**SPOILER** How do you keep your team through the suicidal mission?

  1. I just completed the game and im wondering how to get that achievement? Plus i miss my team

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  2. Additional Details:
    I did

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  3. Clarification Request::
    Well I just used Tali for t he vents and she ****ing died. So that isn't a 100% good choice.....

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  4. Clarification Request::
    I noticed some character will live and some will die for different people. I used Legion for the vents and he died, but I wonder if using Zaeed as team leader 1 might have caused that. Sure Zaeed didn't die, but maybe the fact he was the leader at the time caused that.

    Plus, I wonder if the diffuculty setting has any effect on who lives...

    I used the same people that most others used successfully, and had everyone's loyalty. But still, Legion died on me...

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  1. I chose Gerrus as the 2nd team leader. Legion for the vent system. Gerrus again as team leader. Jacob as the escort to Normandy, and Samara as the biotic. They were all loyal except Miranda and Zaaed but everyone lived and I got the achievement. Also, I used Samara and Thane in my team the whole time and it worked out great. Hope this helps.

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  1. A good first step is to have everyone loyal.

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  2. Next step in the process is to assign members that are REALLY good at the tasks that come up, like, Tali or Legion for the hacking, Garrus or so for the team leader, ect.

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  3. All i no is samara is the one you want as the second teams leader

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  4. I'm fairly certain loyalty and the character specific upgrades have nothing to do with it. first you need all the Normandy's hull upgrades and the weaponry for it. For the tunnel use Legion or Tali, for squad leaders use Miranda or Garrus, Samara for biotics, and Grunt for the escort. Unrelated, but I like to keep Mordin and Thane with me.

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  5. Loyalty is essential to the endgame for all of the characters if you want to keep them alive. Especially for the ones you pick as squad leaders, tech person and the biotic shield person. If the Biotic person isn't loyal it is possible for shepard to die because the can't hold the shields up long enough. If you have all loyalty and all upgrades you should be just fine.

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  6. U give the tunnel to tali and jacob as squad leader.
    next samara as specialist and miranda as squad leader.
    thats how i did it anyway

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  7. DUDES! I had Tali loyal, for the hack mission and she died which really pissed me off. :( I loved her. But thnx for the advice I really appreciate it.

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  8. She was loyal.

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  9. First, make sure everyone is loyal, and you've gotten some good upgrades for weapons/shields (make sure it says it affects the whole squad when looking at the upgrade). Secondly, talk to everyone about upgrades, some will have upgrades for themselves, some for the ship. Get them all.

    When you get to the mission, it seems to be a matter of good choices and luck.

    I sent Tali into the vents and have used both Jacob and Miranda as First Fire Squad Leaders with success. The important thing to remember for the vent-crawler is you -MUST- keep hitting the green panels or they'll die from heat exposure.

    Biotic, always went with Samara. Could use Jack, theoretically, but never tested.

    Second Fire Team I've had success with Miranda again or Garrus. I've always sent Grunt with the people, no causalities.

    Next part is VERY important: When choosing your final assault team, choose wisely. When I've taken strong characters with me (like Garrus and Legion) I always lost someone. When I took two weaker characters (Mordin and Thane) both times I had zero losses. Although Tali lacks the sheer fighting power of some of the others, she seems to handle alright when left with a bunch of stronger people, possibly thanks to her Combat Drone.

    I also understand Jacob can sub in as Fire Team Leader in either first or second, but Garrus and Miranda work too. Legion is another good choice for the vents. Not sure if you should spare anyone for the crew besides Grunt. Sending a weaker member (Tali, Mordin, or Thane) might result in all of them dying (unconfirmed). Most importantly, when choosing your final assault team keep in mind you can revive them, so don't be afraid to take two weaker members.

    In short:

    Specialist (Vent Crawler): Tali or Legion
    First Fire Team Leader: Miranda, Garrus or Jacob
    Crew Escort: Grunt
    Biotic Field Specialist: Samara or Jack (unconfirmed)
    Second Fire Team Leader: Miranda, Garrus or Jacob
    Final Assault Team: Thane and Mordin, or Thane and Tali, or Tali and Mordin.

    I don't know if anyone has had full survival with a strong fighter on their personal squad, but I've only succeeded by taking two weaker people (Thane and Mordin) with me, though in theory any of the above mixes could work.

    Follow that, and with a little luck they'll all make it.

