Cheat Codes?

  1. Has anyone discovered the codes for infinite Health and Ammo? Thanks.

    User Info: USF_Col_Keller

    USF_Col_Keller - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Cool Turrets: Turrets do not overheat , unlocked via the Tank Buster achievement

    Free Upgrades: No more salvage charge at the safe house unlocked via the Freedom Fighter achievement

    Max Morale: Full morale in all sectors, all the time unlocked via the Don't Tread on Me achievement

    Max Technology: EDF/Guerilla/Marauder always have best armor and weapons unlocked via the Red Dawn achievement

    No Green Alert : Want a challenge? Constant EDF assaults unlocked via the One Man Army achievement

    Super Debris: all explosive damage and damage from collisions are tripled unlocked via the Coming Down achievement

    Super Hammer: Makes your sledgehammer super strong unlocked via the Best Friends Forever achievement

    Super Jetpack : Jetpack recharges at 2.0x maximum recharge unlocked via the Broken Supply Line achievement

    Super Sprinting: Player runs at 1.5x normal speed while sprinting unlocked via the Working The Land achievment

    Super Toughness : Greatly increases the amount of damage you can take, making you harder to kill (not invincible) unlocked via the Lost Memories achievement

    Unlimited Ammo: Infinite ammo for all weapons unlocked via the Freed Space achievement

    User Info: Theodin31

    Theodin31 - 8 years ago 2 0

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