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    Achievement Guide by Arschrammen

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    Copyright 2011, Arschrammen.
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    1. Welcome!
    2. Achievement list
       a. Story-based
       b. Boss fights
       c. Alien kills
       d. Other combat achievements
       e. Collections
       f. Activities
       g. Other
    3. Strategy
    4. One-off achievements
    1. WELCOME!
    Welcome to my Duke Nukem Forever Achievement Guide!
    Even though I thought this game was a major let-down to me, I am a 
    self-confessed Achievement Whore and the achievements seemed realistic 
    (and they were!). Hopefully this guide will help you achieve them too! 
    Good luck! 
    PLEASE NOTE: This guide contains some very minor spoilers.
    ***Story-based achievements***
    The following achievements you will accomplish by completing the game. 
    If you beat the game on a harder difficulty, all the achievements for 
    the difficulty below will be unlock. For example, if you play your first 
    time on Normal, you will unlock both the Normal and Easy difficulty.  
    *Come Get Some (40)     Complete the SP campaign on Hard Difficulty
    *Damn, I'm Good (50)    Complete the SP campaign on Insane Difficulty
    *Let's Rock (30)        Complete the SP campaign on Normal Difficulty
    *Piece of Cake (20)     Complete the SP campaign on Easy Difficulty
    *Special Thanks (5)     Watch the credits all the way through
    Just don’t press anything during the credits. Enjoy the full band 
    version of the Duke theme and get an easy 5 points.
    ***Boss fights***
    The following achievements are unlocked by defeating bosses along the way. 
    The bosses are pretty easy on all the difficulties except Insane (for 
    more hints on defeating the bosses in Insane Mode, see below). Bosses can 
    only be defeated with explosives (and/or turrets, if available). 
    *A Good Dam Fight (25)  Defeat the Battlelord on the Hoover Dam
    *Beating the One-Eyed Worm (35)	Defeat the Energy Leech
    *Not Bad for a Human (40)  Defeat the Alien Queen
    *Octacide (25)	          Defeat the Octaking
    *One-Eyed Freak (10)    Defeat the Cycloid
    *Pit Champion (25)      Defeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas
    ***Alien kill achievements***
    *Extermination (25)   Kill 50 aliens
    *Annihilation (40)    Kill 100 aliens
    *Nuclear Devastation (50)  Kill 250 aliens
    These achievements are pretty self-explanatory. You will easily get this on 
    your first play-through
    *Baron von Nukem (20) Shoot down 20 alien fighters
    This applies to the aliens with the jet-packs. Again, you will easily get 
    this on your first play-through
    *Big Guns, Big Ships (10)  Blow up 5 enemy gunships or dropships
    Just take down five of the enemy ships. You will get this on your first 
    *Dead Useful (15)     Kill 10 aliens with environmental explosives
    Safest bet is to use to TNT barrels whenever you get the chance 
    (eg Morningwood Town on the Highway Battle)
    *Downtown Barrel Beatdown (15)  Kill 10 aliens with tossed objects
    Just use bins or barrels whenever you see them. You will probably get 
    this in the casino
    *Duke Angry, Duke Smash! (20)   Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks 
    while on steroids
    Pretty self explanatory. Best bet is to use your steroids in fights 
    with lots of pigs. You’ll rack this up after a couple of melees.
    *Fork the Pork (10)     Kill 6 aliens with the forklift
    Only available in the Forkstop level.Just run them pigs down! 
    *Freeze Well! (20)	     Kill 15 frozen aliens
    The freeze ray is first available in The Shrunk Machine. Just hang onto 
    the weapon until you get the achievement. Great thing about this weapon is 
    that it regenerates. I would advise to attempt this achievement on the 
    easy or normal difficulty as the freeze ray has almost no effect on pigs 
    in the insane mode.
    *Hippy-Stomper (20)     Foot stomp 12 aliens
    This achievement is unlocked stomping enemies that have been shrunk. This 
    includes enemies you’ve shrunk using the shrink ray, but also to enemies 
    are pre-shrunk (eg in the Duke Burger level).
