How do I keep everyone alive during the first part of the Collector Base mission?

  1. Ok, I'm really having trouble keeping everyone alive here. EVERYONE is loyal, I have ALL ship upgrades and personal upgrades, and all skill upgrades (except for 2 purchased from vendors, that I didn't have the money for), but I absolutely CANNOT keep the person who goes down the tube alive.

    I tried Mordin first because the crappy print guide said he'd be good. He died. I reloaded, tried Tali. She died. Tried it again, she died again. Tried Legion, three times. He died.

    I've read all the other questions on this matter and I honestly do not understand WHY he won't live.

    User Info: van8888

    van8888 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Yes, I spent all the skillpoints.

    User Info: van8888

    van8888 - 7 years ago

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  1. Okay, noone yet has made the connection i'm afraid, the nasty calculater that decides who lives or dies has one nasty little bit here for the Valves mission, the Survival of the Valve charecter relies on your first Squad Leader as well.

    To put it in real terms, the First Squad leaders team gives fire support to cover the doorway after you go through and try to close it. If the leader is bad, then the tech charecter panics at the oncoming horde and rather than take the longer time to put the code in, they try and force the door closed, resulting in a missile to the face. If the Squad leader is good, then he covers the door correctly, and its up to the Techs skill. If the person is Tech-savvy (Legion or Tali, possibly Mordin, not tried it myself), they will find the code that closes the door, if they arent, they will stuff up putting the code in, and once again try and force the door shut, resulting in headshot.

    Try swapping up the First Squad leader to let the Tech survive, a good choice is Garrus, his profile reads saying that he has experience leading his own merc team, its that experience that is needed for Squad Leader. I havent tried anyone else out, but instinct tells me Miranda, Jacob and Samara will also all be good Squad Leaders

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  1. First and foremost...have you spent their skill points? Otherwise, you're sending a level 1 down that tube. Spend each members skill points, and if they're all loyal you should be fine.

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  2. One thing for some reason people over look is the heating factor. If your not opening the valves then your pipe squad member is burning alive. Be sure to get those valves open and send your strongest (in all measures) tech member in.

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  3. The amount of time it takes for you to open the valves for your team mate also affects its survival try to get them all open as fast as possible.

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  4. Pick carefully who you send,read the lil info under their pic at the selection screen ie Garrus had laready lead a team or the fact that tali has the skills with computers. Its a matter of picking the right person for the job. In my first play i sent Thane into the vents and had Garrus as the first second team leader,thane died. Second play i had jacob as leader and sent tali into the vents and she survived. Tali hasnt died on me once btw,anways first play i lost four,second i lost three,third i lost one.

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  5. dont use smara as your squad leader I tried with samara as squad leader and (tali and legion) as my tech and its a rocket to the face

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  6. I agree with vc180191. If you choose the wrong person as leader of the other team your expert will die no matter what. If you pick Jacob or Miranda as leader you shouldn't have any problems keeping Legion alive. I am not sure about Mordin on this one, but I can see why it would work as well as why it would not work. Tali should work as well. Character loyalty plays a part in who lives and dies as well so you might also look into that. Personally I would stick with Jacob or Miranda as team lead with one of them and proper loyalty you should almost be guaranteed to succeed.

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  7. Maybe your squad leader is not: Garrus, Miranda or Jacob.
    If so, your tech expert (Tali and Legion, Mordin is NOT) will die even if you have them loyal.

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  8. Choose Legion to pass through the tube and be as fast as you can to activate the coolers. You dont need to kill all the enemies so ignore them and dont let the heat get to high. I've passed the final mission and didnt let anyone die on my first try, all you have to do is make sure everyone is very loyal to you and choose the right person for each task. LIke Miranda for the second squad leader, Legion to go through the pipe, Garrus to hit the collectors and so on, always choose someone that already has experience on the task he'll do. I hope that helps.

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  9. The squad points don't really matter. The technician you send down the tubes does actually matter - I've found sending either Tali or Legion down the tube to be most effective, with Garrus leading the second strike squad.

    But the most important question to ask, and the thing no one has mentioned yet, is how many missions you do after your ship is attacked by the Collectors. When you acquire the Reaper IFF (and Legion), you have time to do exactly TWO missions before the Collectors attack, and your first priority needs to be Legion's loyalty mission. Once those two missions are completed and the Collector attack is triggered, you must IMMEDIATELY go through the Omega 4 relay. Once you are given the option, you should NOT mine any more planets, travel through any more Mass Relays, or complete any more side-missions. Completing one mission will result in the loss of Kelly, much of your crew, and I believe at least two squadmates. Completing more than one mission will kill all of your crew except Dr. Chakwas. I am unsure of how many squadmates this will kill, but I guess that is irrelevant since you're trying to get through the game with all of them alive.

    I saw this question was posted a while ago, so hopefully you've figured it out. But if not...there you go! Good luck!

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