What upgrades do i need for everyone to survive final mission?

  1. Okay i know a few upgrades that i should buy. I bought the Laser cannon from Miranda, the fuel processor that gives me more fuel, and the ship armor. I know who to use during the final mission but i need to know any other essential upgrades that i need

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  1. Ok, seeing as how I answered this question several times I will just post what is the most detailed response. Credit goes to user name: gmgo

    Ok, seeing HOW OFTEN people ask this question. Here is a tip guide in getting through it. This is no 100% science (as it is not known with certainty yet what triggers what), but following this tip will likely increase A LOT your chances of achieving victory with 0 cassualities.

    To survive the "Suicide Mission" (the last one), here are what you should have in mind:


    - You should have ALL ships upgrades.
    - You should complete ALL loyalty missions.
    - You should have ALL personal upgrades, like Grunt's Shotgun for instance.
    - Talk to every party member in the ship and ask them about upgrades they have in mind. Most of them will unlock a particular upgrade.

    In order to activate the suicide mission, your crew needs to get kidnapped at the event where you play as Joker.

    That particular event triggers two side-missions AFTER the IFF Module mission (the one you recruit Legion). So try to do all you can/all you need before going to that mission. You have, until then, all the time you want. Once you do the IFF Module mission and you get Legion, you can still do two side missions before the kidnapping event. Take that chance to do Legion's loyal mission and get his upgrade.

    Once the crew is kidnapped, you are given the option to go after them or prepare. If you waste time (by wasting time, I mean doing side missions), more crew members will be dead when you rescue them. Going after the Omega 4 Relay ASAP will guarantee rescuing all crew members, including Kelly Chambers.

    This is why I tell you to do everything you can BEFORE the IFF module mission. Because once the crew is taken away, if you still haven't done ALL loyalty missions and all upgrades, you are going to have to choose between rescuing the crew quickly, but risking loosing some party members, OR letting some crew members die while you reinforce your team.

    During the Mission:

    The mission starts with a long cutscene. The events of the cutscene are influenced by the Normandy's upgrades you bought. For example, if you don't buy the kinetic barrier upgrade for the ship, say bye bye to Legion. In order to fully survive this part of the game, get all upgrades for the ship. Most of this upgrades are unlocked by talking to the party members. For example, Garrus unlocks the Gun upgrade, which serves for the fight against the Collector's ship near the end of the cutscene.

    Once you arrive, and you start the actual mission, you will be given certain choices. This choices matters a lot. First of all, try to choose people suitable for the Job. But also, whoever you choose, make sure you: a) got their loyalty and b) Got their upgrades. For example: Mordin's Omni-tool upgrade will help Mordin's survival should you choose him for a task.

    Here are some recomendations in choosing people for the tasks at the final mission:

    Tech: Tali is the most obvious choice, worked for me everytime. Legion seems to work too.
    Lead second squad (first time): Miranda is the obvious choice.

    Lead Defense: I choosed Jacob Taylor first time, Miranda the second time. Both times worked well.
    Lead Suriving crew back to ship: I choosed Mording Solus first time and Jacob Taylor the second time. They both survived.

    Using the Biotic Shield: Both Samara/Morinth and Jack can get the job done.

    Remember, whoever you choose, try to have them upgraded and loyal.

    Extra tips:

    Try not to waste too much time during the mission. I'm not sure if there is influence on this or not, but I can't seem to think any good thing coming out of wasting too much time on an area. Try to move fast: kill and move.

    Also, if you seem to get party members killed EVEN when you followed everything written here, then try reducing the difficulty and see if that changes the odds.

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