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"A must have for any Red Faction fan."

If you have ever played the first Red Faction, you will no doubt get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia playing this game. Creating your own door with a rocket. Setting up explosives under bridges so when the enemy comes, you can blow the bridge and have it coming down crashing on them. Or using a sledgehammer to create a hole in a wall, and then using a jet pack to fly through it and surprise your enemies with a sledge hammer to the back. The Red Faction series has always been about, however, the game play and destructible environments.

Gameplay: The game play is top notch. First of all, let me start with the driving. Yes, there are many more vehicles in this game than the previous titles. Sadly, there are no flying vehicles you can get, nor are there submarines. Just land vehicles. Which is depressing. But, there handling is great. You really feel in control of your car or truck, and the controls for driving them are simple. Right Trigger for acceleration, left trigger to break and reverse, and the X button as the handbrake. However, the destructible environments more than make up for the lack of air and sea vehicles. Driving a truck through a building, getting a mech and smashing every single thing you see in your path, and having that good ol' sledge hammer for destroying things the old fashioned way. Also, explosives. Who doesn't love destroying things in a massive fireball of pain and destruction?

And now for the difficulty. You can change the difficulty setting in the main menu. You get the standard easy, normal, and hard modes. And the insane mode, which is unlocked once you beat the game on Normal or hard.

Story: The story is nice and long, and some of the missions required to prolong the story are difficult. Which is a welcome sight in the overflow of casual games. Some of the missions will literally make you have a flashback and nostalgic rush from the first game. That is, if you ever played the first game. If you haven't, I recommend getting it now. Once again, the story is wonderful.

Graphics and sound: The graphics are great. Not the best in the world but they are great on a standard def TV. The vehicles are nice and colorful, the redness of Mars really comes out, and the detail on the clothes of your fellow Red Faction members is wondrous. The sound is amazing as well. Especially with the rail driver gun. Great memories come to mind of shooting enemies through walls. The jet pack sounds just as a jet pack should sound. And the engine sounds for the vehicles are superb.

Playtime and replayabiltiy: You will spend hours, even days even, after completing the main storyline. There is so much you can do. From side missions to collecting radio tags to get a full history of Mars. If you have online however, you will be spending months ranking up and getting the unlocks. Multiplayer is great to. A wide variety of game modes and maps to choose from.

And as a closing statement, I recommend highly, you absolutely must, buy this game. You have to. Even if you are a not a fan of the series you must have this game. Even if you don't want to buy this game, rent it over and over again. Remember, when life hands you a hammer, smash everything you see.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/09

Game Release: Red Faction: Guerrilla (US, 06/02/09)

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