    *Judge, Jury, Executioner (20)	Execute 20 aliens
    It will quickly become apparent that sometimes enemies will drop to their 
    knees before they die. If you approach them, you will have the option to 
    execute them if you press X.
    *Natural Disaster 3x (10)  Kill 3 aliens at once
    Try to get this one on the easier difficulties. Will probably happen using 
    the pipebomb. I got this achievement on the Duke Dome level where there is 
    construction site and you are bailed up in a small transportable office 
    unlimited explosives.
    *On the Noggin (25)     Kill 30 aliens with headshots
    Pretty standard achievement for FPS games. Just aim for the head!!!
    *Road Rage (20)         Kill 15 aliens with the monster truck
    First available when you reach the Monster Truck after the aerial bombing 
    section in Highway Battle. You will get this one pretty quickly once you're
    in the truck!
    *Sticky Bomb Like You! (10)	Put a Trip Mine on a live alien
    Get close to an enemy and press LB to launch a trip mine onto them. 
    Then get away!
    *Trapper (20)           Kill 10 aliens with Trip Mines
    Just set up traps for aliens by pressing LB while aiming at a wall or floor 
    where an enemy is going to pass. Best done on easier difficulties (trip 
    will barely injure enemies in Insane Mode, except when you attach them to 
    Octabrains who will die instantly). 
    ***Other combat achievements***
    *FBT (10)                Get knocked down 10 times
    There are a few enemies that will knock you over as part of their attack. 
    For example, those big fat ones that moan “die, human” and thrust rockets 
    you. However, I got mine trying to beat the boss with three breasts too. 
    You will likely just get this over the course of the game so don’t worry 
    much about it (but if you don't get it after two play-throughs, go back to
    the alien with three breasts). 
    *Flagon of Chuckles (5)  Drink a beer in SP
    You can get this when you first find beer in the Duke Cave
    *He's Got a Hologram! (5) Use a Holoduke in SP
    Surprisingly, this gadget is not available until well into the game. I 
    found it on the rooftop battle at the end of Crash Course where you fight
    a few waves of enemies. You will find it in the room with the crates 
    (the only room on the top of the roof). 
    *I Need a Towel (10)	Get hit by 10 Pregnator bombs
    The little creepy aliens that burst out of the eggs (first found in the 
    levels where the captured women are) will size you up and pretty much 
    jizz at you when they’re not attacking your face. Just let them hit you 10 
    times and this achievement is yours. If you don’t get it during the game, 
    you can go to the boss with three breasts as she launches them to distract 
    *Juiced (5)            Take steroids in SP
    Pretty simple. When you find steroids, just take them. Or if you also have 
    beer...(see next achievement)
    *Substance Abuser (10)	Drink beer while on steroids or vice versa in SP
    Self-explanatory, but will require to have both beer and steroids in your 
    inventory. Press left then right on the D-pad and its yours. 
    *Bucket Head (30)	Find all 3 helmets in the SP campaign
    You may remember the prison chapel in the prison in Duke3D where, behind 
    alter, was a secret area with the corpse of the main character from Doom. 
    you found it, Duke said “that’s one Doom-ed Space Marine!”. Well this 
    achievement is the same kind of thing. There are three different characters 
    (“helmets”) to find and all you have to do is get close enough to activate 
    Duke’s soundbite. 
    The first helmet is outside the casino where you first meet your sidekick 
    swears a lot (at the Vegas in Ruin level). Someone will call you over to an 
    EDF van with a Ripper in the back. Above this is a power armour suit from 
    When Duke approaches it, he will say “power armour is for pussies!”
    The second is located in the alien Hive level. When you first encounter the
    armadillo-type creature, follow it down the tube to where it unlocks the 
    for you. Go through that door and then up the ledge to the next one. As 
    as you enter this door, turn right and duck under the obstacle to find a 
    EDF soldier with Isaac from Dead Space’s helmet on. Duke will say, similar 
    Duke3D, “that is one Dead Space marine”.
