Help with Miranda/Jack loyalty?

  1. Okay, I just finished my first playthrough of ME2 and I had all characters loyal except for Jack. Did her loyalty mission last and I had about 90% paragon but I still couldnt pick the paragon option during their fight. I'm on my second playthrough now and I want to get all characters loyal but all these options of keeping or regaining loyalty didnt work for me. Anyone know the EASIEST way to either keep or regain their loyalty?

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    PopeAaron01 - 6 years ago

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  1. Yah, the part where they fight is glitched. Bioware never fixed it. Basic solution is:

    Provided you have high paragon/renegade, side with Jack. Why? Because she can only be won back over with renegade. After siding with Jack, go talk to Miranda. She can be won over with both paragon, AND renegade.

    Point is, just side with Jack. THEN talk to Miranda. Hope that helps.

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  1. Sometimes it is just better to either flirt with them. Also make sure that you do the loyalty mission fully and spare the guy and when it comes to Jack and Miranda arguing, if I'm right there is a neutral answer, if not just talk to whomever you disagreed with and settle it out.

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  2. SPOILERS...
    (When I met this the first time around I was courting Jack. Real men, date Jack. lol)
    The better way I found was of course, keep tabs on how you approach the girl; say paragon all the way. Meaning from the very start, be really nice to her even though she blows you off. Whether its Jack OR the cheerleader/Miranda. Or keep the replies mean and stay that way, she will respect your cold manner to mirror her own.
    Obviously to all the others, the loyalty mission is how you spawn the fight so you clearly know that it is important to do it. Killing Aresh or sparing him, I do not think matters a lot other than giving Jack a new viewpoint. The understanding that she is a weapon or more than a weapon to be used.
    You want her to be your buddy, Do NOT sleep with her unless it is the OMEGA 4 relay romance section.
    Go to Tuchanka and buy the death mask, that will give you extra persuasion points, you just look like a tool wearing it. Or the Inferno armor can supply that had you downloaded it.
    The last chance option is to choose a side, and then later go back to give them a piss poor explanation that it was a lip service to keep people happy.
    "You seriously bought that? It was a lip service for the cheerleader."
    "No, we need Jack. we also need her happy. It was hardly more than that."

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  3. the further along you are in the game the more paragon/renegade you'll need, also the more time you waste before completing miranda and jacks loyalty missions the more paragon/renegade points you'll need. i used a maxed out paragon import from ME1 to gain an 8 point bonus at the begining and chose the specialization the gives you 100% bonus to your paragon/renegade. I recruited jack as soon as possible and did miranda/jacks loyalty missions as soon as they appeared and managed to use the paragon option to defuse the fight with 50% paragon or less. Focus on recruitment missions and make sure jack is the atleast the second person you pick up, after the mission on horizon do maranda's mission asap. when you complete miranda's mission jacks will become available, complete it to start the fight. if you made sure to do their missions asap and stuck to your guns with either paragon or renegade from the start you should be all set. i followed this plan just 2 days ago and it worked like a charm so i hope it helps.(Also make sure you talk to them as much as possible using the correct responses for your alignment,top/left=paragon, bottom/right=renegade).

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