Can not figure it out how to keep alive entire team on the suicide mission?

  1. I seem to be doing something wrong on the last mission. i have all ship upgrades, all team mates are loyal, all weapons everything. I have tried strategys that others have put on here but no matter what i do someone dies. whoever i send up the pipe dies trying to close the door, i've tried Legion, Tali Mordin, nothing works. someone plz help, nothing works?

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    themayor2617 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Keeping the tech person alive through pipe is not a problem, easy actualy, i move very fast and was able to do it without them even telling me they're waiting, its during the cutscene while trying to close the door that the tech dies, not before, plz help with that, idk how to alter the cutscene.

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    themayor2617 - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    I figured it out, upon completeing loyalty missions, you need to talk to every one of your crew before starting the suicide mission, get them to say ready for anything or something along those lines, If not they could die in pointless cutscene crap on the mission, hope this helps anyone having similar problems.

    User Info: themayor2617

    themayor2617 - 7 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    What i"ve found that works is
    1. have all team mates loyal and all ship upgrades, well all defense and attack upgrades (armor, sheild and cannon)
    2. use tali for pipe and miranda for fire team leader
    3. use garus for 2nd fire team leader and samara for biotic and jacob for escort
    4. i take miranda and mordin for final boss and leave all heavy combat ppl behind to hold door.
    This works every time for me. but take note i go talk to every single person on my crew before i do the mission to make sure all distractions are off their minds. do all this and i'm farely sure you'll get through it unscaved.

    User Info: themayor2617

    themayor2617 - 7 years ago
  5. Clarification Request::
    I did tali for tech, miranda first team - both survived
    Garrus second team samara biotic - both survived
    Jacob escort - miranda and garrus final push - jacob survives, mordin died

    I think my mistake was jacob, shoulda sent mordin as he could serve as medic and cant really use him for final fight.

    Is the trick at the last bit to leave the hard hitters behind? i really could use garrus at the last fight

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  1. What no one knows is that as your tech is in the vent. They are on a hidden timer. Now I am not talking about them cooking in the vent. But how the cut scene is played out with the gun fight. You need to race along to all 8 valves and get them open as fast as you can. Don't stand and fight the Collectors, unless you have too. The shorter the time you take, the better the odds that they live. This is on top of your Loyalty, tech and other items.

    I have used Tai or Legion for the tech
    Garrus or Samara as the Team Leaders
    Samara, Jack, or Miranda and the Biotic......Jack seems to be the best of the 3
    Grunt and Zaeed as first bodyguard
    Grunt and Thane as second bodyguard
    Grunt and Samara as the third bodyguard.......they tend to kick butt in the final fight.
    Mordin as escort.....have used others and the Professor made it through without getting killed. But figure he is the best to help the doc take care of the crew when they get back to the ship.

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  1. I found that the best way to divide up the squad is to have Tali work as the Technician, and Miranda as the other team's squad leader. At the nex division, have Jack work as the Biotic, and Miranda as the distraction team leader. When you find the crew, have Mordin escort the crew back to safety. Finally, fight the rest of the way with Miranda and Garrus backing you up. You should get through fine.

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  2. Tali & Legion are the best for the tech portion
    Miranda & Garrus are the best for the leadership portion
    Jack & Samara are the best for the biotic portion
    Anyone can be used for the escort portion

    Feel free to bring whichever 2 squad members you like most/enjoy playing with at the end, noting that you will be fighting a lot of collectors.

    It should be noted that if you are continually losing your tech person, then you probably are not moving fast enough. There are 8 blockages that need to be opened or your teammate will die. Listen to comm chatter & the bar in the bottom corner of the screen for the status.

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  3. Here's what I used:

    Tali - Tech Specialist
    Miranda - Squad Leader #1
    Jack/Subject Zero - Biotic
    Miranda - Squad Leader #2
    Jacob - Escort for Crew

    I had Mordin and Jack (and then Garrus when she was being used) through the whole mission. Make sure to move quickly to each door control so they don't die from the heat if you're having trouble with the Tech Specialist part.

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  4. I was having this problem too; no matter who i sent the tech spec. gets their head blown off. then i went back to b4 i traveled through the omega relay and made sure i had all the dialogue between shep. and the crew up to date; then presto everybody lived through the experience.