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  10. As said; to survive reaching the collectors, you need all of the ship upgrades garnered from asking your crew about [UPGRADES]. (This unlocks upgrades from the research terminal, and sends you straight to it. The upgrades are also unlocked without asking if you complete their loyalty mission.) Seeing as I'm a completionist and go for high levels each playthrough, I didn't find out what happens without squad loyalty.

    The squad I used to survive:

    Vents: Tali (Heard Legion Works. I like to keep him with me though, good sniper.)
    First Team: Garrus (I used him), Miranda, Jacob, or Zaeed (DLC)
    Crew Escort: Grunt
    Biotic Field Specialist: Jack (I used her), Samara, and probably Morinth if you take her.
    Second Team: Same as for first team.
    Final Team: Use anyone you want; However, I've heard that pairings of Thane and Legion result in Legion dying...or maybe the other way around. I forget.

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  11. all i no is i used Legion for the vents and he died (i did not have the second geth shielding)
    had Zaeed as second leader and e died (survived as the leader the first time)
    and did not have Miranda's loyalty and she died in the last cut scene (she was not a part of my squad)

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  12. I used Legion for the vents (Worked perfectly)
    Jacob as team leader 1 (also worked perfectly)
    Thane as Biotic Barrier guy...(Didn't...Work...Tali died.....Very painful favorite character. Use Jack or Samara)
    Jacob as team leader 2 (Worked perfectly)
    Mordin as crew escort (Worked fine, however it was a risk, checked after I beat the game could've lost someone there too, use Garrus or Grunt)
    My Team against final boss was myself, Miranda, and Legion...(Would've used Tali...BUT SHE WAS DEAD!)

    Either way, I didn't check how to get everyone alive until after the fact, learn from my mistakes and make sure your Tali survives if you're a quarian fan too...

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  13. My Mordin died when i sent him through the gates and my Grunt died as the hold the line leader (team leader 2). Jack worked for the barrier. I used Garrus for team leader 1 and he lived. I sent Zaeed as the crew escort with no issues.

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  14. Its all about upgrades your team will die from bullets if their armour is crap no matter how loyal they are and when you choose who leads the squad i dont think it matters too much cuz i got jack to lead and all went well

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  15. Jacob can also work as an escort for the rescued crew. Worked perfectly for me.

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  16. Unlike the majority of the people here I have had issues with both Tali and Legion in the vent

    As a side note i'm full renegade and took legions side after his loyalty quest pissing off tali.
    all chars have loyalty quests completed and all conversation options done.
    I have tried twice now

    tali, legion - vent (died) Zaeed 1st squad leader (lived)
    Jack - biotic (lived) assassin 2nd squad leader (dead)

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  17. As stated in a number of answers, make sure everyone is loyal, beyond that this was my config:
    Specialist (Vent Crawler): Legion
    First Fire Team Leader: Garrus
    Crew Escort: Jacob
    Biotic Field Specialist: Samara
    Second Fire Team Leader: Garrus
    Final Assault Team: Samara and Mordin

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  18. My setup was similar to chaseboy02.

    Only difference is I sent Grunt back as crew escort, and was using Miranda and Mordin in my assault teams. Everyone survived, everyone was loyal, and I had roughly all of the upgrades.

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  19. Seems like everyone has had different experiences. I sent Tali through the vents, and she died at the door. I chose Zaeed for second Team Leader and he died, too. I put Jack as my escort and they all lived. All characters loyal, all upgraded. *shrug*

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  20. All characters in my squad has loyalty missions completed, and I finished upgrading everything excluding Shepards last Heavy Weave upgrade which has no effect on your team's survival. My team picks were as follows:

    Tech Expert: Tali (I used her twice, success both times)
    Team Leader 1: Garrus (Used twice with success as well)
    Escort: Jacob (succeeded both times)

    Biotic Expert: Jack the first time, Samara the second, both worked for me with no hitches.
    Team Leader 2: Miranda (both times with success)

    Final Team Selection: Garrus and Grunt the first time, which resulted in Mordin dying. Thane and Mordin the second which resulted in everyone surviving the suicide mission.

    As long as you read the details of each squad member and pick the correct people for each job, and leave the strongest memebers of the team behind to cover your back, you should have no trouble finishing the mission with 0 casualties.

