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"Burst Limit is what Budokai wanted to be"

Bawwww it only has 21 characters, Bawwww no over rated Buu Saga (seriously aside from the fusions that saga was wretched). The game is easily the best take on the Budokai style (not Tenkaichi), the prettiest and the most responsive. Characters that are heavy feel heavy and lighter ones feel light, as opposed to Budokai where everyone moved like E Honda. Also a few characters feel like copy and pastes (the two versions of Gohan), most have a unique fighting style. Android 18 for some reason fights like a Ninja (and its awesome), Android 16 plays like Zangief, and Piccolo like a faster Dhalism (you read that right).

The graphics are stunning though at times laughable. The animation feels straight out of the cartoon and at times thats a negative making scenes laughable. Also the characters clothes don't get damaged, which is bizarre since they still bleed.

Audio is fine, a nice set of fighting tunes and nothing that will make your ears bleed (See Budokai Tenkaichi 1's menu music). The voice acting is also perfect minus Gohan's voice actor who didn't seem to care. Every other voice actor and actress sounds just like they did in the cartoon except for Krillin who was given a non frog like voice to my glee.

The game play itself plays as I said like Budokai, the twist on it being simplified special attacks like Tenkaichi and drama pieces. Drama pieces are little cut scenes that remind me of strikers from Marvel Vs Capcom. Either the character you play as will have a 'moment' or whoever you chose as a partner will. They are mostly used to recover health, dodge an attack, power up or stop a combo. The requirements for these to activate are still pretty lost on me, but they are cool none the less.

Burst Limit is by all means an excellent title, its problem is unless you enjoy survival modes (fighting 50-100 people without losing) and very hard difficulties there isn't much to do when you beat the game. The online play is decent though subject to the expected spamming of beam attacks. That being said at least the community for the game is civil I never ran into one problem with other gamers.

I give the game a solid 89.2%, which is an 8 by Gamefaqs scoring system. BUT I recommend you rent it unless you really freaking love Dragon Ball Z or hard difficulties in fighting games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/19/08

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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