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  5. Okay well, this is how I survived. Simply,I'm gonna say some things about Legion. When you choose him to do the vents, make sure you clear the Collectors quickly as to not let the vents get dangerous. Make sure you got him the geth shields as well as his Sniper. Squad upgrades also help.Make sure you finished his loyalty mission and used your Paragon/Renegade action to stop him and Tali from fighting. Mordin seems to die regardless of what you do or so I've heard. The answer to that was to take him with you on your final mission. LOYALTY IS A MUST! If you want the combination I used here it is.

    The first squad leader you choose on the Normandy: Miranda
    Shields: Jack
    The squad leader you choose when in the Collector base: Garrus
    Escort: Grunt
    Final battle: Miranda/Mordin.

    That was my team. I was able to resolve all problems via Paragon actions. Nobody died.

    Here is a reason why I chose who:
    Garrus/Miranda as squad leaders because of their combat abilities and leadership
    Grunt as escort because he was strong, and because of how he seemed like a defensive type(note his fortification ability)
    Legion for the vents, obviously I think he has a better hacking skill than Tali. You can use Tali, but I haven't tried that combo yet. Get him the shields, weapon, and tech damage.
    Jack for shields because her biotic powers are stronger than Samara's( I believe) also get he Subject zero biotic upgrade for her, it helps a lot! and all other biotic upgrades.
    Miranda/Mordin for the final battle because I hear mordin dies for no apparent reason. I hear this now, so I'm lucky I chose him for this before I heard about that.

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  6. To my knowledge, mordin always dies if you make hime the tech.
    use legion for tech
    jacob for squad leader.
    thane for escort.
    samara or jack for biotic
    miranda for diversion
    you only need the hull,shield,and gun upgrades to survive the oculus and collector ship attacks and then loyalty helps in other things but especially after the first fight with the final boss. specifically, if you bring miranda and shes not loyal and you try to destroy the station, she will turn on you on the illusive mans orders.

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  7. It all depends on who you choose,for the leader of the second team garrus,jacob,or miranda work well,ive used thane on my first play for the vents and he died,used tali for the same thing and she survived. Ive lost Garrus and jack for the biotic part and both died at diffrent times,lost miranda and samara after the final boss fell,but tali and mordin survived the same battle,third play i only lost jack and that was either the final battle or the biotic part.

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  8. Having the three ship upgrades (Tali's shield, Garrus' Cannon, and Jacob's Armor) prevents crew from dying on route to the Collector Base. Do not send anyone anywhere unless they're loyal.

    Miranda and Garrus make good fire-team/diversion leaders, and you can use the same person both times.

    Legion and Tali can survive the vents IF you keep them cool quickly enough.

    Samara and Jack can keep everyone alive against the swarms, otherwise you lose a team member at the end.

    Mordin dies if he's defending the wall. Either send him as an escort or bring him to the final battle (reccommend Grunt as replacement escort).

    That should cover everything.

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  9. 1. Have all upgrades weapons armor ship also personal team upgrades
    2. Everybody must b loyal if not no matter who u pick for squads at tha end ppl wil die, everybody loyalty mission is easy to gain loyalty except legions and jack .... do all n7 mission b4 you do jack gain at least 3/5th renegade or paragon to resolve jack and miranda issue, then do legions if u hhave more paragon 3/5th paragon ull b fine jus take tha paragon statement if u got renegade tell legion to stop talis happy she leaves then talk to legion again and tell him u lied to tali...every body loyal
    3. For tech take legion, squad leader miranda both times, biotic take samara not jack; jack will get one of ya squad mate kidnaped hahahahaha, send mordin back with chakwas, last squad take whomever except miranda

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  10. Simply google "mass effect 2 wikia"
    once in their, search for the walkthrough. This will show you exactly what you need and all additional information required.

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  11. here's how I did it

    Everyone on the squad was loyal

    I sent Tali to crawl through the vents, and had Garrus lead the other squad

    When we got o the captured crew, I chose Grunt to escort them to safety

    Next, I chose Samara to create the large biotic barrier to keep out the swarm, and again I had Garrus lead the other team

    Finally, i chose Thane and Miranda to help with the final battles

    This worked for me. As long as each member is loyal it should work.

