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"Reliving WWII, again."


Call of Duty: World at War, is a great game. I personally loved it. However, not many people enjoyed it merely because COD4 was just so much better. I feel sorry for those people. They're really missing out on some great stuff.

Campaign: 9/10

I loved the campaign. I've played a lot of World War 2 games, but this one has a lot more features to it. You switch off playing as either a U.S. Marine fighting the Imperial Army, or a Red Army soldier fighting against the Nazi Empire. In many other video games, this idea of switching from two different people makes the story hard to follow, but Treyarch did a great job telling two stories at once. Sure, COD4 did a better job at it, but that was because the two players had a more "linked" story, with Zakhaev and Al-Asad being a group and all. The battles are intense, from an invasion of Pelieu, to supporting your fellow Red Army comrades with a sniper rifle, to getting in one of WWII's best planes, the PBY Catalina. The campaign was engaging and fun to play.

Multiplayer: 5/10

The Multiplayer really dissappointed many people. I think even Treyarch new it wasn't going to be very fun. They tried to implement some of COD4's multiplayer physics into theirs, such as the "Create a Class" option, but it just didn't work out the way they wanted it to. I found myself constantly spawning into an ambush, getting lost in a map, and more. It's an O.K. multiplayer, but it really doesn't live up to today's standards.

Bonus Mode: Nazi Zombies: 9.9/10

Nazi zombies alone is really a good enough reason to buy this game. This makes up for the failed multiplayer, and even some of the flaws in the campaign. What originally started as a last minute add-on became the only reason anyone even plays World at War anymore. Nazi zombies is unlocked after beating the campaign on any difficulty, and you start out with one map: Nacht der Untoten. However, you can buy new maps via DLC. The idea of Nazi zombies is you and up to three other friends have to defend against increasingly difficult waves of zombies, and you accumulate points over time to buy weapons, perks, upgrades, and other stuff. The cool thing about Nazi zombies is that it's never ending, so you can see how far you can survive. One of the other twists that makes the game fun is the Mystery box, where you invest 950 points and get a random weapon. You can end up with the best weapon in the game, or just end up with a spare pistol. Another thing is that you and your friends can come up with a tactic, see how far it gets you, and then come up with a new one and see how that works. This game mode almost never gets tiring, and the only problem I have with it is dying, round 1, and the dumbass little kids that play it and pretty much get you killed. But, those flaws are small and only get 0.1 points off of an overall awesome game mode.

Graphics: 9/10

Some of the best graphics of its time. The explosion effects are great, the weapon models are outstanding, and it has some of the best environments I've seen in a WWII game. As for Nazi Zombies, the zombies look pretty scary, the new weapons such as the ray gun and wunderwaffe are good-looking, and the environments provide an eerie feel to the game, Nacht der Untoten being a great example.

Sound: 9/10

The sound is great. The guns firing, the explosions in the distance, even how the soldiers communicate is great. I really felt like I had my boots on the ground this time. As for zombies, the sound is just as good, if not better. The zombie screams are nothing short of awesome, the teleporters sound sweet, and the Waffle Weapons (Ray gun, Wunderwaffe, Monkey Bomb) have awesome sounds to it. Great job.

Controls: 9/10

Same as the controls in COD4. No more needs to be said.

Final Score: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/06/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (US, 11/10/08)

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