(SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!) in the final mission, what is the minimum teamates to survive?

  1. In the suicide mission, i recruited everyone and got only 3 people to survive. is it possible to get only 1 or 2 to survive?

    User Info: bho93

    bho93 - 7 years ago

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  1. Your entire squad and Shepard can die in the final mission. Having loyalty with your squad helps keep them alive, and you need to pick certain people for certain jobs. Also if you dont get the shield, armor and weapons upgrades for the ship, some of your squadmates will die before the mission even starts.

    User Info: Perfect-Shot

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  1. Actually, if you choose the right team members and have maxed a power or two, they should all survive, if you gained all their loyalties.....I say should because I chose Zaeed to lead one team, and he ended up dying, which was no big loss anyway.

    User Info: rodie77

    rodie77 - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. You can get them all to not survive if you want, just dont get their loyality, pick the wrong ppl for the special jobs, you can even make shepard die too, but im not to sure on how to do that

    User Info: AnthAguJr

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  3. As long as 1 squad member lives after killing the Human Reaper then Shepard will survive. Otherwise Shepard will fall to his death as no live squad members are there to pull him up. Joker can't because he is a cripple.

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  4. yes Shepard can die you have to play the game all evil, if you play it good he will live.

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  5. 1) First, What you have to do is gain all loyalty missions (whinch is disturbing in the Miranda/Jack fight because normally you have to lose on loyalty) but if you can negotiate, do it.
    2) Gain all ship upgrades. I thought it didn't do anything until I got to the last mission. (Just talk to the upgrades in your teammates).
    3) And third, which most people don't know, (SPOILERS!!!) in the part where you meet some people in the collector ship, send them to the Normandy WITH MORDIN SOLUS, if you send them with anyone else, they will die.

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  6. AT minimum, you only need ONE squad member to survive, because there has to be at least 1 person to pull you up when joker gets shot.

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  7. AT minimum, you only need ONE squad member to survive, because there has to be at least 1 person to pull you up when joker gets shot.

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  8. Depends. If you want Shepard to survive, you should have at least one alive, and for that, you must do his/her loyal mission and do the upgrades on the ship (if you don't, Jack is the firts to go down, even with the loyal mission done.
    If you want to see Joker ending scene, you don't have to do any loyal mission, upgrades and pick the wrong characters for the final mission. When no one is let alive, Shepard should not make it.

    User Info: andreperezpalha

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  9. Well it depends with Shepard's team leading if he/she makes wrong team to put in the task(e.g. putting mordin in the giant pipe/putting samara to use biotic barrier) it will make the Shepard and the team survive or die if you want them to live do all the loyalty mission and make your paragon/renegade bar completely full.OR!! if you want them to die do the opposite.

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  10. As Far as I understand the entire point is to make it so 3 ppl make it to the final push, setting the bomb in the core. Misplace characters or screw loyalties can achieve the outcome of no surviving pretty well. It takes one person to pull Sheps up as Joker lays down the heat with the Avenger rifle. Regretfully, the only time I ever lost a crew mate was because I dollied around and ignored the "need to hit the relay, now" suggestion.
    That and i liked melting the annoying girl Kelly.

    User Info: HkNoss

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