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"Is it a Burst or a Bust?"

The Dragon Ball series may have ended, but the gaming series has not. Now we enter a new generation, and with a new generation, more capabilities for better Dragon Ball Z games. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is the first of what is to be many next gen Dragon Ball Z games. The question is, as it being one of the first, is it also one of the worst?

The Z Chronicles mode recreates the first 3 sagas of the Dragon Ball Z series plus two movie inspired what-if sagas. Nothing special though.

For a next gen game, this does not disappoint. The graphics are bright and vibrant that it feels like you are in the show. The cut scenes also look like they have been taken from show. However, you might see the same cut scenes over again but with different characters.

The music is good and so is the theme song. That is all I have to say about this section.

The game play is pretty much 2D fighting. Unlike the previous games however, there is no collecting capsules or Dragon Balls for your characters. The twist here is the inclusion of Drama Pieces. Drama Pieces change the course of the game, from damaging the opponent to increasing attack power. These drama pieces also show cut scenes, mostly they have the character say something and let the game continue, but other times, it might be their partner, or they might fight. Like the cut scenes I mentioned before, it looks like it was from the show. However some the drama pieces are annoying, as they just happen automatically. All and all, the Drama Pieces could be improved. The fighting in this game is simple for button mashers and the countering system is very timing specific, yet easy to pull off. The controls are simple, doing special moves is as easy as tilting the controller stick and pressing B. The fighting is simply easy.

The Dragon Ball fighting series has come a long way. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit managed to show people what awaits for the series as it enters next gen territory. Though has a few problems, it manages to stay from the lower ratings for it's addictive game play and it's graphics. If your a fan of the Dragon Ball series or fighting games, then by all means get it. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit bursts the limit just slightly with a six out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/10/08

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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