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  12. I don't know why people says the only way to keep morlin alive is to take him with you. That's wrong.

    I took Miranda and tali with my shepard.
    Tech - Legion
    1st squad - Garrus
    Biotic - Jack
    2nd squad - Garrus
    Escort - well i let the crew die (yes, I still got the "No One Left Behind" achievement as my <b>team</b> all made it out alive. Doesn't say crew for achievement description) .

    Like I said earlier Tali and Miranda where with Shepard the whole time.

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  13. To keep everyone alive on the final mission you must do this:
    Tech Specialist: Tali because she is the best technician on the team or Leigon because he is also good at tech but only choose leigon if tali is not loyal and vice versa.

    Fire Team Leader: Garrus because he is a veteran of -sec or Miranda if Garuss is somehow not loyal either one must be loyal but personaly I would choose Garrus.

    Escort: Mordin because at the end he sometimes dies for no apparent reason and he survives escorting the crew.

    Biotic Specialist: Sammara/Morinth because they are the most powerful biotics they must be loyal or Jack if she is Loyal but personally i would choose Sammara/Morinth

    2nd Fire Squad: Garrus or Miranda again for the ssame reasons as the last time

    Defense line: Personally I would leave the three tough guys behind and they are Garrus, Grunt and Zaeed(DLC)
    and then I would take with me Leigon and Jack due to their biotic and tech abilities which help alot the rest will be left behind to defend agains the collectors.

    I hope this helps!!

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  14. Also you must have:
    All ship upgrades
    All Squad upgrades
    and most other upgrades

    User Info: Devestator183

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  15. I did garus as 2nd fireteam leader and grunt for escort couldnt uselegion or thane cause they died first time not enough upgrades i got left with tali jacob grunt jack joker shepard and i heard that jacob and miranda are supposed to betray you, the only reason why garus died is becaused i used samara without full loyalty for biotic with garrus im doing the second time.

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  16. I used Legion as Tech (Tali works well too), Miranda as Leader,
    (U must keep pipes open (using the Green terminals) otherwise ur tech will die)

    Mordin as escort (unless u use Mordin alot and u take him with u on the runs he will die as he is not combat efficient. If he goes with u Jacob is a suitable escort. P.s- Make sure u dont leave mordin at the door or use him for tech/Leader he wont make it)

    Garrus as 2nd Leader and Jack as Biotic (You upgrade her biotics with her personal upgrade that u should get after u talk to her. This is what the upgrade i supposedly for) Otherwise Samara/Morinth are also your best choice.

    Take whoever you want at the final push, however leaving Grunt, Zaeed(DLC), Jacob(if not used as escort),Garrus at the door will up your odds of having people live. I took Tali and Samara as a techspert and Biotic as i was a solidier.

    Everyone lived and i got all achievements. Remember Mordin must stay with shepard or escort crew he wont survive anyother way.

    User Info: Sierra_117

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  17. These are the steps that have ALWAYS worked for me for the suicide mission:

    1) Get all ship upgrades.
    2) Get all possible stats/gear/weapon and armor upgrades for you and squad.
    3) Talk to your crew constantly and earn their loyalty.
    4) Tech specialists -- always use either Tali or Legion
    5) Fireteam leaders -- Use Garrus and Jacob for any of the two diversionary fireteams (never used Miranda since the game hints that nobody likes her or wants to follow her lead. The poor dear.)
    6) Biotic specialist -- Samara. If you have to use anyone else, use Jack. The rest of your biotics simply aren't strong enough to keep the field active at the end and casualties may ensue.
    7) Survivors; escort -- Zaeed (hey, he's DLC, might as well put him to good use).

    Follow those steps and all of your team will survive, regardless of difficulty. As for who to have with you, Miranda and Thane are an awesome choice. A combined Heavy Warp attack with whatever power you throw into the mix simply devastate most folks (In casual difficulty, Harbingers simply explode!).

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  18. I had all of the relevant upgrades (missed out on SMG damage 5 and maybe biotic damage 5 because I ran out of cash) and noticed that no matter who I had as the tech person (Tali or Legion) they died when I used Samara as the first 2nd-team leader, when I used Garrus the tech person survived.

