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"A watered down version of Call of Duty 4."

Being that Call of Duty 4 was my previous game, my opinion of World at War is slightly different. The former, being the far superior game, and the latter, being a more watered down, but still a fun game. Nevertheless, Call of Duty: World at War is a decent FPS game set in World War II. It'll last you atleast two weeks or more, but, if you have friends, the game is way more fun. So I suggest you have some friends to play with you online, or you won't have as much fun with random people.

Story [?/10]
The story depicts the two sides, Russia, and the USA marines, going up against their enemies. The enemies are, the Nazi and the Japanese, in which you violently fight in campaign mode. You'll see some of the horrors of war throughout the story, and the stuff you'd see if you were in World War II. There's really nothing much more to say, other than that your a soldier in each side, and go along the missions.

Gameplay [8/10]
First, I'll cover the single player elements. As you go through the story mode, you'll find out that you need to use every bit of cover as possible, and not rush. Whether throwing grenades to scare the enemy, or throwing molotov cocktails to burn them, you'll need to use every weapon you find to it's fullest ability. There are four difficulty modes to the story, and I'd recommend to go normal if you want the best experience, and then veteran(hardest), for the achievements. Anyways, the game isn't that hard, or too easy. The difficulty is just right for you to have fun, and to tell you that the enemy A.I is actually trying to kill you instead of just standing there. There are useful commands you can do to save yourself, such as proning, and sprinting to go to the nearest cover. It's really Call of Duty 4, but World War II style, and less cooler weapons. For my opinion, I'd have to say that the gameplay is fun as Call of Duty 4, but a little worse. The most frustration I had was that your allies would tend to steal your cover, or block your movements when there's a nade near you. I've also had a time when an ally threw a nade at me in a tunnel, killing me. That's probably one of the few reasons I didn't like the campaign in veteran. There are variety of missions for you to enjoy in Campaign mode, and it'll last you quite awhile if you take your time, and not rush.

Lastly, the Multiplayer elements, which I had a few problems with. It's pretty much the same as what I described in the single player section, but with an added flavor to it. Most importantly, you have real humans as your teammates, instead of scripted A.I's. Sometimes, your teammates aren't as good as the A.Is, but, some also use brilliant tactics, such as one sniper atop of a water tank telling the others across the field that an enemy tank is coming. This is why I love the multiplayer. There are a lot of modes to play, such as Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, and many more. One problem I had with the multiplayer was the spawning system, which was pretty bad. What I mean is, that in certain modes such as Headquarters, the other side can spawn right by you and kill you from behind. The spawning system isn't that bad, but it sure is a mess. I also forgot to mention about Perks, which are special abilities you can use. These can include Juggernaut(More health), Overkill(Wield two primary weapons), and many more to ease your matches. Now, as for the weapons, they each have their own stats, but some outclass the others. Not all weapons are useless, but if you want to improve your KDR, you'd need to use the best ones, which have slightly unbalanced stats. Eh, that's all I can say about the weapons, but let's discuss about the maps. The maps are pretty well done, and they all have strategic points you need to use to destroy the other enemy. You have the occasional two story snipe building, and tall weeds you can use for undetection. Finally, the kill streaks. The kill streak bonuses are back and brutal. When you reach a three streak, you get a recon plane which picks out the enemy locations. Five streak nets you an artillery strike, where you pinpoint the location for the strike. Seven streak nets you the attack dog command, where you summon dogs to attack your enemies. There are some problems with the dogs when your against them. For example, when you run away from them, and one attacks you from behind, they pull your weight back and kill you after the second attack. Another problem is that you die from two hits from the dog. Now that's a bit overpowered, wouldn't you say?

Overall, the gameplay is really fun, but you may get bored with this game after a while. (Like me.)

Bonus -
There's a zombie mode you can unlock, as soon as you finish the campaign mode. Whether you want to test yourself how long you can survive, or play online with your friends, it's up to you. I thought that the zombie mode was a neat easter egg, and I think it should have some downloadable content just for it.

Graphics [8/10]
I know, an 8? Well, it's not as impressive as you think it is. Even though it doesn't compare to the steroid graphics of Gears of War, or Fallout 3. But it's still good no matter what you say. The character models were well done, and they captured the look of Japanese soldiers, and the look of well trained USA marine soldiers. The environment captures the World War II feeling, and pulls you through to it's own world. Treyarch did an impressive job with the environments, which goes from a battle across a large airfield, a vast jungle in the night, or through the capital of Berlin. Overall, Treyarch did a great job with the graphics, and they captured the battles of World War II pretty well.

Sound/Music [8/10]
I thought Treyarch did another fantastic job with this section. For the sound, you can hear the vicious sound of a sniper rifle, raining bullets from a browning, or to the sounds of a shotgun. The voice overs were superb, and each soldier talked as if they were in a situation in World War II. The music was also well done, and each mission had the right tone of music to fit them. In conclusion, this section was good.

Final World -
If your looking for an awesome campaign mode, and a short, but lasting multiplayer, then look no further! It's not as epic as it sounds from some other people, but this game is the epitome of 7.

I know that this review should be an 8, but the 7's description/ (Good - a few problems, but worth the time to play), describes this game perfectly. So overall, this game is a 7.6/10 for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/20/09

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (US, 11/10/08)

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