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Reviewed: 07/15/08

Stands out From other DBZ Games

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is, unfortunately, a rarity. In midst of many mediocre Dragon Ball Z games, it is, unfortunately, the first to be in par with Dragon Ball Z Legend, a very old game. On the sleek, new, Xbox 360, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is one of the few games in the Dragon Ball Z game franchise to have solid game-play. To raise a more important question, one which most of us Dragon Ball fans want to know: does Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Legends outshine its predecessor?

The story component of the game, though, does not distinguish Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit from the other Dragon Ball video games out there. The Dragon Ball Z story, though most of us know it, is nonetheless a good story, arguably even a classic for some of us. It is a story of disbelief, when a powerful army hardly defeated by Goku revives, a story of an epic battle between Goku and Vegeta. Such a story is still good. Atari, though, have not focused on re-making the story, of interpreting it, although all of the Z fighters, even the side-story movie character, are in the game. Atari focused on the game-play, and that is what distinguishes Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit from the old video games we have seen. So far, none, with the exception of Dragon Ball Z Legends, frankly did a good job in establishing a solid game-play. Welcome to Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, a game that is 'new' for its innovation in creating a solid game-play for us yearning Dragon Ball Z fans.

There are a plethora of moves to choose from, allowing the gamer to be creative. With an aura spark, for example, you have an exciting pursuit attack against the opponent. Other moves like super attacks, ultimate attacks, transformations, grabs and vanishing moves will also quickly become your best friend. Moreover, these moves can be mixed into a variety of deadly combinations, allowing the gamer to be creative. For example, I personally enjoy combining my aura attack with a transformation move. After that, I usually launch an ultimate attack combo in which you get a 'kaoken kamahamaha!' A fatigue gauge is a new addition to this game, and may be a huge disadvantage and frustration for the gamer. If filled, you will be temporarily immobilized. Given that the game is fast-paced, the fatigue gauge presents a challenge for the gamer to overcome. Good timing and fast reflexes will be key for the gamer battles in this video game. Fortunately, the tutorials do an excellent job in teaching you the ?correct way? to master this epic video game. Online play becomes very rewarding though, after you master the game and attain your personal style. Trust me. It is very sweet to check a person.

In this new installment, the developers fixed an old problem that plagued many of the older video games. In older installments, it was awkward to see a shorter and taller character fight. The shorter character, for example, would be struck by a 'high attack,' even though he was not touched by the taller character. The taller character would not bend to strike the shorter character. The developers, though, have fixed this problem, and incorporated characters? height into the game-play. A character would have to change their tactics, for example, depending on their opponent's height.

The 'Drama Pieces,' another new addition, further adds to the replay value of Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit. Whatever the gamer does during the course of the battle will somewhat affect the storyline. Whether the gamer is getting badly beaten, or is winning, a 'Drama Piece' activates. When a ?Drama Piece? is activated, two possible events may occur: an ally would come and aide you, or you will attain a new power. Playing the game differently would unfold a different 'Drama Piece.' However, the 'Drama Pieces' may get really repetitive.

I applaud Atari for creating a solid game-play, one that is somewhat unique from many mediocre Dragon Ball Z games. Indeed, I have no doubt many gamers out there will enjoy this game. The story, though, ends after the Cell Saga. We may have wait for a sequel before some of us get a chance to play as Buu. Although this new installment is a welcomed surprise, Dragon Ball Z Legends is still the best out there. Nonetheless, I'll give Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit 4 kaokens out of 5. Good job, Atari, for making the combat system solid. The sequel, with the beloved character Buu, may hopefully be better than the legendary Dragon Ball Z Legends. But perhaps that is just a wish, a wish that many of us Dragon Ball Z fans still yearn for. Until next time, stay frosty, gamers.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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