    Finally, in the level where you place the bombs on the Hoover Dam (“Blowin’ 
    the Dam”), after you place the first bomb, turn the wheel and defeat the 
    Octobrains, you will swim over a wrecked car. Soon after this, if you turn
    to your left you will see a wrecked ship. If you swim under and up into the
    front/top of the ship, there is a small explorable area where the character
    from Borderlands is found dead. Duke will say “well, at least he got an 
    ending”. If you’ve activated all the soundbites, the achievement will 
    For a good guide to this achievement, see PowerPyx’s video: 
    *Call Waiting (25)   Listen to all phone messages
    Scattered through the game are a bunch of phones with answering machine 
    messages on them. Many of them are quite obvious. There are 14 in total 
    in Duke Lives, one in The Duke Dome, FOUR in the strip club level, one in 
    Duke Burger, two in The Mighty Foot, one in Shrunk Machine, one in 
    Room and THREE in The Clarifier. 
    The best way to do this one is to follow PowerPyx’s video guide: 
    *I Am All That Is Man (40)	Discover all Ego cap awards
    You get this by interacting with all the things in the environment that 
    your health/Ego meter. The good news is, if you missed any of the ego 
    during your first play-through, using them during the second play-through 
    count and you can get the achievement without redoing all the others (good 
    news if you can’t be bothered with the pool table, for example). 
    I used this German video guide to help me get the ones I missed: 
    *Party Animal (10)	  Drink all of the beers in the strip club
    This one is pretty straightforward and is pretty easy if you have a bit of 
    look around the strip club (you can only complete this in Duke’s Titty 
    There are 9 beers scattered around the place including one behind the 
    door (code: 4768 – you can see it using the security monitor in the staff 
    office) and one in the room at the end of the level where the striptease 
    occurs. For a good video guide, use PowerPyx: 
    *Pescaphobe (10)	Kill all the catfish in the underwater level
    You just need to shoot the 15 catfish on the Blowin the Dam level. Using 
    Vision helps. I got this one while completing Insane mode in which I died 
    several times and I did not have to go back prior to the save point or 
    again to complete the achievement. PowerPyx with another great video guide 
    (I’m not even going to try to explain this achievement!): 
    *Air-Duke (30)	     Win air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip club
    This is a frustrating achievement as the mechanics of the gameplay are 
    terrible. But with patience it is very achievable. I found it was helpful 
    to keep the mallet as close to Duke as possible and in the centre to stop 
    shots from your opponent going in. Do not move the mallet forward to meet 
    puck; simply move it horizontally to the left or right as this will propel 
    the puck into the wall (with surprising force) and create angles that the 
    AI can’t handle. 
    *Balls of Steel (25)	Earn a 1,000,000 pinball score in SP
    This was the hardest achievement in my opinion and took a LOT of patience. 
    You will need to master the tilt function (left stick) to get this one. You 
    will need to find the balance between being delicate and overusing the tilt 
    so that the controls don't jame. (Ideally, every time you use tilt, wait 
    5-10 seconds before using it again.)
    The favoured strategy I’ve seen on the blogs is to just keep the ball at 
    small flipper at the top left (by holding LT) and use small hits to nudge 
    the ball into the three tiles that pop up next to it. If the ball heads 
    into the middle, use the tilt function to nudge it back and catch it with 
    flipper, then repeat the above process.
    However, I found this way too tedious and, inevitably, when your score 
    that slowly (with no multiplier) the tilt function will fail you and you 
    lose. I got this achievement by using my first two balls to focus on 
    a 6X multiplier THEN using the little flipper method as outlined above. 
    Multipliers are gained by putting the ball through the tunnels at the top 
    the board where the three red lights light up. Your multiplier increases 
    you light up all three red lights at once (first to 2X, then 4X then 6X). 
    the ball passes through a tunnel where the light is already on, it will 
    off, but you can shift the pattern of the lights by using the flippers (LT 
    and RT). Also, use tilt to get it through the tunnels, but be warned that 
    you use tilt while the ball is right up the top, it is HEAPS more sensitive 
    so you can only use tilt once or twice every 5-10 seconds. 
