Why did Mordin die?

  1. I have full loyalty on every character and I have full Paragon with only a little Renegade, and yet Mordin died.

    Why? He was never chosen to be a tech expert or team leader or anything, just pushed off to the side, despite his loyalty. WTF did I spend hours building up my paragon for if he was gonna die instead of Jack?

    User Info: Indydan13

    Indydan13 - 6 years ago


  1. Yeeeaah, that right there is a bunch of crap. For some reason, even if you have every character and achieved every loyalty, Mordin STILL has a slight chance of getting killed during Stage 3 of the suicide mission. The group you leave behind needs to have a high defensive rating, and if you have enough characters there alive, then you'll always succeed (your Paragon/Renegade scores to not matter in the suicide mission). Unfortunately, for some reason, Mordin still has that slight chance to die. It's annoying.

    However, there IS a solution. What you needed to do (reload an earlier save if you can) was to select Mordin AS THE ESCORT for the Normandy crew after you rescue them. Whomever you send as the escort will live as long as their loyalty is secured (otherwise they'll die to let the Normandy crew live). Have Mordin be the one to go back with the crew, and you will guarantee that he lives through the game.

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    SmokeRulz (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Glad im not the only person with this problem i didnt choose mordin for anything and he died and its really annoying i fully upgraded my ship and got mordins loyalty the only thing i didnt do was talk to him after his loyalty mission

    User Info: hawke12345

    hawke12345 - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. The final part of the Suicide Mission is twofold: 1) Shepard selects two squadmates to accompany him to the final fight, and 2) the rest of the party stays back to Hold The Line (HTL).

    Even loyal party members can die if they are left to HTL and the collective "score" of that group is too low. Mordin will always be the first member to die in this case; I'm guessing that you probably took either Garrus, Grunt, or Zaeed (or maybe 2 of those 3) to the final fight, thereby weakening your HTL team.

    Here is a detailed chart explaining the point values each character can offer towards the HTL calculation, as well as the other phases of the Suicide Mission:


    User Info: smeech8000

    smeech8000 - 6 months ago 0 0

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