How to max paragon(the blue bar)?

  1. Anyone knows the best way to max the paragon bar or at least the way to keep both mrianda and jack loaly so i can keep everyone alive.

    User Info: GameingKiller69

    GameingKiller69 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Obviously you know about picking all the good guy answers. Talk to every teammate after missions to see if they have any new conversation, each one is a chance to pick up points.

    Buy the Death Mask on Tuchanka. It has a 10% negotiation bonus, but it means you have to be wearing it at the time you are getting the points, so it won't work on the Normandy. But it DOES work in a few key places. One is Tali's Loyalty Mission which you should do before the last one of either Miranda/Jack's Loyalty mission. Tali's Loyalty has a beginning part where you are in your armor and you will get a whopping +12 Paragon points from the talking part at the very start. The Death Mask can also help on Tuchanka if you buy it and go put it on back at the Normandy before talking to anybody. Other places to wear it: Garrus' Loyalty mission, some points to get there, and Project Overlord.

    Finally, a big tip. Use the research terminal and respec your character before doing the last of Miranda/Jack Loyalties. Whichever girl you do last, go respec your character before that mission. When you fill up the points in your class passive skill, take the option at level 4 for the Paragon bonus. You can always respec again after you get done.

    User Info: pprincess

    pprincess - 7 years ago 0 0

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