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"This game really does have it's limits"

The first DBZ game for the seventh generation: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. This game was made by the makers of the original Budokai series.But is it good? Let's find out.

Graphics (9/10): As you would expect from a game of this generation, the graphics in this game are rendered beautifully. They have improved the visuals immensely from previous games. The characters look more realistic, and the backgrounds look appealing. Everything is rendered in a gorgeous 3D fashion. From the characters and backgrounds, to the animations and menus.

Story (2/10): This is where the game falls apart. To even begin to understand what is going on, you must already be a fan of DBZ and seen most of the episodes. The game skips so many scenes that should have been in the game. If you have not seen the series or played previous incarnations of the games, you will be completely lost. You will also probably be thinking to yourself, "Who are those people? Why are they here?". If you have seen the series, however, then you will find that the game follows the series. Although, it skips most of it. It also doesn't go all the way through the series, just up until the Android Saga. All in all, easily one of the worst story modes I have ever seen.

Sound (7/10): The sound in this game is fairly appealing. The music is nice and hyped, as you would expect from an action game. The characters all have the same voice actors that were in the show, and their personalities match perfectly with their voices.

Gameplay (5/10): The gameplay is passable. If you have played the original Budokai games, then you should be right at home with this game. Everyone has a decently sized combo set, and three special attacks. There are also a pretty good sized array of special moves that you can do. A heavy smash can stun the opponent, leaving him open to an attack. A mega crush can save you if your opponent comes in to close. There are a multitude of ways to play the game. Although, there are only 21 characters to choose from.

Another addition to this game are Drama Pieces. These are special animations that happen when certain requirements have been met. Equipping them give you the ability to automatically dodge special beam attacks, or have a partner jump in to help you.

There are special "trial" modes. These are miscellaneous challenges, such as "defeat 100 opponents in a row".

If you have a friend that wants to verse you, then this game is a lot funner. You can both customize your character setup. This includes special attacks, drama pieces, health, attack, and defense.

Overall score: 5/10
This is a decent game. It's too bad that the two strongest points are the least important. It has great graphics and good sound, but is marred by its story.

Rent or buy?
I would say that this game is definitely a rent. It might be fun for a while, but it can get old quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/05/09

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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