How do you get all endings?

  1. In the instruction booklet, it says that there are three different endings, but I didn't see any signs of a story branch anywhere. Does the ending depend on the company you choose in the start, because it doesn't let you choose again when you start over. Or, is it like Nexus where you have to succeed and fail on certain missions to open up different story paths?

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Accepted Answer

  1. The way to unlock multiple endings is as follows:

    League Ending - Easiest ending to get. Usually, playing through the single-player campaign for the first time will net you this one. It ends with the mission "Defend Arteria Cranium," in which you take on Thermidor and Shinkai in the Cranium with the help of Wynn D. Fanchon. You will get this ending if you do not fulfill ALL of the requirements to get either of the other two story paths.

    ORCA Ending - This is the most difficult ending to get. This requires several special missions to be unlocked, and the means are not all that apparent. This ends with the mission "Attack Arteria Cranium," in which you take on Wynn D. Fanchon and Roy Saaland in the Cranium with no support. In order to get this ending, you must complete the mission "Rescue GA Transport" and two more missions in Chapter 2 to unlock the mission "Defend Megalis," commissioned by Line Ark. Complete this mission, and when you reach the point where you would normally be forced to take the mission "Defeat White Glint," a new mission will be available: "Defend Line Ark," in which you take Line Ark's side and go into battle against Otsdarva and CUBE with White Glint at your side. If you have done all of the above, a new mission will be available in Chapter 3: "Destroy Arteria Ulna," a request by ORCA to destroy the power units at an Arteria facility. If you complete this task, you will have officially been accepted into ORCA. Now, when the end of the chapter comes, you will be given another special mission: "Attack Arteria Carpals," in which you will face the Carpals defensive emplacements and, later, Gerald Gendlin. Once this mission is complete, you are officially on the ORCA path. This path branches: If you want the pure ORCA ending, do NOT choose the mission "Destroy Cradle 03." Follow the other missions to the conclusion.*

    Old King's Ending - This is along the ORCA path, but it is much more difficult. The end of this path has you in a mission entitled "Occupy Arteria Carpals," which is actually a trap; in a collaborative effort, the League and ORCA team up to defeat you, pitting you against four top NEXT pilots: Thermidor, Wynn D. Fanchon, Roadie, and another that I haven't identified yet, with only Old King as your support. In order to unlock this path, follow the steps to get the pure ORCA ending until you get to Chapter 4, then complete the mission "Destroy Cradle 03," commissioned by Old King. The following mission will be "Occupy Arteria Carpals."

    *NOTE: Some missions listed may not be necessary in order to unlock the ORCA path. (Even so, it's worth your time to complete them if you unlock them.)

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Other Answers

  1. Basically, you need to do a run through as The League, then you open up missions that are for the Orca line. Ending 2 is "attack on arteria carpals", and ending 3 is after you win "occupation of arteria carpals." Ending one is "Defend arteria carpals"

    And just to clarify, the ending 3 mission is hard. What i did was get a medium GA-NSS mech with the Torus generator and the interior union heavy thrusters. These will use almost no boost and it regenerates fast. Then you put twin railguns on the back and (i like) assault rifles on the hands, then you need to lure them to the other side of the wall from where Old King is, and just let them have it. It is a good idea to have those vertical flares on for when you fight Roaie, cause his arms do enough damage by themselves. Just keep your distance and watch that you dont pull more than one at once. The light mechs are easy with this method, and the extra power helps a lot with boosting around roadies assault.

    Basically, if you dont see the Orca guys chatting before the beginning of chapter 2 or 3 after you defeat cabrecan. not motherwill.

    hope this helps lol.

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    There's a Mission Tree.

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