    On my first playthrough I used Legion and Garrus as my team members all the time except for during the biotic section when I used Garrus and Jack; I had Tali, Samara, Grunt, Zaeed, and Jacob as specialists and lost Tali (rocket to the face when closing the door), Zaeed (shot in the gut after bringing the second 2nd team through the door), Jack (carried away by seeker swarm during the biotic shield section), and Mordin (died while I killed the Reaper). On my second run I used Legion for tech, Garrus as first leader, Grunt as escort, Garrus as second leader, Samara as biotic, and kept the obviously worst fighters (Tali and Mordin) in my team at all times. Everyone survived my second run.

    User Info: pilot_2023

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  19. My quick overview:

    I have all ship upgrades and loyalty missions.

    Vents:Legion ( he died at end with headshot closing doors)
    The first squad leader / Normandy: Garrus
    Shields: Samara
    The squad leader / Collector base: Garrus
    Escort: None (I didnt read up my first time, so i didnt know this was an auto-death for ship crew)
    Final battle: Miranda/Garrus

    I can easily re-do, so knowing what I know now I can make them all live. I'm a little suprised Legion died, I guess I didnt talk to him again or something.

    User Info: spacepanda229

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  20. I like Doolz2024 suggestion

    sent Tali to crawl through the vents, and had Garrus lead the other squad

    When we got o the captured crew, I chose Grunt to escort them to safety

    Next, I chose Samara to create the large biotic barrier to keep out the swarm, and again I had Garrus lead the other team

    Finally, i chose Thane and Miranda to help with the final battles

    This worked for me. As long as each member is loyal it should work...
    However The first time i ran through i handed the collector ship over to cerebus..Mordin lived. ( i lost 3 members before trying it his way)

    Using Doolz suggestion the 2nd time I replayed the mission I opted to destroy the collector ship...Mordin dies

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  21. I didnt know tht u had to do the loyality missions for each character the ' right way ' apparently, so i just must have had a bit of luck to get tht achievement on my first playthru... but this is how it worked for me

    Go thru omega 4 relay asap

    All ship upgrades

    All team loyal ( and all loyality missions done the ' right way ' )

    talk to all crew b4 goin on the mission

    tali - vents

    garrus - first sqaud leader

    Samara - biotic shield

    Garrus - second sqaud leader

    Zaeed - escort

    Miranda and Mordin - with me throughout the entire mission, including final boss fight ( i nuked the final boss INTENSE XD )

    I hope this will help u peeps (Y)

    User Info: XxLee90xX

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  22. Take a look at the new Inside Xbox video. It gives you all the details needed to keep everyone alive to get the 75G achievement.

    User Info: anthoneous

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  23. I used Tali as Tech Spec, Miranda as deputy field leader, Samara as barrier biotoic, Mordin as escort & Zaeed & Samara as my squad mates the entire mission.

    Whatever you do; DON'T assign Grunt escort duty as Mordin got K.I.A.'d everytime I did so, with the above sequence.

    Hope that helps.

    User Info: PlayerWun

    PlayerWun - 7 years ago 1 0
  24. Just thought I'd share my setup

    Tech Spec.- Tali/Legion
    Squad Leader 1- Miranda/Garrus
    Biotic - Jack/Samara
    Squad Leader 2- Miranda/Garrus
    Escort - Grunt/Mordin/Thane

    All loyal.. there should really be no reason why you don't have all characters loyal unless you're doing a speed run.. Loyalty missions do nothing but benefit you.

    User Info: Puredogg

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  25. Completing every characters loyalty mission is not enough. You have to make choices that your team will be happy with.

    For example: to keep legion happy you decide to rewrite the Geths instead of killing them.

    The choices you make during the final mission are rather will detailed in the other answers but ina nutshell you have to keep everyone in your team happy.

    Also make sure you focus either on Paragon or Renegade as this will help you solve the two issues on the Normandy involving Hack and Miranda after Jacks loyalty mission and Tali's argument with Legion after Legions mission.

