2 questions about Morinth?

  1. Ok so I came across a couple of possible glitches, well one is and one might be. WARNING -- Spoiler Alert

    1) Anyone have this problem? When you have Morinth alone in her apartment and Samara busts in, they end up getting in a Biotic deadlock and you have to choose who to help. Well during this fight, both times I have done it, my sound cuts off. I have no sound (dialog, effects, nothing.) at all right one they start the deadlock all the way until I pick someone to help and break the deadlock, I miss the entire conversation they have unless I turn on subtitles, which I hate. Any one else encounter this glitch? and more importantly know how to fix/avoid it?

    2) Another problem that I encountered during this little deadlock between Samara and Morinth is not being able to choose one to help. My first time through I had the choice and chose Samara to help. My second time, It automatically chose to help Samara. My thought is because my first time I had enough Paragon to break out of Morinth's mind control, but the second time I didn't have enough Renegade to break out so I had to go along with her mind control. Can anyone confirm that the mind control stopped me from helping Morinth like I wanted to?

    User Info: Azena

    Azena - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The first problem is kind of random, I've been through that part seven times and that has happened four times but I don't think I've done anything differently between those times that would matter in that respect. The second isn't a glitch, when you are talking to Morinth you have to look at all the stuff in her room and then talk to her and while going through the conversation you have to pick all three of the renegade (red letter) options, however your renegade level must be maxed, without the death mask 10 % bonus. If you were able to select all three renegade options then at the point in the fight when they are both saying why you should pick them a fourth dialogue wheel will pop up on screen giving you the choice to kill either Morinth or Samara.

    User Info: BrokenRainY57

    BrokenRainY57 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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