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    Walkthrough by x MJ x

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                            Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
                                    Walkthrough by MJ
                                   ** FOR PC VERSION **
    1. Call Me Al
    Use the enter key to clean up all the graffiti's. Climb the ladder to get the
    others up top. Use the space bar twice to double jump the gap and climb the
    boxes. To get the phone you can double jump between the boxes to get on the
    roof or go to the previous boxes and jump on them to get to the roof.
    Now follow the green dot on the map to return Kip's phone. Enter the door and
    head up the stairs to his office. Go outside and follow the yellow dot to the
    Vehicle Warehouse and enter it. Talk to Al for your next objective.
    2. Gone on the Wind
    Head to the Street Set. After the chat we have to collect those scripts. Follow
    the green dots on the map to get them all. Climb all the way up and get on the
    roof to collect more. Head down to the boxes and work your way around to get
    them all. Use the wire to get across. To get the one above the boxes down on the
    ground level drag the lonely box over and double jump up. Return the script.
    After the cutscene head to the Mailroom (yellow dot).
    3. The Postman Always Rings Thrice
    Go back outside and enter the mail buggy by pressing enter. Follow the dot. When
    you enter the office go up the stairs and look for the elevator. Select P to
    deliver the package to Larry. Head back to the buggy for the next delivery.
    After the last drop return to the mail room.
    4. One Camera, Two Girls
    Head back to Damone and then to Reception building. Head back out to find them.
    Now a timer will appear for this next part. The quickest way to get up on the
    roof is to head to the mail room area and climb up the roof there. Use the
    tightrope to get across. Now you have to take the pictures in a sequence. It's
    random so I can't tell you which buttons it will be. Most of the time it's the
    Enter, Spacebar, Shift keys in a random order. After you snap the pics quickly
    head to Damone because the timer is still going! Get the pics back to Merv.
    Talk to him again for the next objective.
    5. Scandal
    Another timed mission. Get to the buggy and head to Kip's office upstairs.
    Head to the green dot to pick up the Journalist. Take her to Damone. Afterwards
    go to the Executive Offices. Go Upstairs to talk to Denise.
    6. Jurassic Clark
    Head inside Soundstage 1 building to find Hugh. Talk, then head to the Theater
    upstairs to find Clark. Take him back to Hugh. Enter Soundstage 1 to complete.
    7. Director Game Tutorial
    You can't fail this game so just let it complete. Afterwards talk to Hugh.
    8. A Fistful of Larry
    Head inside Prop Warehouse to get the costume. Double jump and wall jump the
    shelves to reach it. Exit, and go to Costume Workshop. Change to cowboy costume
    and head to the Western backlot. The fight scene doesn't matter how you do it;
    just don't die. Afterwards head to the blue dot for the next objective or the
    red dot at the Executive Office, I would go to the red dot first for some fun.
    9. Anna
    Find the objective on the second floor. Talk to Anna in the Reception Building.
    Head to the mailroom's locker to find the spray. Back to Anna. The correct
    questions are:
    1. Jogging
    2. I love a healthy girl
    3. Squat thrusts in the park
    4. I fill a good tightend
    5. I can fit you in after practice.
    Larry got some! Congrats! You can go back to the Executive Office's 2nd floor
    and look for another new employee of the moment on the wall. For now I would do
    the dream sequence at the Western Lot.
    10. Plains, Trains & Horses?
    Get on the horse and follow the green dots. Jump over the wooden fence with the
    space button when you are near it. Now this next part is very frustrating. For
    the PC version it's next to impossible to make it to the green dot at the given
    time if gives you. Why? Because the first log you have to jump over is too
    close for you to jump over it without backing up and wasting precious time. The
    only why I bypass this part is to go download a PC trainer. Yeah it's cheating
    but this game is horribly made and we need to compensate for it. The trainer
    allows you to extend the time among other helpful tricks. Google search for it.
    11. Throw Larry from the Train
    Press the buttons in sequence to get on the train. Again it's random so I can't
    tell you what it will be. Jump on top and head over to the girl. To fight off
    the goons faster use ALT and Spacebar to push them off the train. Get over and
    save the other girls. To get pass the hay barricade hang on it and slide to the
    other side. Jump over the gap by pressing jump while hanging on the hay. Move
    the levers where the rust marks are at to detach the train.
    12. Gunfighter (small edition)
    Head over to the green spot to start the gunfight at the saloon. Since the
    mouse controls in this game is horrible you might have to use the trainer here
    once again. If you decide to play it fair without cheats you can move behind the
    bar for cover.
    13. The Good, the Dead, and the Ass Bandits
    Shoot the TNT barrels to get through. The controls are just awful here so it's
    going to be hard to play it without cheats. To clear the path you have to jump
    the canyon and wall jump up between the gaps. Then hang on the gaps on the
    canyon and jump up. Quickly get back on the buggy, you are timed here. Head to
    the saloon to complete.
