Where can I find the diamonds?

  1. I know about the green light on the GPS...my light turns green, stays on but theres nothing to pick up!!! Someone please help me....I can't find the Diamonds!!!!

    User Info: OATOATS

    OATOATS - 9 years ago

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  1. The green light stays green when your looking at where the case is located tso when its solid green your looking in the right direction when it flashes slow it means your close but not that close when your really close it flashes sporatically and you should be near it normally if you see a small blink spin in a circle until it goes solid green and start to walk twards it until it flashes sporatically. when you hear a small beep your right on it in your in a guard house and its beeping and you dont see it chances are its on the roof. heres a small peice of advice if you see a small like patch of water on your map chances are theres a case close to it...just look in really not obvious places.

    User Info: BaconMan420988

    BaconMan420988 - 9 years ago 11 2


  1. To sum that up, just watch for the indicator to blink green. The closer you are to the diamond case, the faster it will blink, so given that information, if it were blinking slowly, you know you have to get closer. To get closer, spin around slowly, and watch the light until its solid green and not blinking anymore. This means that your facing the direction you need to walk in order to get closer. Keep walking towards it until the light blinks faster, and repeat the spin for a solid green to more accurately pin point its position.

    Remember, a lot of times the case will not be in an obvious place. Sometimes you will be in a shack and feel that your right on it, when it is often on the roof of the shack, rather than simply inside.

    User Info: Lagwagon17

    Lagwagon17 - 9 years ago 4 0
  2. If you find your green light to be blinking, stay still and slowly turn around 360 until the green light stops blinking. When this happens, walk forward until you find the diamond. When you are close to the diamond you will hear a slow beeping sound.

    If you are unable to find any diamonds but you hear the beeping sound, it means you are standing near it, but the diamond may be above/below you, for example on top of a roof.

    User Info: Viend

    Viend - 9 years ago 3 1

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