    User Info: thelovemonk

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  26. Going in: Legion as tech expert(4/5 tech upgrades)
    Fire team leader: Jacob
    My team: Garrus and Thane

    Biotic Barrier: Jack
    Fire team Leader: Jacob
    Survivor Escort: Mordin
    My team: Garrus and Thane

    My Team: Garrus and Thane

    Jack: Loyal
    Thane: Loyal
    Grunt: Loyal
    Jacob: Loyal
    Miranda: Lost Loyalty(Survived)
    Garrus: Loyal
    Tali: Loyal
    Legion: Loyal
    Zaeed: Loyal
    Mordin: Loyal
    Samara: Loyal

    All survived including Miranda who's Loyalty I lost, I just didnt use her for anything.

    Hope this helps

    User Info: EvetscipE

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  27. For the best odds of completing this mission you're going to need the loyalty of all of your crew members, the upgrades to your ship, and a bit of luck if you don't have the loyalty of all your crew members.

    For the squad leaders you want Miranda and Garrus:
    Miranda has been leading Cerberus groups for years, and Garrus lead his own group on Omega

    Your Tech specialist need to be Legion or Tali:
    To keep them alive you'll just need to help them through the vents, and they can hack the door at the end quickly

    Your choice of Biotics specialist should be Jack or Samara:
    Asari have outstanding biotic powers anyway, and Samara training as a Justicar only helps her case, and Jack wasn't being held in that lab being tested on to boost her biotic powers for nothing

    And my personal choice for an escort would be Mordin:
    I worried that when it came to the squad fending for themselves while I fought the reaper, he would be the one to die. Sending him back to the ship and escorting the rescued crew members seemed like the best choice since he did defend that clinic and the people in it by himself pretty much.

    And for the final fight I would suggest Miranda since she gives the squad a stat boost, and anyone else that you wish to bring along with you.

    My only warning is that you need to watch out at this point, since right after the fight with the Reaper I had Miranda die my first play through since I lost her loyalty, and that's just when luck played in.

    User Info: Ejsaxdude

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  28. Alot of answers but let me point out a couple things:

    Get ALL ship upgrades
    Get ALL squad upgrades

    Mordin has a chance to die during the final fight IF you missed any squad upgrades. If you got everything needed, he, like everyone else, will survive. Still, I usually send him back with the crew Just In Case I forgot something.

    User Info: Roelandt

    Roelandt - 7 years ago 1 0
  29. Upgrade the Normandy with Muilticore Shielding, Thanix Cannons, and, Heavy armor plates.

    Do all loyalty Quest.

    In the collector base.
    Collector Base: Infiltration
    A Specialist Technician is required to infiltrate via the station's vents to bypass the defenses and doors and open the central gate for the rest of the squad.
    Ideal: Tali or Legion
    Non-Ideal: Anyone else, as they will be shot in the face while forcing the door shut. However, if a disloyal Tali or disloyal Legion is selected, the technician will still die.
    A Fire-team Leader is required for the second team. The briefing conversation mentions that this member must be experienced in leading a team.
    Ideal: Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda
    Non-Ideal: Anyone else, as they will get your specialist technician killed, even if Tali or LCollector Base: The Long Walk
    A Biotic Specialist to generate a shield, protecting the squad against Collector swarms.
    Ideal: Samara/Morinth or Jack.
    Non-Ideal: Anyone else. Doing so will result in one of your squad mates being carried off by a Collector swarm.
    A Fire-team Leader for the second team (referred to by Miranda as "the diversion team").
    Ideal: Garrus, Jacob, or Miranda
    Non-Ideal: Anyone else. There is a possibility of this leader dying as the doors close at the end of the long walk (shot in the stomach as the door closes). (Also, Miranda will not die here even if disloyal.)
    An Escort to guide the Normandy crew back to the ship. However, you can't use this person for the final battle. Choosing no one results in the death of the Normandy crew.
    Ideal: Mordin. This will ensure his survival because he has a strong chance of dying if he doesn't escort the crew back, even if he is loyal. An explanation is given here. Otherwise, any loyal squad member is guaranteed to successfully escort the crew back to the ship.
    Non-Ideal: A team member that you have not secured loyalty from. This squad member will perish while escorting the Normandy crew, sometimes the crew as well. Legion was chosen.

    Ideal: Squad members that are loyal to you and are less suited for defensive tasks such as Mordin, Jack, Legion and Tali.
    Non-Ideal: Squad members that are not loyal to you. They will die after the battle as the Collector station begins to fall apart.

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