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  21. Chaseboy02 has the key. It is not the INDIVIDUAL characters you pick, but the COMBINATION. I picked Legion/Zaeed the first time I played, and Legion died, Zaeed lived. I picked Legion/Garrus the second time I played, and they both lived. I think keeping Mordin by your side is key, as he died when I didn't select him for my team on the first playthrough.

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  22. Heh, it may have been a stroke of luck, but I sent Legion for the escort and he managed to get it done.

    Just an FYI, had Grunt as the second team leader and he died. =\

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  23. Vent: Thane (Died. It made sense to me...hes an assassin for god's sake))
    Secind Team Leader 1: Miranda
    Second team Leader 2: Garrus
    Escort: Zaeed (Died)
    Biotic: Jack (Jack made it, but I took Grunt as the last member of my party and he got killed. Don't know if that was because I picked Jack or if he would've died either way.)
    Final Party: Tali and Mordin

    As an aside, I think its pretty sweet that the game doesn't have an obviously right way to do it. People doing the same thing and different stuff still happening just cause of some little difference in your playthrough always makes your attempt interesting.

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  24. I had all the loyalty bonuses, all the ship upgrades, and I believe all the personal upgrades except two or three (I was missing biotic damage 5 and damage reduction 5, maybe tech damage 5 as well). I used Tali for the vent and she died after eating a rocket in the face. Samara was my first 2nd-team leader and she survived. I had Grunt escort people back and he survived. Using Zaeed as the second 2nd-team leader causes him to die. Using Jacob as the biotic caused Jack to die (Jack and either Garrus or Thane were in my squad). When I took Garrus and Legion to defeat the Reaper larva Mordin died.

    I focused too much on finding the best people to do the special tasks AND having good people in my squad, I didn't think to keep the weaklings (Tali, Mordin) in my squad. Of course, having Jack in my squad while Jacob kept the swarms away didn't help either, so what do I know? :)

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  25. Vent: Legion, He lived
    Second Team Leader 1: Garrus, Lived
    Second Team Leader 2 (Distraction Team I think) : Grunt, Died
    Escort: Zaeed. Lived
    Biotic: Jack
    My party the entire time: Thane and Tali

    One death that I wish I had not lost.

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  26. I did it twice very awkward on the second time...
    vent guy legion both times
    1st and 2nd squad leader was garrus
    biotic 1st time was jack (worked well) 2nd time samara (also worked well)
    crew escort 1st time was grunt worked fine 2nd time was mordin also worked fine

    now the crew escort was mordin the second time cuz he died the first, in the cut scene the same thing happened to legion the 2nd time but in the end he was still alive now thats y it was awkward....

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  27. Okay well, this is how I survived. Simply,I'm gonna say some things about Legion. When you choose him to do the vents, make sure you clear the Collectors quickly as to not let the vents get dangerous. Make sure you got him the geth shields(2/2) as well as his Sniper(it's an anti-widow material rifle made special for geth). Squad upgrades also help.Make sure you finished his loyalty mission and used your Paragon/Renegade action to stop him and Tali from fighting. Mordin seems to die regardless of what you do or so I've heard. The answer to that was to take him with you on your final mission. LOYALTY IS A MUST! If you want the combination I used here it is.

    The first squad leader you choose on the Normandy: Miranda
    Shields: Jack
    The squad leader you choose when in the Collector base: Garrus
    Escort: Grunt
    Final battle: Miranda/Mordin.

    That was my team. I was able to resolve all problems via Paragon actions. Nobody died.

    Here is a reason why I chose who:
    Garrus/Miranda as squad leaders because of their combat abilities and leadership
    Grunt as escort because he was strong, and because of how he seemed like a defensive type(note his fortification ability)
    Legion for the vents, obviously I think he has a better hacking skill than Tali. You can use Tali, but I haven't tried that combo yet. Get him the shields, weapon, and tech damage.
    Jack for shields because her biotic powers are stronger than Samara's( I believe) also get he Subject zero biotic upgrade for her, it helps a lot! and all other biotic upgrades.
    Miranda/Mordin for the final battle because I hear mordin dies for no apparent reason. I hear this now, so I'm lucky I chose him for this before I heard about that.

    Honestly, just use your head. It's not that hard. I was all shaky too, but it was really simple. Also, if you want to quickly finish the last boss use the m93 Cain(nuke Launcher) when I did it, it took out like 3/4 of his health.

