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"Fast paced and intense DBZ fighter for the latest generation of consoles"

So here we are, the first DBZ fighting game for the next gen consoles. Made by Dimps, the guys who brought you the original Budokai series(not Tenkaichi, Spike made that one). Appearing on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. But just because its next gen doesnt mean its better. Does Burst Limit live up to expectations or does it fall short of the legacy of the Budokai games that preceded it.


WOAH. That's all you really need to say but I should explain for the sake of a review. The graphics are amazing. All of the detail is there the clothes look realistic. The characters look like they came straight from the show. Without a doubt the best looking DBZ game currently on the market. The animations however are a bit on the disappointing side. I'm not saying the animations are bad but your going to see the same ones a lot. It's bearable but I think they could have added some more animations

Graphics 9/10 (would have been a 10 but the animations repeated too much)


Although fighting games usually aren't known for their stories It's always nice to replay the epic battles of the storyline with cut scenes and a dynamic presentation. Did Burst Limit succeed in this endeavor? Well yes and no. First of all the Buu saga is missing in this game. So none of the new characters and transformations are present in the game. Which is somewhat disappointing. Having a next gen DBZ game and not even including the entire story.

The next issue with the story is that it jumps around a lot. If you are new to DBZ you will have NO IDEA what is going on. Some battles just feel like they are thrown in there while other battles get a huge cut scene and an epic presentation. For example the final between Goku and Freiza is absolutely amazing and the cut scenes that go along with the fight are spot on in delivering the feel of the show. However this fight is one of the few exceptions. Most battles don't have this and many key parts of the plot are missing.

Also the campaign is short and can be easily finished in one sitting. Including the what if sections. Its short and sweet I suppose you could say. Drama pieces also do a good job of playing out key parts of the battles. Characters getting angry during major battles and missed attacks that were a major part of the battle in the show. I'll talk more about Drama pieces in the gameplay section.



The game features all of the original voice actors from the TV show. So no complaints there. All of the dialog is presented decently. Aside from the main theme the soundtrack isn't really memorable. Its there but it you wont be listening to it in your ipod. You can also switch to the original Japaneses voices if you prefer.



Ah yes the gameplay. The reason you should by games, is it fun to play? Luckily I think this is one of Burst Limit's strong points. The game follows the Budokai format. This game is NOTHING like tenkaichi. If you have played the original Budokai the way it plays will feel familiar with quite a few new tricks.

Another interesting thing is that your two standard super move don't use any energy. However your ultimate attack uses ALL of your energy and since there is no energy charging you have to wait and land blows on your opponent to speed up the energy regeneration. Ultimate guard uses your energy but it can block ANY attack. Even the ultimate ones. There are other tricks to but these are the some of the major ones

One new feature is the Drama Pieces. Before a Vs. Battle you will be asked to chose a partner and a few drama pieces. In story mode they are chosen for you and correspond to the plot of the battle. They will be gradually unlocked as you play through the campaign mode. They are sort of like bonuses that are activated automatically during combat. For example if your opponent has caught you in a long combo one of your drama pieces might activate and a cut scene will activate and your opponent will be launched away from you and take some damage. Drama pieces have a lot of different effects and can range from Stat boosts to blocking super attacks. They are also used in story mode to highlight key parts of the show. This does a great job of making you feel like your actually playing out the show as I described earlier. There is also your standard survival mode, time attack mode and a duel mode. Pretty self explanatory.



Ah yes another major selling point of the game. online play. Both versions have it and its actually pretty good. If your playing against someone in your own country then as long as you both have decent connections the online will run perfect. However if you play against people in other countries expect a bit of choppiness. Another problem is with ranked online play. Your rank is measured by your power level and it goes up or down depending on severely you win or lose. For example if you win both rounds consecutively of a two round match you will gain more points then if you had let you had lost once to your opponent but still won best two out of three. This system works fine except for one glaring flaw. There is NO penalty for quitting in the middle of a match. You could disconnect right before you lose and suffer no decrease in your rank at all. This makes rankings nearly useless and is very frustrating. Spammers are debatable and you can read about the various opinions on the forum. online in an unranked match is a blast especially if you have friends that play it. Drama pieces tend to cause lag and many people don't like using them in online play.

8/10 (9/10 if they add a penalty for quitting)


Its a solid DBZ fighter and if you can get past the short story mode there is a deep enough fighting engine to please fighting fans. Unranked online is a blast and the story has its moments. If your a fan of DBZ and you like what you read in the review buy it. If your not really interested in DBZ the rent it first. The fighting is fast paced and its got all the tricks of a DBZ game. Vanishing attacks, explosive ultimate moves etc. Without online you might get bored quickly due to lack of single player modes. Its a great game but Dimps could have put a lot more content into it.

All in All I give Burst Limit an 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/13/08

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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