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"World War 2 has ended, has Call of Duty?"

I told myself before playing online I would go through and accomplish every single stage on Veteran and unlock every achievement. This proved to be harder than expected, and so while I still have a couple more achievements to accomplish, I think beating every stage but one on Veteran merits some experience. I also have reached level 30 online, and I like to have some experience before writing a review for everyone who would read my review.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are great. You can zoom in through the scope of your bolt action rifle and see a clear expression and detail on your enemies face. It brings a certain feeling of being apart of the war. Everything is so rich in color and feeling, and to all the fans who enjoy the blood content, there is even severed limbs flying. That's right, hit an enemy with a grenade and be prepared to see a limb fly off, literally fly off. There is no shortage on the graphics here in any way possible. Whether you examine the water, sky, guns, characteristics, etc. Everything is absolutely perfect. Possibly the only better it could get is being in the war yourself.

Sound: 10/10

Another absolutely amazing accomplishment. Everything from explosions, knife implants, gun shots, screams, is absolutely astonishing. Even if you examine an NPC talking, the wording goes together perfectly. There is not a single bad thing you could say about the sound quality in this game. My advice, invest into a surround sound system like I did, it scares you half to death playing and hearing "BONZAI!" as an attacking solider attempts to strike you from behind. Truly remarkable and again this deserves a perfect score, do not change a thing.

Game play: 9/10

For some of you, this may be the most important aspect of the review. I will do my best to illustrate. First let me point out however, it lacks a perfect score not from single player, but from online, which I will refer to in a moment. First, single player.

Single Player: Let me just say this, if you get angered easily at video games, do not even attempt to play on Veteran. You'll thank me when you avoid shelling out another sixty dollars for a new controller. It is intense on some stages in this game. Some stages you may wonder why it is so easy, others you find yourself in a rage beyond description. Overall, you will be put to your limits. Without giving too much away, you may find yourself shot from an aerial opponent in the tree, or a nicely blended in solider in the grass. Perhaps that does not concern you, well these soldiers of war do not lack on grenade accuracy or spare you the torment of excessive machine guns. They even go as far as placing you in a ditch so to speak and send waves of enemies from the ground, trees, and above the trench.

Overall, you will find your hands full when trying to complete this game. In the end however, it is worth it. You will like you truly accomplished at war in the end, and that is a rare find in games, to feel relief not out of boredom, but that you made it that far. Personally at the end I was wanting more. I felt so relieved to be finished, yet had the feeling, or more so craving for more stages. If you are no stranger to the game, I would recommend starting on Hardened, if not Veteran for you true skill gamers. It may be frustrating but what a feeling it is to succeed, and might I add that flamethrowers are very fun to use?

Multiplayer: If you are more of a co-op person or just online in general, you will find near perfection. There is hardly lag whatsoever and after playing sixteen hours myself all together online, only for an hour total has it lagged, and more so due to my connection than someone else's. First I will start with Zombie mode. Truly there is not horribly much to say about this mode as it is elegant in its simplicity. Yet, find yourself on a bad team or make a mistake, you find yourself disappointed with the mode. Basically you are looking at endless hordes of flesh craving zombies. Looks like all that killing you did came back to haunt you? Myself personally love this mode. An entire mode devoted with friends or strangers alike to killing endless hordes of zombies. I mean, how could you not have fun? Don't confuse fun with easy though. Zombie mode starts off easy, but gets!

The other and more attracted version of online is the gaining perks and weapons on various modes of game play. You'll find Team Deathmatch and Headquarters often played. However this is where it keeps it from getting a perfect score. The spawn points are horrendous. While not game breaking, they can become a tedious factor. Imagine getting shot and dying, coming back and dying almost instantaneously. That can be quite bothersome when you are playing. Online definitely needed some more fine tuning before completed.

Also, some of the weapons are unbalanced. I find myself getting nearly thirty kills with an MP40 over someone with a weapon at least fifteen levels higher. While good for me, I do not like to be what others call, "cheap" and take the fun out of the game. If a patch were released to determine the power of weapons a little better, gameplay would be a perfect thing. Tanks are another thing also. No, I am not saying they are overpowered, just hear me out. With teamwork, a tank can be eliminated quite easily, almost too easily. However more so than not, your team will run off like chickens without their heads, just ignoring the so called "invincible tank." Is it possible to eliminate a tank yourself? Yes it is. The only problem is you usually see death once or twice before doing so. The tanks re-spawning too should be taken out. Tanks are great, but when they can be spammed over and over, it sometimes can get rather annoying.

Besides those minor things, again which are not game breaking, online is massive fun. I find myself playing countless hours and promising myself, "Just one more!" Play online and you will understand the addiction. Just remember, it is a game so please keep the language down and act like an adult instead of acting like you are the king of virtual reality. Have fun and relax, that is the purpose of games.

Overall: What keeps it from being a perfect game is far from destroying it. In fact, myself not being a super huge history buff, this game was a lot of fun. Since the downfall of Call of Duty: 3 left me disappointed, I was hesitant on this game but in the end, definitely the right choice. If you are still questioning about getting it, just ask yourself, "Does the history appeal to me or not?" If you truly hate older history games, I would say rent this game. If you enjoy Call of Duty or enjoy the history experience, buy it, you will not regret it. With Modern Warfare 2 being released next year, I can assure you I will be playing this all year. Best first person shooter available at the moment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/08/08

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (US, 11/10/08)

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