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  28. First off- everyone was loyal
    Garrus-Both times was 2nd squad leader
    Thane-Crew Escort (Thought about Grunt)
    Final Battle-Tali and Garrus (Just like Mass Effect 1!)
    No Casualties

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  29. Vents + Tali = Survived
    1st Squad Leader + Garrus = Survived
    Biotic + Jack = Survived
    2nd Squad Leader + Zaeed = Died
    Crew escort + none = dead crew (my Shepard is an ass, lol)
    Final Battle + Miranda + Morinth = Both survived
    Crew left to defend = All survived

    I guessing there must be a lot of factors that determine who lives or dies. Loyalty is an obvious one. Upgrades could be a factor. Romance maybe an affect. Dialogue with characters could be a factor.

    I had all character loyal.
    I romanced Miranda.
    I played a Vanguard so I mostly upgraded SMG, Shotgun and Handgun.

    I focused very little upgrading on Assault Rifle which may have impacted Zaeed's death.

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  30. The key to having your teammates survive the suicide mission isn't one factor, it's a combination of factors. You must have the necessary ship upgrades (hull, shields, and cannon an absolute must). Get all of the weapon, ability, and defensive upgrades you can for your team (e.g. assault rifle damage, shield boost, biotic damage boosts, etc). It doesn't matter how loyal your team is if they have crappy weapons and weak armor and/or shields. Loyalty is, however, an essential element to survival. This is especially true for characters with special responsibilities (vent mission, team leaders, biotic shield protection, and crew escort).

    Now, I read a lot of Tali and Legion dying, but I also read where people were using Zaeed or Grunt as team leaders. This is a huge mistake. You may luck out and have the computer let it pass if all of the other elements are just right, but these are not people you want to use as team leaders. It is very important to think of your team leaders as specialists, just like you do with the techie making their way through the vents or the biotic specialist protecting your team from the swarm. The only difference is that their specialty is leadership, as opposed to biotic or tech ability. Zaeed is a selfish loner who was more than willing to let a whole facility full of workers die so that he could kill one guy and settle a personal vendetta. Not exactly great leadership material. Grunt is a walking tank who loves to fight whoever you point him at, but shouldn't be the one making the big decisions. The best team leaders (besides you of course) are Garrus (former C-Sec agent and leader of a band of do-gooders on Omega), Miranda (led all of Cerberus' most vital and difficult projects, including stopping a terrorist attack on the citadel), and Jacob (former alliance soldier and chief of security for the Lazarus project). All of these individuals have experience functioning in highly disciplined organizations with well-described chains-of-command, and all have experience leading individuals in military or paramilitary action. That's what you need in a team leader. Choosing the wrong team leader can get that leader and/or other team members killed...just like real life. For the escort mission, special abilities aren't really the issue. You just need a loyal character who has some really good upgrades. The right personality doesn't hurt either. For instance, I still wouldn't trust Zaeed here. He's more concerned with himself and getting the job done than he is with what happens to innocents caught in the crossfire.

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  31. Oh, and one final note: If you don't hit every one of those green switches within a reasonable amount of time as you make your way through the first part of the suicide mission, your tech specialist will die...even if everything else is just right.

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  32. I've beaten the game multiple times and I've sent different people to do the jobs everytime and never had anyone die as long as they're loyal.

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  33. i used Zaedi for the escort and everything was fine

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  34. The key to doing it is having the right choice for both aspects. If you pick the right specialist but the wrong leader one dies. The other key is sending someone strong AND loyal. I lost zaeed the first time because he wasnt loyal. Last take mordin and miranda as your final assault team. Any character specific upgrades may also help.

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  35. *Strong nd loyal on the escort

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  36. I think that the love interest might play a role too. I had Tali as the love interest and sent her in the vents, Zaede was the secondary team leader, after she died I started over and did it with Garrus as the secondary leader and she still died.
    You also need to talk to everyone every time until they won't say anything new, when I forgot to talk to Mordin after his mission he died after we took out the final boss. I know it has to be because I didn't talk to him because in a different playthu I had a same team with me for the final boss, Legion and Grunt, and this time he lived.

