Daratar: Smuggling cargo?

  1. Okay I'm on the journal mission where you land on Daratar and there's i think 20 boxes and there's 3 big robots that I think are destroying the cargo (maybe not). I think I'm suppose destroy the cargo, but the robots kicking my ass. I did this before on normal, but I forgot and now I'm playing on Hardcore. Whats a good way to get the pass the robots?

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    jgpro - 7 years ago

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  1. There's a very easy way to get out of it with all 20 boxes (it workes even on hardcore, although I'm not sure it'll work on Insanity). Equip your M-920 Cain and make sure you have at least 100% power on it. As soon as the mission starts, equip the M-920 and run to the first set of rocks to the left.

    This is the tricky part:
    As you may know, one Heavy Mech is going right, one is going left and the other one is opposite to you, going forward. AIM for the one going forward.

    If you do it correctly, you'll destroy all three Mechs at once, leaving the 20 boxes intact.

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  1. First off, you are supposed to save the boxes and stop the mechs from destroying them.
    And stopping them is really hard, I've purposely skipped tha mission for now, I'm on Insanity, but the idea is use overload and disruptor ammo to take out the shields, then incinerate or inceration ammo or heavy weapons (sniper, shotgun, rockets) to take out armor and then whatever it takes to wipe out their health quick. I find it useful to pick them off one at a time as quick as possible, unless they bunch up then use area attacks, if you have them, like Area Overload.

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  2. WOW Good luck. My advice would be not to play so high difficulty. Second would be to do it in normal first (without no saving at all. And yes i also mean autosaving). After you know how you did it try it again harder difficulty this time. Third is to wait, and get upgrades first

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  3. I sniped at their heads with the widow. Hit every time, and you can get one mech down pretty quickly. Mind you, this makes 'em blow up if you kill them like this, so don't finish them off that way unless they aren't near any crates. You can also tell your crew members to tackle a different mech to distract it; thus, it will not be blowing up crates while you are busy elsewhere. I've been tempted to try the collector's beam weapon on 'em, or the rocket launcher, but I haven't had a chance yet.

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  4. Ok i tried that mision on insanity it took me quite a few tries to get it but it is possible you just need to try and take them out one at a time if you are a soilder i suggest using adredaline as much as possible and go for head shots on them with a sniper while juiced and dont forget to use the ammo that will help you the most for their defense or if you want to be cheap you can cut your losses and sacrifice a few boxes by wiping out the two closest mechs with the Cain Nuke Launcher and then focusing all of your fire power on the last one before it gets close enough to attack you.

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  5. You must protect the crates and the best way i found to do that(hardest fight though) is to shoot each of the mechs once as quickly as you can and thier attention will be focosed on you instead of the crates.If you do this right you can get all the crates intact but good luck against three heavy mechsat the same time.

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  6. On insanity difficulty, make no mistake, this is a hard fight even to survive. I've never secured more than 8 crates, but I have tried many strategies, and best seems to be this: don't do this mission until you have both Tali and Legion. Between the two, and whatever weapons and powers you have, you should be able to take their shields and armor down pretty fast - then use their AI hacking to turn the mechs against each other. Good luck, this fight is tough, but it's great fun when you pull this off.

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  7. I ve seen alot of responses to this topic to be truthful if u aim kain at near the center of all three of them and start charging it immedialy as soon as you see them u should hit all three of em in the blast radius before they touch any of the crates i did it and got a all the crates other then that everyone else has pretty much hit the nail on the head on what u should do

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  8. I attacked one at a time.. I pretty much did stasis and waited for the mech to come out of it.. than I blasted him with the eviscerator shotgun. I managed to save 15 crates outta 20 on insanity. For those that don't know, stasis has a bug that amplifies your damage and doesn't take difficulty level into account.

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  9. Complete the main quest, then go for this mission. It is the hardest of the lot, not because you have to survive it yourself (it's hard enough to do that) but also because you need to protect the inanimate crates. I have never saved more than 10 crates on insanity but I've been using Ai Hack to get them to attack each other then nibbled away at each one using warp and an assault rifle or handgun.

    I have managed to get them stuck against the shuttle at the start of the level. I bet there are some better gamers out there that could exploit that one. It keeps them all away from the crates. Lure them by attacking each one and retreating. You'll drop one or two in the process of doing that, although Legion and Tali needed reviving a few times too. Scampering around the shuttle then allowed me to get 'tangled' with each other. They don't get stuck for long but it's good for a few easy pistol shots while they rocket themselves. the trick seems to be to keep Shepherding them (sorry) so that they stay together in one big clump. On insanity they're smart enough to try and pincer you in the same way!

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  10. Beef up weapon damage with as many bonuses as you can and run Caine strategy like mentioned above.

    Another strat I heard that may be worth mentioning is to not go past the rocks so you don't trigger the mech demolitions. Grab missile launcher and fire it around the corner instead. The missile can find targets on it's own and can be used to lure the Ymir 1 at a time back to the dropship for some easier ganbanging without risking any crates.

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  11. You are supposed to keep as many crates intact as you can, you will get a scaled credit reward based on how many are left once you have defeated the mechs. Short of taking them all out with the Cain as cassio-contursi describes, it will be impossible to save all of them. Typically the AI won't engage you with more than one at a time, until the others have destroyed the crates in their "sector" (one goes left, the other right, and one stays in the middle. If you cannot/will not do this with the Cain, shoot either the left or right one to get it to come after you, while ordering your squadmates to engage the center YMIR. This should leave only one going after the crates. Drop them as fast as you can, cut loose because the mission crates cannot be damaged by Shepard.

    Don't worry about not saving every crate too much, the reward is 3750-190 credits for every crate lost. Not a big deal if even only one survives.

    masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/N7:_Eclipse_Smuggling_Depot for a detailed guide

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  12. As already mentioned you need to protect the boxes from the YMIR mechs.

    The absolute easiest way to complete this mission with all of the boxes is to use the Missile Launcher and fire towards the path you would normally go down in order to start the attack.

    Because of the missiles homing ability, they will hit the mechs, forcing the mechs to come after you, which you can then destroy at your leisure, without worrying about the boxes, as long as you stay back by the starting area, preferable near the shuttle.

    Fire one missile at a time so you don't have to faceoff against more then one mech at a time

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