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"Bioware has, once again, exceeded expectations."

Mass Effect 2, referred to henceforth as ME2, is a sci-fi RPG with shooter elements that draws you a fantastic universe. It is made by Bioware, so expectations were made. They were easily met and exceeded.

Game play 9/10

While this may not seem traditional, I believe that there are two different parts of gameplay in ME2, the combat and the role-playing.

The role-playing in this game is astounding. You create your own character (always referred to as Shepard by others), and choose between a combination of backgrounds and a class. You can create a dark, ruthless figure that does what is necessary, a goodhearted hero, or anything in between. Those who have played the first Mass Effect can import their character to this one, allowing you to continue playing as that Shepard. I have never been this immersed in my character, which is just what I've come to expect from Bioware.

The combat is not the best in the video game world, but it is enjoyable. Whether you're slamming your foes around with biotic powers or pulling headshots from the other side of the room, tactics will eventually come into play. The sheer array of special abilities and weapons have been streamlined to reduce the ridiculous amount of micromanagement that was prevalent in the first game. You will manage a group of three: You and two others selected from the verisimilitude of party members to complement your abilities.

Both of these combined with about 40 or so hours of gameplay, make for a memorable experience.

Replay value 10/10

It's not a question of whether you'll want to play it again, it's a question of whether you have the time to play it again. With the sheer variety of decisions in this game you'll want to play it at least twice, just to see how different it is playing as a biotic or a soldier, or even to see how the other end of the moral spectrum works.

Music and sounds 8/10

The sounds seem to fit right in and some of the voice acting is great (and of course some isn't). The dialogue can easily have you feeling like you are in the conversation. The combat sounds are fairly decent and the musical score isn't really noticeable, but it adds to the mood.

Graphics 8/10

Although I don't think graphics make a game, some do. The graphics in ME2 are respectable. The character models are not awe-inspiring but they are good enough to be immersive. It's really all anyone wants out of an RPG.


I would recommend buying this game to anyone. It is too long and detailed to rent. I have maybe 12+ hours in this game and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface, and only reason ME2 does not receive a 10/10 from me is that I don't believe in perfect games. One additional thing I would like to add is that if you buy the game new you will receive a code for the Cerberus Network and will receive downloadable content for free.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/10

Game Release: Mass Effect 2 (US, 01/26/10)

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