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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Review

I've been playing Dragon Ball games since I got my PS2. I've played many of them, and they have all kept me entertained. Burst Limit has also done this for me for short periods of time, however many fans will be disappointed with this series.

This game is beautiful. The graphics are awesome. Environments are detailed, and are able to be altered mid game. Dust will fly when you hit the ground! This is easily the most beautiful DBZ game yet.

The game controls great also. Combos are easy to use, same as ki attacks. The old feel of DBZ is present. It is all fluent in the battles, and it includes button mashing and not just strategic button pressing to win your battles.

However, this game is not all just fine and dandy. While I do enjoy playing it, some aspects really grind my gears. While not all of them take away from the actual gameplay and fights, it is little tidbits that need to be fixed for the next DBZ 360 game.

What annoys me the most is drama pieces. Who ever came up with these shot themselves in the foot. Basically, it is a mini cutscene that will essentially boost/decrease your stats and you dodge your opponents ki attack that activated it. Maybe if the developers had it so you can use it when you wanted it, and not just random this could be fine. Maybe if you could only have one instead of three it could be just fine But no. They felt it would make the game more fun to take a thirty second fight and make it last a minute or two. Instead, it drags on the fight. It makes it almost unejoyable. Unbearable.

Wait. I am not done. For fans of the series, we all know there is a Buu saga. So where is it? Absent from the game! Once your done with the Cell saga you unlock part of the Broly fights, but it just doesn't make up for it. This cut away an hour or two more of fights, but that's not all. Because of no Buu saga, we don't have as many characters! There is a signifigant amount of characters cut from this game. Inexcusable. I really don't see how this is a good idea!

Aside from my three complaints, this game really isn't THAT bad. It is graphically beautiful and feels like the old DBZ we all know and love. The fights are fun – would be more so without drama pieces – and aside from being alittle weak in a few areas this game is great. Had potential to be the best DBZ yet, but just simply fell short.

+Online Multiplayer
+Old DBZ feel
+Fights are short and sweet
-Drama Pieces
-No Buu saga
-Not enough characters

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/26/09

Game Release: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (US, 06/10/08)

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