    This strategy is hard but if you fail at least its over quickly and you 
    again. Trust me – spending 15 minutes to get to 700,000 points and losing 
     ball will destroy your morale and potentially your controller when you 
    it into your flatscreen so I would recommend going for the 6X multiplier. 
    Once you have it, get the ball to the third flipper at the top left and 
    the ball into the three tiles. Your score will go up very quickly and it 
    take you about two minutes or less. 
    There are a few pinball tables around but probably the easiest to get to is 
    Duke Cave or you could just load Titty City.
    *Drawrings (10)	Doodle something on the whiteboard in SP
    Can be done in the prequel level at the start of the game. After urinating, 
    to the locker room where you will quickly locate a soldier at a whiteboard. 
    Pick up a pen and draw a cock and balls or a swastika or whatever (even 
    a small dot) and you’re done. 
    *I Need a Date (5)	Look at every page of a calendar in SP
    I got this just after the fight when you are first offered the freeze-ray
    (The Shrunk Machine). After you have battled with all the pigs and assault 
    captains, find the office up the back with the phone and the lockers. Next 
    the door is a calendar; you just have to flip through it (you will also get 
    an Ego boost for this). 
    *Lots of Whacking (25)	Win a game of Alien Abortion in the strip club
    This is really easy once you find it. It’s in the gaming room in the strip 
    club, just near the air hockey table. 
    *Noms (10)	Eat 10 pieces of food during the SP campaign
    I got this exploring the rooms before going onto the TV set in the first 
    Just find a vending machine and eat 10 items. Too easy!
    *Turd Burglar (10)	Find and steal a piece of poo
    I got this one at the start of The Duke Burger level. When you get into the 
    restaurant, you don’t really have a choice but to go into the bathroom. 
    There’s a turd in the cubicles. Just pick it up!
    *Companion Barrel (10)	Unlock the secret closet at the end of the Forkstop
    At the end of the Forkstop level, you have a big fight with maybe 10 or 
    pigs. When the battle is won, take the forklift off of its stand (if you 
    haven’t already) and drive it forward and to the right. Drive it into the 
    corner next to the circular cable holders and hold Y until the fork reaches 
    as high as it will go. Get out and climb up onto the fork so you can climb 
    onto the ledge above where the pigs were throwing pipebombs from. There 
    be a dark hallway here that forks around to the left. Use your duke vision 
    go to the end of the corridor where you will find a barrel with a purple 
    painted on it next to the door. Carry this barrel back out and down into 
    main area. Go across to where the lift is and press the button. Jump up 
    that platform and approach the exit. However, do not take the lift. At the 
    other end of that corridor is a locked room. You will notice that there is 
    purple heart painted on the floor to the right of the door. Throw the 
    at the door and you will be told to “have some cake” (Portal homage/rip-
    and the door to the secret closet will unlock, as well as the achievement.
    *Gunslinger (50)	Carry the gold pistol through the whole SP campaign
    Go for this one on your first run through or on an easy difficulty. Once 
    get the hand-gun in The Duke Cave, just hang onto it; DO NOT SWAP IT FOR 
    ANOTHER WEAPON AT ANY STAGE! It’s actually a really good weapon – even on 
    Insane difficulty.  You will lose it before the final boss fight only to be
    given it back again – this is fine. You will still get the achievement 
    provided you haven’t swapped weapons. If you accidentally swap it, just 
    start from the last checkpoint again to be safe!
    *Nobody Likes a Whiner (5)	Knock out the talent at the talk show
    Can only be unlocked at Damn! It's Late. Just after you speak to the host 
    the show, you will go backstage where a guy will be yelling at another guy. 
    Go up close to the guy who is yelling and your fists will become available. 
    Punch him in the face and the achievement is yours!
