Do the Guitar Hero: World Tour Drums work well on rock Band 2?

  1. I have had this question festering around inside my head for many months now, I have finally decided to seek out the answer. I realize that the Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit is compatible with RockBand and RockBand 2. I own Rockband 2, and would like to play the Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit on it, but im not so sure of how well the cymbal/tom arrangement would work with RB2. I really want a drum kit with cymbals, but i dont want to pay $130 on a RB2 kit. Also, I would like to experience the large array of songs that Guitar Hero: World Tour has to offer. Anyone who has tried to use the Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit on RB2, please give your opion.

    User Info: D0rmin

    D0rmin - 8 years ago


  1. The GH:WT kit works on RB2 pretty well. The colors of the pads match the colors on the screen, and the pedal works perfectly. Velocity sensitivity in RB2 does not work with the GH:WT kit. The orange cymbal is nonfunctional in the 360 version of RB2, but it causes a blue hit if you're on the Wii.

    User Info: MikeS_r

    MikeS_r - 8 years ago 0 0

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