind someone with a shotgun shoot, and by some act of god they don't die, it hits them, but it registers as a leg shot instead of a chest or head shot. Same with a lot of the guns, sometimes your bullets just sail through people, which makes for a frustrating experience. Another problem would have to be the weapon balance...there isn't any, the SMG's are basically the best thing to use, they over power rifles, BA Rifles, hell even shotguns most of the time at close range. Even at a distance they are still overpowered. Pretty much everyone online just runs around with smg's because there isn't any point in using anything else until you unlock the Stg-44 which is by far the cheapest gun in the game. Also the spawns...the spawns were clearly not addressed as you still get spawn killed far to often, sometimes with your back to the enemy, there really isn't any excuse for the that, It makes the online play almost unplayable. But I am trying to stay optimistic in the hope that sometime in the near future Treyarch will patch up these problems, because if they do, this will be one hell of an online game.

Whether or not you found this review helpful, I hope some of it soaked in while being an amazing single player experience, the Multi-player still has some work to be done, and only time will tell if this game will have the same following that COD4 had. But that about wraps it up, happy zombie killing!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/17/08

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (US, 11/10/08)

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