    *Sunday, Black Sunday (5)	Shoot down the blimp above the stadium
    Can only be unlocked in the Duke3D final boss re-cap level, at the start. 
    probably did this if you were obsessed with Duke3D back in the day (just 
    me!). When you go up to face the boss, look to the sky and you will see a 
    blimp. Shoot it with the devastator for an easy 5 points.
    -Play through once on medium. This will help you get used to the levels and 
    the enemies. It will also give you a chance to gain many of the 
    that involve “kill X amounts of enemies with Y”. In particular, make sure 
    get the Freeze Well! achievement because the freeze-ray is useless against 
    enemies in Insane Mode. 
    -Also, do not exchange the pistol for any other weapon on your first 
    run-through – this is the easiest way to get the Gunslinger achievement!
    -Also aim to get the collectible achievements mentioned above on the first 
    play-through so you can just focus on surviving in the Insane Mode. This 
    includes the Ego boosts so make sure, for example, you play pinball and 
    billiards etc
    -The second play-through should be on Insane difficulty. This will only be
    unlocked after one play-through anyway. At this stage you should only be 
    needing to get the Insane and Hard mode difficulty achievements and 
    a few alien kill ones if you raced through normal difficulty without dying 
    much! If you missed any collectibles, you might need to pick these up too. 
    But at this stage you’ll probably have about 35-40 of the achievements. 
    -I have read that you can just select the chapters to unlock the Insane 
    achievement (which would be advantageous because you retain your Ego 
    but I started a new game. To this extent I can only 100% guarantee that 
    through a new game on Insane unlocks the achievement. I’ve heard of some 
    having trouble getting the achievement skipping around different chapters, 
    but it looks like so long as you get all the icons for insane mode (on the 
    chapter select screens) you will get the achievement. 
    -If you missed any of the ego boosts, finding them during the second play 
    will add them to your first play through and you can get the achievement 
    without redoing all the others (good news if you can’t be bothered with 
    the pool table, for example). 
    If you follow the advice above, you can pretty much get every single 
    achievement in one play-through (with the exception of the Insane 
    achievement). There are some that you can only get in one spot though (all
    of these are very easy to get in Insane mode if you miss them on your
    first play-through):
    *Drawrings (10)	Doodle something on the whiteboard in SP
    Technically, this probably shouldn’t be in here as there are a few 
    opportunities for this one. But you may as well get it out of the way 
    off the bat. You can get it right at the start in Duke Lives. After 
    urinating, head out to the locker room and write on the board
    *Sunday, Black Sunday (5)	Shoot down the blimp above the stadium
    This can only be done during the boss battle in Duke Lives. Look to the sky 
    and you will see a blimp – take it out with the devastator!
    *Nobody Likes a Whiner (5)	Knock out the talent at the talk show
    Can only be done when you go back stage after talking to the host of the 
    show in Damn! It’s Late! There is a guy abusing another guy. Approach the 
    abuser and whack him in the face.
    *Turd Burglar (10)	Find and steal a piece of poo
    Like Drawrings, this is probably one you can get elsewhere. But once I 
    found it
    I wasn’t inspired to go elsewhere looking for it. Just get it when you get 
    the toilets at the start of the Duke Burger level. 
    *Air-Duke (30) 	Win air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip club
    *Lots of Whacking (25)	Win a game of Alien Abortion in the strip club
    *Party Animal (10)	Drink all of the beers in the strip club
    These can only be done in the strip club level, Titty City. See above for 
    more details.
    *Road Rage (20)	Kill 15 aliens with the monster truck
    Obviously, these can only be done in the monster truck levels, ie Highway 
    *Fork the Pork (10)	Kill 6 aliens with the forklift
    *Companion Barrel (10)	Unlock the secret closet at the end of the Forkstop
    These two can only be obtained during the Forkstop level. See above for 
    more details.
    *Special Thanks (5)
    Can only be done by watching the credits and not skipping through
    This FAQ was submitted for use on the GameFAQs website only and
    use on any other website is not permitted. 

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