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  37. I have beaten the game 4 times and these choices have always worked for me. They were all loyal too.
    Specialist (Vent Crawler): Legion
    First Fire Team Leader: Miranda
    Crew Escort: Jack
    Biotic Field Specialist: Samara
    Second Fire Team Leader: Miranda
    Final Assault Team: Tali and Zaeed

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  38. Vent Crawler: Tali
    First Team Leader: Garrus:
    Crew Escort: Grunt
    Biotic Field Specialist: Samara
    Second Fire Team Leader: Garrus
    Final Assault team: Jacob and Legion

    I think the secret is just to use the person who has the highest capability. On my first time through they were all loyal. I'm on my second playthrough and I am going to see how they act when I don't gain their loyalty.

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  39. I cant keep my tech alive I have tried legion tali and Motrin and they all die in the same way I did all the loyalty missions and got all the upgrades except the last tech damage upgrade an i no the has got to be something im missing.

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  40. From what I have read, lots of people are having trouble. First off, I got this and used a configuration i haven't seen yet.

    Tech: Legion (Loyal)
    First Team Leader: Garrus (Loyal)
    Escort: Jacob (Loyal)
    Biotic: Samara (Loyal)
    Second Team Leader: Thane(Loyal)
    Final Team: Legion / Jack (Loyal)

    All Survived, Including Miranda who wasn't loyal and wasn't my romantic option. (Forgot to make her loyal again after fight with Jack...)

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  41. Here are the things you need to do to prepare for the mission:

    1.) Upgrade your squad. Teammate's personal upgrades will aid in the mission. There are five in total you need: Three ship upgrades and two personal upgrades. They are given by Garrus (weapon), Jacob (armor), Tali (shields), Mordin (omni-tool), and Jack (biotics). Those two personal ones will help keep those members alive.

    2.) Gain loyal squad-mates. Anyone not loyal runs the risk of screwing up and costing their lives or the lives of others. Talk to your squadmates to learn about them, and they'll give you the missions. Kelly can also tell you if someone needs to speak with you. Do all of these missions before obtaining the Reaper IFF. Once you obtain the IFF, you can only go on one mission before the Collectors attack. And you get Legion at this point, so you might want to spend that one mission making him loyal.

    Once the mission starts, your upgrades go into effect. If you don't have the armor, Jack will die. Then you'll pick a team to fight a boss. After that fight, the shields go up. If you don't have them, Legion dies (unless he's in your party, then Tali dies. If they are both in the party, then it's another random squad-mate). After that, there's another boss, and the weapons come in. If you haven't upgraded, Thane will die (if Thane is in the party, Garrus dies. If they are both in the party, it's another squad-mate)

    Then you start the Collector base mission. You need to pick a tech expert to go into the vents. You have a number of options. However, the only ones you can pick to get the mission done perfectly are a loyal Legion or a loyal Tali. If they are not loyal, or you pick someone else, you'll lose a member of your squad.

    You must also pick a leader to lead the other team. Anyone who isn't Shepard or the tech specialist selected may be chosen, but only three people will do the job right: a loyal Miranda, a loyal Jacob, or a loyal Garrus. If they are not loyal, or you pick someone else, you'll lose your tech expert.

    You will then find the crewmates on the Normandy. If you immediately went through the relay, you'll your five named crewmates and Lilith (from Horizon) will be liquefied. If you did any sidequests, you'll only save Chakwas and Ken, and you'll see Kelly get liquefied. Joker will report that he can pick them up, but they need to head back. You can offer to have someone go with them or not. If you choose not to, they all die. Any squad-mate can escort the survivors back, although you will not be able to use them for the rest of the mission. Pick anyone that is loyal, and the survivors will get back with no causalities. Pick someone who is not loyal, and the squadmate and the crew will die. The only exception here is Jack or Grunt. If they are not loyal, they will get the crew back, but the squadmate will die. Pick Mordin if you didn't upgrade his tool.

    After this, your team will split up again, and you'll need to pick a biotic specialist. You may pick any biotic but the only ones who can properly do the job are a loyal Samara or a loyal Jack with her personal upgrade. If they are not loyal, or you pick someone else, they will falter at the last minute, and one of your squad (not the specialist)

    You will also need to pick another team to lead the others. Again, the only choices to get it done properly are a loyal Miranda, loyal Jacob, or loyal Garrus. They will take an injury after the team reunites. Those three will survive. Anyone else will not.

    Once the teams reunite, Joker will inform you the Collectors are coming in. Tell your squad you need to hurry. You'll pick two teammates to come with you to the final boss. You may pick anyone you please, but if you pick someone that isn't loyal, they'll die after the battle.

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