    14. Miner 69'er
    To find the prospector talk to all the targets. To talk to the guy above the
    saloon find a area to wall jump between the houses. Get the info and head
    towards the waterfall and look for the downward penis cactus. Jump on it and
    jump up at the canyon above to trigger a cutscene. If you bother to try and
    jump down the canyon head downward. I would just cheat and use the super
    health option on the trainer just to jump down where the Sandy Canyon
    sign is at (at the wooden elevator structure). The bottom canyon part is hard to
    get over without dying like 100 times, so just cheat. No one will know! :)
    15. ...Oh My Darling Dynamite!
    Head back on the elevator and get back to town. Wall jump up on the saloon to
    find the next green target. Take the pics in sequence and head to the saloon.
    Talk to Jenna to answer a series of answers. The correct order is:
    1. I'm pitiful sorry
    2. You're on! Lets get drunk!
    3. You could call me a Maverick.
    4. I'm planning a memorial Heist.
    5. You need a good Scoundrel.
    Head upstairs and get the dynamite. Go outside to the undertaker, then to
    Booty Hill. Get the dynamite and head back to the prospector. Done.
    16. Savecracker Lovage
    Head back to town to the Bank and find the boxes next to the Fine Meats store.
    Jump up to find a wooden ramp. Double jump towards the net on the side of the
    Bank to reach the target on the roof. Find the key in one of the office to open
    the door. Drag the box into the center of the little room to open the safe
    17. Larry Get Your Gun
    Shoot the Women and Horses and go meet Damone.
    18. Stinky and the Bandits
    Talk to all targets and head towards the Sheriffs building. Head up-right
    passed the middle-finger shaped rock to find the next target. It's quite a walk
    so you might have to get on a horse to get there. Avoid the fart clouds and get
    to Amy. Shoot the goons or cheat. Kip is kinda tough so I would. Done.
    19. Wild West Director Game
    You can't fail this game so just let it complete. Head to Kip's office in
    20. Flaming Saddles
    Get to the lot and get on the horse. Head to the target. The easiest way to get
    up there is get on a buggy nearby and find the rubble on the ground near the
    Editing Suite. Park the buggy there and use it to jump up. Drag the box over
    to plant the firework. To get up on the sub station stand on the shiny tubed
    thing next to the coils and double jump to grab the rope part. Double jump
    again to get up. Sometimes you will keep hanging so position yourself to walk
    on the ledge without falling to the other side. Plant the final firework at
    Reception and head to Damone to complete. Head to Denise at Executive.
    21. Clue...less
    You need a buggy first, go get one. Find Al's note at the Warehouse. This is a
    rough timed mission. It will test your jumping skills. Head to each target to
    get the clues. To get the clue at Soundstage 2 climb the boxes up on the side of
    the building. If you need more time just use the trainer.
    22. Spies Are Us
    Go inside the Editing Suite to get the wire taps. Go to Kip's office top tap it.
    Fight off the guards. They can bunch up on you so use the ALT + Spacebar attack.
    You can hit them while they're down so use it a lot. To get on the dish you
    have to wall jump on the 3 thin pillars near the broadcast beam. Walk the wire
    and wall jump at the 4 pipes on each side. The camera will jump around like a
    jumping bean so don't move the mouse around or you will fall. Climb the ladder
    and find another wire to get over to the beam. Rotate the dish with the mouse
    and move it up and down until you get the signal. Done. Talk to Hugh in
    Soundstage 2.
    23. The Fell Guy
    Find the horror costume in the costume building. Jump on the clothes rack to
    reach it. Change and head to the horror lot. Get the shovel. To grab the
    crossbow head to the corner of the room and jump up the cinder block to walk
    on the platform behind the 2 large pillars. Double jump up and wire walk to grab
    the bow. Shoot the barrels to kill them faster. Back to Hugh. Time to start the
    horror dreamscape (blue dot).
    24. The Not So Great Escape?
    Get the note. Head inside the tower where the key is at for a cutscene. Go
    inside the barn and start the machinery. Grab the gas can on top of the hay, go
    back the the machine controls. Jump on the haystack by the machinery and wall
    jump on the little shed where the moving haystack goes by it. Get on the
    haystack to jump on the ladder near the single box. Avoid the swings and get the
    25. Cabin Creeper
    Hold the Q button to sneak by Merv. Don't knock into anything! Press the right
    button sequence to get the key back.
    26. Teen-sex Chainsaw Massacre
    Get the girls to there cabins with your hair on fire. Easy enough. For the last
    girl you have to return to the fire at least twice to re-light it. Watch out for
    Merv. Quickly get to the target afterwards before time runs out. To get to the
    next target you have to jump the canoes. Don't fall or else you have to do the
    escort mission again!
