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"Despite it's flaws, Duke Nukem Forever is an entertaining breath of fresh air in the First Person Shooter genre"

Duke Nukem Forever is finally out after being in development for over a decade. Forever was first officially announced on April 28, 1997, with the intention of releasing the game no later than mid-1998. After many setbacks, the game was finally put on the shelves 13 years past it's original proposed release date. Was it worth the wait? Let's dive straight into it.

Gameplay: 6.5/10
In Duke's last game, Duke Nukem 3D, which was released all the way back in 1996, Duke would go to level-to-level shooting any alien that stands in his way. In Duke Nukem Forever, the premise is pretty much the same. There isn't much of a story to the game. Your goal is to save the babes that the invading aliens have taken and kick alien ass. However, instead of just shooting aliens, which would no doubtably get boring after a few hours, they are some puzzles you will have to solve to get though the levels and some racing segments. All these additions to the gameplay are happily welcome and stop the game from getting stale. You will find yourself driving, swimming, shooting though turrets and much more in Duke Nuke Forever. The game does suffer from clunky controls but it's only a minor issue and shouldn't stop you from enjoying the game. However, one thing that will bug you and stop you enjoying the game are the loading times. At first they seem tolerable, but when you are constantly dying in later levels they become quite a nuisance.

Graphics: 4/10
Graphics really aren't Duke's selling point. At first glance, the game looks nice. It's nothing to brag about it. It just looked like your average first person shooter. However, after playing the game for awhile, I noticed there was a lot of blurry textures in this game. I don't just mean a slight blur, I mean some items on the game are completely blurred out. On top of that, I noticed many graphical glitches within this game. For example, enemies morphed through walls and textures sometimes wouldn't load properly. However, on a positive note, the enemies in Forever look really great and all your old favorites like the Pig Cops and what not all are recognizable. All in all, Forever's graphics are pretty terrible but let's face it, graphics aren't everything.

Sound: 7/10
I don't have much to say about the sound of the game. The guns sound generic as do the enemies. The music in the loading screens and menu are painfully generic rock music which may of been acceptable in a game in 1996, but it's not today. Duke's funny one-liners save the game from getting a really low score here. Every now and again, Duke will belt out some hilarious references to other games and movies, even going as far as breaking the forth wall and commenting about how long it took for his game to be made. Really funny stuff.

Multiplayer: 4.5/10
The multiplayer feels like you're playing an online deathmatch of Duke Nukem 3D or Doom, complete with lag. It feels very dated and you aren't given the time to think out any plans on taking down your enemies. You just run around shooting enemies with no real strategy. Like I said about the menu music, this may of been acceptable then but not now. The game features a level-up system like a Call of Duty. For example, you beat a certain challenge, you get XP which will unlock clothing for your character and items for your mansion. There are 4 game modes; Dukematch, which is every man for himself, Team Dukematch, which is the same as Dukematch but with team and Hail to the King and Capture the Babe, which is Duke Nukem Forever's version of Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. You won't find yourself throwing any more than a few hours into the multiplayer and it's best avoided.

Fun Factor: 8.5/10
Duke Nukem Forever really isn't technically impressive but at the end of the day, video games are about fun and this where this game shines the best. I had a blast playing though the single player campaign and the wide variety of gameplay and Duke's jokes made keep playing despite the long load times and frustrating boss battles. A game like Call of Duty may have better graphics and better gameplay than Duke Nukem Forever, but I'd pick Duke over any CoD game. Why? Because Duke Nukem Forever is FUN.

Overall: 7/10
With both technical aspects and the fun factor in mind, I think Duke Nukem is worth of a good 7/10 overall. I picked the game up at near-enough full price. I don't completely regret my purchase but I would recommend other gamers to maybe wait a few weeks for the price to drop as this game will surely drop in price soon. Unless, you are deep into another game, I'd suggest you give Duke Nukem Forever at least a rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/21/11

Game Release: Duke Nukem Forever (EU, 06/10/11)

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