How exactly do I keep both Jacks and Mirandas loyalty?

  1. I've heard many things. "Have enough paragon/renegade." "Max paragon/renegade and talk to the one you upset." Basically all this talk about defusing the event as it happens, or regaining loyalty afterwards. Paragon/Renegade DO NOT play a role in it. Period. People have this achievement, and that means there's a way to keep both their loyalty levels. How *exactly* do you do it?

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    Midnight_Outlaw - 7 years ago
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    No, you do not. I have max paragon on my file, and cannot talk to jack. I had max paragon when the fight ensues. Could not defuse it. If morality played a role, then peopel wouldn't have an issue with this.

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    Midnight_Outlaw - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I'm at that point of the game with no other side quests and nothing else to do, and I've got 90% Paragon. It still won't give me any options other than siding with one or the other.

    User Info: kenmorebrian

    kenmorebrian - 7 years ago
  4. Clarification Request::
    Yeah I'm in the same situation as kenmorebrian, and I'm stuck as to what else to do. If you cant keep both their loyalties, there's a 99% percent chance the unloyal one will die during the Suicide Mission. It's really annoying.

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    A_RandomGuy - 7 years ago

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  1. Its simple, there are two "fights" between your crew members. The first can be diffused by having enough paragon/renegade points. The second, you can't charm/intimidate your way out of, you actually have to pick a side. The thing with the second one is, if you side with the the correct member, you can go and tell the other one that you didn't really mean what you said and thereby gain there loyalty.

    With Miranda and Jack, I used the renegade option and kept both loyalties. With Tali and Legion, I sided with Tali (lost legion's loyalty) then went and told Legion that I lied about it and got his (or it's) loyalty back...but I would save those two loyalty missions - (either miranda or jack) and (either tali or Legion) - for last to make sure you have enough time to build your paragon/renegade.

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  1. No you are wrong. Paragon and renegade DO play roles in keeping both loyalties. If you do have high enough paragon/renegade then you will have the option to not pick a side and just talk it out. If not just go with Miranda because if you do then you will keep both Jack and Miranda's loyalty.

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  2. No because I used the paragon option in order to save both their loyalties so you must have done something wrong that has nothing to do with the conversation.

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  3. Miranda is really easy to keep loyal if you have a really high renegade it unlocks more stuff to say to jack and you can actually have sex with jack and miranda.....jack in the begining and miranda at the suicide mission

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  4. It is a paragon or reegade persuasion. After you comple both loyalty missions they get into a fight. Joker tells you about it, and asks you to take pictures. At that point you have a persuade option that will difuse the fight, and keep both loyal to you. I have heard of being able to regain loyalty, but have not experenced it. I think its just better not to loose it.

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    cameron385 - 7 years ago 1 1
  5. Paragon/Renegade do have something to do with it. After you listen to the argument, you get four options: side with one or the other, tell them they are both being stupid, or tell them they are both right. If your paragon/renegade isn't MAXED (not high, or close to maxed, but right at the very top) you'll only be able to side with one of them. I'm not sure about this one, but I know that after the fight between Tali and Legion, it is possible to persuade the one you didn't side with to get over it after the fight is over, but again, that requires a high renegade/paragon score (not maxed though). I would suggest you start by making absolutely sure that your paragon/renegade score is maxed.

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  6. The way paragon/renegade works is that the further you go into the game, the required good/bad points that you need is quantified. If you don't have enough of either once you pass certain parts of the game, it becomes even more difficult to obtain enough points to make high level decisions. If you carry over a save from ME1 with bonus points, then the whole system goes out of whack, and you can usually easily overcome any conversation option.

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  7. I chose Miranda's Side then Jack get's pissed, I then had to gain enough Renegade points, me being Renegade and it gave me the renegade option when I went to talk to jack. and gained Jacks loyalty back.

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  8. Supposedly there is also an impact depending on which order you do the loyalty missions in. I have heard talk that if you do Jack's quest first and then Miranda's there is a bug that makes it so you can't keep the loyalty for one or the other. I did Miranda's first and then after doing Jack's I can attest that there was a charm/intimidate option (can't remember which though I'm fairly certain I was doing a renegade playthrough) that allowed me to mollify both members. It's been a while though so it's more likely that I did it just like killersickel said.

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  9. Ok I had the same issue then I figured it out. My problem was that I didn't speak with everyone as often except Miranda as I wanted to have the romance with her. I never spoke to Jack unless it was for the loyalty mission. I had around 92% Paragon but after the Paragon choice still didn't appear. It seems that if you don't speak to Jack at all after recruiting her you won't even receive the option to choose. I tried speaking with her until she asked me if I wanted sex or was there more to it. I told her I could wait and wanted to know what made here tick. After that you don't have to speak with her anymore and after you complete Jack's loyalty mission you will see the choice is available.

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  10. Simply put you have to speak with her enough to get to know her as the game progresses before her loyalty mission is available so that the option even becomes available. As I said previously you can tell her you can wait and want to know what makes her tick or choose the option of telling her you want her for sex you can stop and not talk to her anymore and after the loyalty mission the option will be able to be chosen.

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  11. if you choose Miranda during the fight and loose Jack's you can buy a death mask at a shop, not sure which at the moment, and gain back Jacks for the no man left behind!

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  12. I lost miranda's loyalty and she keeps on dieing, lol So is their anyway she can survive the mission? My friend did the same thing i did but somehow, she survived, he said it was luck.

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  13. Does any armor equiped that enhances negotiations help with the choice?

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  14. Yes equipment with negotiation % is actually a backup plan for when you loose loyalty. I had both miranda and jacks loyalty until their fight. I had to chose one or the other. Afterwards I lost ones loyalty then Iremembered I hadthe *death mask* which gave 10% neg. I went and equipped it then went and talked to the one I lost loyalty with and gained it back. so ya with that mask i was never worried about loyalty. and for a side note the mask boosts your paramour/renegade to 100% after 1 or 2 conversations permanentely. the mask i believe can be bought either on illium or omega in the shops.

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  15. Pretty sure death mask is on the Krogan homeworld, Tuchanka or something.

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