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Reviewed: 06/16/08

Did it Burst through the Limit?

So, Burst Limit has finally released and we all got our grubby little DBZ hands on it.

Where should I start? Oh! The Sagas! You'd think that since the Anime is pretty much gone and done with, they would include all the Sagas and 30+ characters to choose from...Wrong! You simply get rehashed Sagas to go through. You go through the fight with Radditz, then Vegeta/Nappa, then Freeza, and Cell. That's it.

The game doesn't have that big of a variety of characters. 21 whopping characters. Too bad half of them are rehashed crap. The characters aren't even balanced.

Anyway, lets start the real bashing...

Graphics! Who doesn't love beautiful graphics?!? This is one of the games Pros. The characters are bright and vivid (Even if they have the same design as the last 9000 DBZ games), the backgrounds are also bright and very colorful.

As bright and colorful as the cutscenes are...It doesn't save it from how crappy they are. Most of the time, you'll see reused attacks from the same characters.

You'll see Cell do a flipping jump kick, then a Flash, and you'll see Vegeta fly back and hit the ground. Aparently that kick was so powerful that it killed Vegeta.

Nothing new to the addition of this game other then the intro music. Everything else from background music to voices are the same as every other DBZ game you've played.

The Lip synching is horrible and some of the lines that are spoken don't even match the moment.

The one thing they did correct from the past games was that Cell, when in Perfect Form, still had the same sissy voice he had as his first form. Well no more my friends! He now has his Perfect Form voice even when in his first form! That's right! They reversed it from having him sound like a sissy all the time to sounding like a man all the time!

Seriously, can you guys do anything right?

Once again, there is nothing new here. You have Z Chronicles (Story Mode), Versus, and Trial Mode (Survival, Time Attack, and Score Attack). They removed the Tournament Mode because it seems that it was useless and nobody ever used it.

There isn't really anything new to brag about for the fighting system. It's the same two button mashing to do combos then the one same button to do special and super moves.

They eliminated the flashy cutscene-like special moves. You can perform as many Special Moves as you like now, since they removed the Power Bar. To replace that, you have an Automatic Power Bar that recharges itself over the course of a few seconds. The only time that bar will depelete is if you use Ultimate Block, which lets you block attacks and not take damage but will deplete the bar, do Ultimate Attacks, which are pretty much stronger Special Attacks, and when you use Aura Spark.

They added a new feature in called Drama Pieces. Drama Pieces are basically helpful actions that kick in when certain things happen in a fight.

For example, you are about to get Super Kamehameha'd by Goku. Before the beam hits you, your Drama Piece kicks in and its the one that makes Vegeta fly in and knock it away! A Super Kamehameha turns from a huge ass beam into a small yellow ball that gets knocked away.

Helpful? Sure. Annoying? Very. Lots of them will stop you in the middle of an ass beating. Busy beating up on a guy and his Drama Piece kicks in? You're screwed! The game doesn't resume from the position of you kicking that guys ass. It resumes you in the position of you standing there and him standing there with a chance to run or counter you.

So yeah, nothing special...No more Dragon Rush and no more flashy special attacks.

Well, if you like to watch people disconnect on you and not get penalized...Then this is definitely the game for you to get.

If you've played any of the other Dragon Ball Z games over the past years or even watched the anime...Then you should know what the Story mode is like.

You simply choose these boxes with pictures in it to initiate a short cutscene and then a fight. You'll play as a set character and you'll have to defeat a set enemy. You can choose a difficulty to fight through and get a ranking at the end of the fight.

You don't even get to choose who you want to play as...Nor can you customize their skills.

So don't expect a deep or new story to this addition to the series.

Play Time/Replayability
It took me 3 hours to beat Story Mode. It wasn't hard at all, but to Z Rank every mission...I'm sure it would take you atleast 8 hours. Then you got the Achievements which might add in another 3 hours. In total it comes to 14-15 hours.

You can go through the game again just to get all the Z Ranks...If you wanna brag to your friends.

Final Outcome
Not as good as the older games. They simply took the formula for the older games, stepped on it, ran over it with a bus, then took out lots of things that people liked, and sold it to us as a Next Gen Game...And you know what? We fell for it!

This is worth a rental at most. Don't waste your money on this game. Save it for Soul Calibur 4 when it comes out next month. You'll enjoy it a lot more then this game.

Am I hating on this game because its Dragon Ball? No, I used to be a big fan of it and was having hopes for this game. I'm hating on this game because I have a legitimate reason and the company is simply milking the series for all its got.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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