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"So easy, a caveman can do it!"

To anyone who is a DragonBallZ fan, this game is a must play.

I had never picked up a DragonBallZ game before this, but I was a huge fan of the cartoon. I have also never played a game like this - where you are the character, fighting battles 1v1.

I feel this game, a caveman can play. I have beaten(and was able to beat) this game, without knowing any combo's. I honestly was just pushing buttons, trying to get through to the next level, and I was able to with little difficulty. Granted if you change the settings to the hardest mode, it's quite difficult. However, when set to the normal difficulty, I feel as if anyone who can pick up a controller, can beat this game.

On the lighter side, the campaign was amazing. It wasn't short, it was quite lengthy - and with so many different angles to play from, it doesn't get boring. To many times do games have short campaigns, where as this game...This game provides great game play, as well as great replay value.

The graphics are amazing. When a character blocks, it looks as if it was a block from the actual cartoon. When a "ultimate" move is used, or a "special" move, the camera views around in a way, that makes it as if you, yourself, are the character. However, during the Tutorials, the voicing and mouths could have done with a little work to flow more smoothly, but aside from that... It was visually great.

With the different modes given, it gives quite a bit of replay value depending on what you want. Aside from the Campaign (Saga's) there are a few mini-games you can do. Two of the games are: Battle Royal , and Timed Trial . Battle Royal being you pick one character, and face 100 opponents, lasting as long as possible. And Timed trial being where you play against 10 opponents from each Saga; to get the best time.

Both Modes offer a great amount of playing time to this game simply because in order to finish the Battle Royal (all 100 opponents) it could possibly take several hours. And since there is no way to start that opponent over, if you lose...You start over. The Time Trial gives you two rounds to defeat your opponent - which adds up after a while.

The last mode given, is where you can accumulate points and rank yourselves with others on the Leader board (on-line). This is probably the best place for the replay value, since it's constantly changing (Leader boards) and you always have something to strive for.

Even though it's so simple to control (which can be a good thing) I still recommend this game to anyone who was a fan of the DBZ series growing up.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/19/09

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Bonus DVD) (US, 06/10/08)

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