    27. The Wicker Women
    Light the matches in order. You're forming a pentagram so when you light one go
    straight across to the other one to form a line. Jump back on the canoes and
    head right to the bridge to get to the target.
    28. The Mob of the Dead
    A easy game. Whack the zombies until time runs out. Grab the ticket.
    29. The Devils Ride
    Use the trainer here. Can't do nothing about the crappy mouse controls.
    30. Children of the Maize
    Drag the rock underneathe to jump up. Climb the leaves and grab the ledge up
    top and go right. Walk the thin rails until you get to the other platform on the
    left. Wall jump up and hang on the gap and go right to find the door. The maze
    can be annoying with the zombies catching you so I would go ahead and cheat. To
    the mansion...
    31. Dracula's Monster
    Another horribly controlled boss fight. You know what that means!
    32. High Spirits
    Find the knight statue in the upper area and push it down. Drag it to the
    nearest gap on the floor and place it. Drag the other 2 knights to the opposite
    side of the room to lower the chandalear. I have no idea how to jump up there.
    The gaps seem to be big so I couldn't tell you. Use trainer.
    33. Horror Direct Game
    Who cares, let it run. Head to Kip's office.
    34. Skylight Robbery
    Now we got to disarm those rockets. Timed Mission. You should know how to get
    to every area fast by now. Talk to Al after.
    35. Fingering the Mole
    Follow Kip and take the shots. Head back to Denise to finish. Find Hugh in
    Soundstage 3.
    36. Salvaging the Situation
    Get the costume by jumping on the table and grabbing the ledge. Go change and
    head to the Bytanic Lot inside the Horror Lot. The crane can be frustrating so
    use the time extender on the trainer. Move the boxes on the dock where the green
    target is. Use mouse to rotate the crane and Up and Down key to move the hook
    upward/downward. Time to dream again inside Bytanic...
    37. Mast and Commander
    Talk to the guy then go to the crane. To get to the flag drag the box over to
    where the rope is above you. Jump on the rope several times to grab the upper
    rope above you and to reach the flag. Raise the flag by pressing the buttons
    on screen.
    38. Crane man
    Get on the crane and drop the box filled with fish onto the boat. Drag it over
    to the other crane on the right and use that crane to grab the box. Push it
    to the target. Talk to the drunk.
    39. Das Booze
    Talk to everyone and head to the cargo hold. Use the disguise to get the booze.
    40. Icebergs Ahead!
    Jump on the icebergs to get to the other side.
    41. Sleepers Creepers...
    Get the hat and don't touch anything or it's game over. Don't let Merv catch
    you and get to the target.
    42. Shuffleboard
    Get to the Bow to play some shuffleboard! Avoid the poop droppings and beat
    43. Gull-ible
    Jump on the chair near the shuffleboard area to reach the rope attached to
    the moon shaped door. Walk over and drop down to the other rope to reach the
    bird. Sneak at the bird to get the notebook back. Running at it will make it
    fly away.
    44. Going Down on Something Long and Hard
    Work your way up the bytanic. Jump over the icebergs to get to the rope. Jump
    on the swinging cargo to reach the upper area. Wall jump up the boxes. Now this
    next part is so freakin frustrating. I suggest just using the trainer. You have
    to wall jump up the platforms. The problem is it's shaky and you can fall off
    easily. When you do get up there I have no idea how to reach the rope part. The
    games camera is locked so I can't even look around. Screw it.
    45. Bytanic Director Game
    Yawn.. Talk to Uncle Larry afterwards.
    46. Kipee'yi-yay Muthafucker
    Find the ladder next to the Theater. Beat Kip and the guards. Don't use the
    Major Damage option on the trainer because Kip doesn't die just yet, he will run
    away. Push the fireworks in the correct position or else it won't work. Go to
    Soundstage 2 and Executive's rooftops. Talk to Uncle Larry afterwards. You've
    finished the game.
    Larry Trophys
    You can find these all over the studio map. I have no idea what you get for
    getting them all so I'm not going to bother to tell you where they all are. Most
    of them are on rooftops so start looking at every rooftop for them. Every
    backlot has some too. Some are indoors. If you hear the trophy 'glistening'
    sound effect that means you are near one. After finishing this game I'm sure you
    don't want to collect or ever play this game ever again.
    Special Thanks
    Trainers - Without them I would of never finish this trainwreck of a game. If
               you're stuck (which you will be) download it at cheathappens.com.
    Not so Special Thanks
    Code 17 - For making this crappy LSL game.
    Codemasters - For having no support on this game. Game needs a patch!
    Copyright 2009 - MJ (goforbrokehub@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
    drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post
    it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are
    made, and that I am given credit for this FAQ. I reserve the right to
    require any website hosting this work to remove it.
    Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Developed by Team 17 2009. All Rights

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